Direct Links to Volunteer Page

We have added “anchors” to the Volunteer page that the public sees, and then created an easy way to link to them from the Race Dashboard:Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.54.59 PM.png


Clicking on this in the dashboard will send you to the Race Website Volunteer Page:

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 4.00.16 PM.png

with a URL that you can use to copy and paste and send to others – in this example.

Min/Max Volunteer Wording

We had a suggestion from the Best in the West race series:

Language on the sign up page: I like the minimum maximum feature you offer.

  • When I have the minimum and maximum set as the same number the display to people browsing positions is “ (0 total / 1 more needed) “ This is great.
  • When there is no maximum, the page shows “# volunteer(s) needed” It would be great if this said “at least 1 volunteer needed”.
  • Also, when there is no maximum, but the minimum has been met, it just shows no text about how many are signed up. Here, it would be nice if it said “minimum has been met”
  • When the minimum has been met and the max has not, it says “# volunteer(s) needed”. Again, this would be good if it said “minimum met, up to ___ allowed” or something to that effect.

As it stands, it just looks more urgent to fill a position that has the minimum met than on that has no one. As such, I set all of mine to have the minimum and maximum the same.

We have implemented these suggestions.  Here is an example:


Volunteer Updates

We have made a bunch of small updates to the Volunteer System based on customer suggestions.

  • On the report instead of showing “0” available, show task as “Full”.
  • Updated some buttons to clarify actions – like replacing “Volunteer” on a step with “Continue”. We had found some volunteers were dropping out at that point because they thought they were thru.
  • Save button on all of the volunteer setup pages.
  • Links from volunteer lists to their actual registration so you can make changes or reassign to different tasks without having to search for the volunteer manually. The below screen print shows this capability.

Volunteer Report

Volunteer Update

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have done a number of small updates on the Volunteer System.

Renewal – we now allow for simple renewal of your Volunteer information along with the race. You have the option of just renewing the tasks and so forth, as well as all of the Coordinators and Volunteers.

Volunteer Renewal

“Save” and “Save and Continue Options”

Save and Continue

“Back to Top” links for faster navigation of large lists of tasks.

Back to Top

“Clear Button” on Volunteer Search

Clear Search

Separated Volunteer Report from Volunteer Summary

Volunteer Reports

Thanks to Fifth Third River Bank Run for these suggestions!