Race Website Improvements

We continue to make continuous improvements on the new Race Website template, with some more improvements expected next week. We will be shifting all new races to this new template by default. Remember you can shift your race website to the new look and feel very easily - just refer to our original announcement on... Continue Reading →

Race Website New Template Beta

Note: The new Race Website has been released on January 2, 2017! Soon after your New Year Eve's celebration, we will be releasing a major upgrade for Race Websites. This will provide every race with a second, more modern option that has a lot of flexibility in the design. Here is a sample default page:... Continue Reading →

Internet Explorer Support

We are dropping support for versions of Internet Explorer older than Version 11 on the Race Dashboard. This version was released in October, 2013 so older versions are pretty, pretty old. There is very little use of older browsers, and making the compromises in user functionality is detrimental to the majority of our users. Thanks... Continue Reading →

UX Update: Registration Enhancements

We've been working hard on┬ábig enhancements to the usability and design of the registration process. Here is a breakdown of the changes! 1. Full-screen layout Why full-screen? It declutters the interface and focuses the user on registration...which is what we want, right? Full-screen gives us more white space, which increases the clarity of the page... Continue Reading →

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