USATriathlon Membership Delay Explanation

USA TriathlonUSATriathlon has an 8 hour delay built into their membership data. This means if an triathlete signs up for a membership on the USATriathlon site, it will take 8 hours until their membership number is available in other applications. This can cause frustration on the part of some triathletes who may be trying to sign up for a race and use the membership number.

We have added an automatic message that explains this when someone is trying to use their membership number when registering as a possible explanation for why it is failing. We simply suggest to try later.

trisignupAlong with the recently released BikeSignUp, we now offer TriSignUp branding for triathlon customers who want their signup to be specific to their type of event. Like with BikeSignUp, all races are listed on each iteration of the site (BikeSignUp, RunSignUp, TriSignUp, and SkiSignUp), and race directors can access all of their races from any dashboard. However, events that share the version of their URL will display the three-sport logo in the header image.



RaceJoy Releases Split Pace Alerts!


RaceJoy is rolling out split pace alerts for those using GPS-based progress alerts. RaceJoy’s progress alerts are typically issued at every mile for running and walking events and every five to 10 miles for cycling and longer distance events. The alerts include information like location, elapsed time, overall average pace, estimated finish time, and now, current split pace time between the course points.


Users of RaceJoy have requested this feature be added so they could manage their performance during the race. By providing real-time split pace information participants can gauge if they need to slow down or pick up their pace to meet personal race goals.


The alerts RaceJoy issues are sent to participants in audio format. Click to hear a sample!

Play a Sample Alert:

RaceJoy offers many other interactive race day features, including live, real-time participant tracking on the race’s official course.

Spectators also receive progress alerts for tracked participants. These are provided as in-app notifications.


Other race day features include Send-a-Cheer, allowing supporting family and friends to send fun, motivational cheers, NearMe alerts and MeetUp. To learn more about all the race day features available in RaceJoy, download the app to begin exploring today.

Many of RaceJoy’s features, like the new current split pace, come from the participants sharing their needs for race information and ideas about race day interaction. Feel free to share any of your ideas by sending an email to

Together, we are changing the race experience!


USA Triathlon Membership Pricing Changes Coming

USATUSA Triathlon has notified us of their plans to increase Membership Pricing effective January, 1, 2016. Our integration with USATriathlon will change effective that day as we.. Here is their notice:

For the first time in four years, USA Triathlon is increasing the adult annual membership fee $5, from $45 to $50, and the adult one-day membership fee $3, from $12 to $15, effective Jan. 1, 2016. For youths, the annual membership fee will be lowered from $15 to $10 per youth member.  No one-day membership option will be provided for youths due to the new lower annual membership cost.

This change allows us to continue to provide excess accident insurance to participants of our USA Triathlon Sanctioned Events, as well as race directors who host those sanctioned events. Significantly rising insurance premiums necessitate this increase in order for USA Triathlon to continue to provide the same level of coverage. Please note: this is only the fourth time USA Triathlon has increased membership fees in the past 15 years, with the last increase in 2012. USA Triathlon still offers competitive pricing compared to the average annual membership fee for all other National Governing Bodies in the U.S. Olympic Movement, which averages approximately 20 percent more for adults and 250 percent more for youth.  

New Pricing
              Adult Annual Membership = $50

               Adult One Day License = $15

               Adult Upgraded Membership  = $35 (if the one day was purchased on or after 1/1/2016…credit of $15 for the one day purchase)

               Adult Upgraded Membership = $38 (if the one day was purchased before 1/1/2016…credit of $12 for the one day purchase)

               Youth Annual Membership = $10

               Youth One Day License = NO LONGER OFFERED

               Youth Upgraded Membership = NO LONGER OFFERED

NOTE: A youth is defined as any athlete who is 17 years old or younger as of December 31st of the current year.

USA Triathlon Site Issues


USA Triathlon is having intermittent issues with their infrastructure. For most USAT transactions this should not cause a problem because we batch transactions in the background. However, USAT Annual Members who are trying to enter their  membership ID may not be able to be validated. It is probably best if they wait a a few hours and try again.