Race Countdown Clock Widget

We have introduced a Countdown Clock Widget for races. Like any widget, this is configured in the Widget pages. First you Create a Countdown Clock Widget: Then configure the Widget with the various options for Date and Time, size, whether it is plain text blocks or a flip style, and Units to show (Months, Weeks,... Continue Reading →

Participant Cap Widget

We have added another widget - this time for showing the # of participants relative to the participant cap. (Caution - remember when you have a sell out race these numbers may change a lot in the 2 minutes it takes people to register - and caps are calculated on the final step of registration.... Continue Reading →

Calendar Results Widget

We have added a new Calendar Results Widget option for partners that is the same look and feel as the option available in Partner Websites. Configuration option is as shown below:

Calendar Widget Updates

You can now include and exclude specific Timer races in addition to races in our Race Calendar Widget. This makes it easier for a timer to have a calendar of all the races they time. We have also added an option to include only specific races. Here is the new setup:

Referral Rewards – Using your own URL

We have added the capability to direct Referrals to your own URL. To get the referral codes to work, you will need to check for a GET parameter of “raceRefCode” in your site’s URL.  Then, when outputting the widget code, you will need to add raceRefCode=<CODE> to the RunSignUp URL.

Race Calendar Options

Race Calendar Widgets are a quick and easy way for running stores, clubs and timers to put a list of races on their website. We have added a few options to allow for: Customize title to something other than "Race" - this is useful for Clubs who might have a training run calendar Highlight specific... Continue Reading →

Add Race Widget Customization

You can now customize the "Add Race" Widget that many running stores and clubs use to enable races to post on their race calendar by renaming "Race" to something else, like "Event". In the Widget Creation, you select the "Add Race Widget" (top red circle), and then rename the word "Race" to whatever you want,... Continue Reading →

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