Internet Explorer Support

Internet-Explorer-11-logoWe are dropping support for versions of Internet Explorer older than Version 11 on the Race Dashboard. This version was released in October, 2013 so older versions are pretty, pretty old. There is very little use of older browsers, and making the compromises in user functionality is detrimental to the majority of our users.

Thanks for understanding!

UX Update: Registration Enhancements

We’ve been working hard on big enhancements to the usability and design of the registration process. Here is a breakdown of the changes!

1. Full-screen layout
Why full-screen? It declutters the interface and focuses the user on registration…which is what we want, right?

Full-screen gives us more white space, which increases the clarity of the page elements and improves the mobile experience.

An easy to use form = more conversions!

2. Integration of consistent design elements

As we create new and improved designs for our platform, it is important to reuse designs in appropriate places. The result? The platform will become familiar and recognizable through consistent design choices. Here are a few examples:

Ombre (gradient): In our new design, you will find our Ombre in the header, event boxes, and cart.

Profile: The profile has been updated throughout the new registration to better reflect our new profile design, as seen in the new profile section and the new CRM.

Fonts: Roboto. It just looks better!

3. Previous participant is now…Quick Fill!

You may remember the previous participant button at the top of the registration. This is a great way to speed up registration by using your sub-accounts, but its wording was confusing.

To help clarify this function, we have created Quick Fill. It functions the same way, but is easier to understand.

4. Cleaning up the form for ease of use

All of the form elements have been redesigned to be easier to read and more modern. We replaced the bright colors on the fields with gray (if you like colors, just select a field) and rounded the edges.

To help condense the page, we moved the Additional Information up under the Basic Info, and the password section is now located right under the email fields.

So what does this do for all your participants? It provides a clean, focused interface for registration and will produce increased registration conversions. Yay!

5. Introducing the Event Tiles

The event box has been updated to incorporate our new branding. You will notice an ombre based on your theme at the top and a drop shadow. These visual updates aid in creating a friendly design that is easy to read and comprehend for participants.

Races with a large number of events will appreciate the new look because it is easier to scan through multiple event tiles


In addition, the Group/Team feature has been updated with clear wording (Join) and a fun icon! The Group/Team pop-up had some minor updates: an ombre was added to the create/join buttons and the layout and flow of the team creation were improved.

6. New checkout page

The checkout page has been redesigned with a fun and easy to read design.

– Cleaner layout
– Fun and usable credit card entry

The cart is higher on the page with improved visibility, registration information has a new modern look, and registrants look more like the profile with fun icons.

We’ve added a new dynamic credit card to our checkout page that shows your name, credit card number, expiration date, and even the CVV number as you enter them. This design not only makes it fun to enter your credit card – it also serves as confirmation that you are entering the right information. So have fun registering!

7. Improved error messaging

We’ve cleaned up our error messaging to be consistent and more informative.

8. And some small improvements…

  • Theme & Colors: You may notice that with your custom color theme applied, all the colors on the text, buttons, and gradients just seem to work well. That is because our developers have developed a creative way to make sure that text is white on a dark background and vice versa. Very cool!

  • Improved and fun congratulations message on the confirmation page.

  • Updated refund page. We added a “back to website” button for a clear path after cancellation.

This is just the beginning…stay tuned for more updates!

UX Update: The Little Things

We’ve been working on some small, incremental changes to improve the Race Dashboard. Here’s what’s new!



1. Introducing the Avatar Menu!
It has a picture of you (yay!), and has all of your useful things in it:

2. Top Menu moved into Avatar Menu.
The Top Menu doesn’t need to be out at all times. We’ve put that into our nice new avatar menu. Is it an extra click? Yes. But it gets clutter off the screen and allows for a much cleaner header layout. This style of menu is common across many web applications, like LinkedIn and Google. Users are accustomed to looking for global types in a menu like this. Think about it this way: I use my fork every day to eat breakfast and dinner. Do I leave it out on the kitchen table? No, I put in away in a drawer when I’m not using it. (After I wash it – I promise.)

2. Logo
We’ve made it smaller, so we can further shrink the header and get back some vertical space. We also converted our logo into a super-crisp icon font, which looks sharp at all sizes, and downloads faster than an image logo.

3. No more Menu Label
I know it’s a menu and you know it’s a menu. So do we really need to put a label on it? No.

4. We put the Gear away

This is how you get to your dashboard settings, which is something you don’t do every day. Prime candidate to be put away into our Avatar Menu.

5. Moved the Menu Icon
Also known as a ‘hamburger’, this icon toggles the visibility of the menu. We can’t really keep it here, now that we’ve removed the Menu label and Gear icon, so we’ll bump it up into our nice clean header. The header is also a common place to have a menu toggle button. Users are familiar with finding it there.

6. New, Consistent Search Components

We have two search elements on this screen: People Search, at the top, and Menu Search, in the menu. To be consistent, they now use an identical search element, with a slightly different color theme.

7. Our new font continues to propagate

You may have noticed some font changes over the past few weeks, most noticeably on the menu. We have decided to retire our old font, Sanchez, in favor of a new font, Roboto. The Race Title is now in Roboto, which will be our new font moving forward. Roboto is a more modern, sans-serif font, and has some humanist characteristics that we love. It’s great to read on screens and fits better with the RunSignUp brand. You will continue to see less Sanchez over the next few months and more Roboto!

8. Menu Color Changes

We adjusted the menu colors to make them brighter and to properly weight the sub nav menu. We also eliminated some unnecessary elements like borders between the top level nav items. Our new font, Roboto, with its lack of serifs, helps the menu to appear cleaner.

9. Header background image replaced with Gradient

We retired our background image of the runners. It was time. In doing to so, we introduced a new gradient background, which adds vibrant colors, to modernize and brighten things up.

More updates are on their way! Let us know what you think.

Race Analytics Dashboard

The Race Analytics Dashboard has released a flurry of new capabilities to help races understand their promotion, demographics, registrations and transactions better. (You may also have noted the nice progress on the overall User Experience of the race dashboard with the new fresh colors.) There are now more than 15 graphs giving you a quick snapshot of al of the important parts of your race. The main dashboard now gives you 4 main options:

  • Overview
  • Transactions
  • Demographics
  • Registrations

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 8.29.16 AM.png

The Overview page today shows a quick view of Pageviews on your race website and registrations. There is drill down today on web sources for page views by clicking on the green line. This page will expand significantly over the coming weeks to show more source information along with registration and transaction impact of those sources (like email, referrals, Facebook ads, etc.)

The Transactions pages show drill down and Year over Year reports for the total Transactions processed:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 8.21.57 AM

The Demographics graphs show Registrations by:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 8.15.58 AM.png

The heatmap allows you to drill down and see individual zipcode counts:

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 8.17.14 AM.png

Registrations show the following drill-down graphical reports:

  • Giveaways
  • Question Responses
  • Registration periods
  • Revenue by Event
  • Imported Registrations
  • Day of Week
  • Time of Day

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 8.19.27 AM.png

The combination of the RunSignUp Analytics Engine and our expanded team working on User Experience is bringing new ways for races to understand your customers better.