Queen Bee Half Marathon Participants Buzzed with Race Joy!


The Queen Bee Half Marathon on Saturday, October 8th buzzed through Cincinnati as more than 3,000 finishers took to the streets. Race organizers of the Flying Pig Marathon are also the hosts of this weekend’s women’s half marathon and offered RaceJoy’s interactive race day experience to their participants and spectators for free for the second time this year.


Organizers offered RaceJoy at the Queen Bee Half in 2015, its inaugural running, and the response continues to be very positive. Nearly 1,500 participants and spectators used RaceJoy this year for its live phone tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and Send-a-Cheer features.

Each participant of the half marathon and 4-miler events were able to access RaceJoy to be live tracked by their supporting family and friends as they moved along the course. Participants carry their phones and spectators can see where they are in real-time on the race’s official course map.


Participants are also able to receive progress updates that are based on the GPS location of their phone and include information like pace and estimated finish time. Queen Bee Half Marathon alerts were issued at every mile. More than 15,000 alerts were sent to participants and their supporting family and friends!


Participants can also choose to post these progress updates to their personal Facebook and Twitter walls in real-time. More than 250 alerts were posted to social media during the event!


The Send-a-Cheer feature is a RaceJoy favorite, allowing spectators to send fun, motivational audio cheers to their tracked participants. Almost 3,000 cheers were sent including great usage of our Halloween cheers for October! What an un-bee-lievable show of support!


Check out these popular Halloween cheers!

The cheer feature also allows users to send custom Text-to-Cheer messages allowing personalized messages to be sent in audio format.

The Queen Bee Half Marathon is on a mission to promote the fun of fitness while raising support and funds for local charities that focus on women. The race weekend included plenty of pampering, swag and fun – all the perfect ingredients for a great girls’ weekend.


The event offers a half marathon and 4-mile course that starts and ends at JACK Casino, buzzes through some of Cincinnati’s historic and scenic neighborhoods, and is lined with entertainment from bands and DJs.

Thank you race organizers for embracing RaceJoy and providing this one-of-a-kind race day experience for your participants and spectators!


Interested in RaceJoy for Your Race?

RaceJoy has moved to a free-only model for participants and spectators. If you’d like to offer RaceJoy at your upcoming race, affordable pricing options are available for any race or sponsor to offer the interactive experience. Innovative tools for race organizers are also included, such as race day monitoring, race operations team tracking and news alert system. Watch this overview to learn more.

More information about offering RaceJoy is available here.


Queen Bee Half Marathon Offers Two Forms of Runner Tracking


The Queen Bee Half Marathon, a women’s half marathon located in Cincinnati, Ohio, offered two ways to track runners at their race this weekend, including official race-timed alerts in their mobile app and GPS live tracking with progress alerts in RaceJoy’s mobile app. Race organizers are the same organizers of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and are known to be trail blazers in providing innovative race experiences.

The Queen Bee Half Marathon has a dedicated race app for users to find helpful information about the race and official race-timed progress and results data. Supporting spectators received SMS text alerts when their runners reached the halfway and finish of the Half Marathon. This was based on the runner’s bib/chip crossing timing equipment on the course points.

Queen Bee Half Marathon Offers Two Forms of Participant Tracking

Race organizers also provided RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking and cheers as a free service for participants and supporting spectators. 600 race participants chose to run with their phone using RaceJoy so that they could be live tracked on race day.  Each runner/walker received GPS progress alerts at every mile on the course, with a total of 15 alerts sent out per participant (includes start and finish). RaceJoy issued 15,500 GPS progress alerts at the Queen Bee Half Marathon that included unofficial GPS performance time, including pace and estimated finish time.  We had reports from users that their GPS time was within 30 seconds of their official timing scored result.

Supporting spectators onsite and from the convenience of their home also received these GPS alerts and were able to watch the runners move along the course in a map view and knew exactly where their runner was while the race was on. Friends and family members sent out close to 2,100 motivational cheers to runners and walkers in RaceJoy. Now that is showing some serious support!

Live Tracking of Runners in RaceJoy
Live Tracking of Runners in RaceJoy

The Queen Bee Half Marathon race organizers offered RaceJoy’s technology as a free service to all participants and supporting friends and family. Typically, there is a 99 cents per race upgrade fee for these features. Clearly, participants and their supporting spectators were making full use of this extra service with close to 1,600 people signing in to use RaceJoy for the race.

Special thank you to the Queen Bee Half Marathon organizers, participants and supporting family and friends for embracing RaceJoy! We hope you enjoyed using RaceJoy as much as we enjoyed tracking and cheering you on!

Queen Bee Half Marathon is a women’s half marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio with a mission to promote the fun of fitness while raising support and funds for local charities that focus on women. Next years’ race is scheduled for October 8, 2016: http://queenbeehalf.com.   Also, a must for your bucket list is the Flying Pig Marathon to be held April 29- May 1, 2016: http://flyingpigmarathon.com.

If you’d like to have your race loaded into RaceJoy, you can send your course map in electronic format (KML, GPX or link to MapMyRun map) to addrace@racejoy.com. Buyout options are available.