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Madison Marathon Ran with RaceJoy!


Ever run a race and wish you had a little help from your friends or a way to motivate you through a rough spot? Well, that is what RaceJoy was built for and this last weekend’s Madison Marathon and Half Marathon participants made full use of it!


During the Madison Marathon weekend, nearly 3,000 people used RaceJoy and more than 4,300 motivational audio cheers were sent real-time!

Ashley D. ran her first half marathon, using RaceJoy to connect with her daughter. Here’s her RaceJoy story…

“This was my first ever run, and I went straight for the Madison Half Marathon. I also injured my hip just before mile 6, and by mile 8 and 9 I was ready to quit – at the very least not able to run anymore. Just as I was telling myself to make it until help came around, a cheer was read that had come from my daughter – and it made all the difference. Although I had to continue walking, I was able to pick up speed, and complete the 13.1 miles within a reasonable amount of my original goal. Knowing they were there waiting, I knew I couldn’t quit. Thank you for making this available to us!”

— Ashley D.

Thank you Ashley for sharing your experience and congratulations on your first half marathon!

RaceJoy issued progress updates at every mile during the full and half marathon courses. Alerts included information like current location, pace and estimated finish time. More than 37,400 GPS-based progress alerts were sent at the Madison Marathon weekend. Now that’s a lot of updates!


Another Madison Marathon runner, in his 17th marathon, used RaceJoy for the first time last weekend…

“I downloaded the app for the first time for a race this weekend. I used the progress report, cheers and tracking features for my family. It was great. I had no technical issues and I could leave my phone in the back of my belt pouch and still hear the updates and the cheers come through. This is a great tool. And the cheer feature would be awesome on courses where it is hard for spectators to get around or if you are at a race solo.”

Here at RaceJoy, we love hearing runners’ stories – share yours at And help us to spread the word by sharing your experience in the App store!


RaceJoy Overview Video for Race Organizers

Below is a new video we just put out that provides an overview of RaceJoy for race organizers thinking of offering advanced runner tracking for their event. The video is about 12 minutes and covers RaceJoy’s key features of live continuous tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending. It also covers the additional value the race receives, including race operations management features, news alert system, sponsor advertising and race advertising. Many races will have a single sponsor cover the cost for RaceJoy and this video is a helpful tool to use with potential sponsors.

Click Below for the Video:


A how-to video for participants and spectators will be available soon!
Please see RaceJoy’s Website for additional information or send us an email at
We look forward to changing the race experience with you!

Ability Tour Embraces All Abilities with RaceJoy!


This weekend on Saturday, July 16, the Ability Tour is offering RaceJoy to its participants and spectators as part of the day’s experience. The inclusive bicycle event, organized by Peckham, Inc., is dedicated to raising awareness for people of ALL abilities and embraces those with disabilities so that they too can enjoy the road. The proceeds from the Ability Tour go directly toward equipping other recreational events with the resources and accommodations to make race events more accessible for all.

This event is very unique in its effort to create an opportunity for people with disabilities to experience a cycling event that many would not be able to experience on their own. The race provides assistive technology, including handcycles, tricycles, recumbents and tandems. In addition, the event offers staff member support for those that need assistance on the course.

“The Ability Tour has taken the universal design philosophy and applied it to a bicycle tour. Accessibility for individuals who use a wheelchair or individuals with cognitive impairments has been addressed in every phase of the tour. Everyone has the opportunity to push themselves by riding with the fastest cyclists in the state to the individuals completing their first 8 mile ride with a companion cyclist.”

– John Waterman, Programs to Educate All Cyclists


The Ability Tour offers multiple course options on race day, including 8, 30 or 50-mile loops. Riders can also choose to complete the 50-mile loop twice for a century!

The courses begin at Peckham, Inc. in Lansing, MI and take scenic roads that are sure to please. The roads are very well-marked and extremely bicycle friendly. There will be SAG services and aid stations along the way for basic bike repairs, food, beverages and even Frisbees! Lunch is Chipotle!


As part of this year’s event, race organizers are adding RaceJoy as a complimentary service for participating riders and their supporting family and friends. By including RaceJoy, those who download the app and carry their phone on race day will have access to live cyclist tracking on an interactive map view. Friends and family, both at the race site and from their homes, can track participants and know exactly where they are along the course.

Participants and spectators will also receive GPS-based progress alerts that include information like pace and estimated finish time. The alerts will be sent out every 5 miles along the course. Participants have the option to post these alerts to their personal Facebook and Twitter walls in real-time.

Another popular feature available for free is Send-a-Cheer, which includes the ability to instantly send fun, pre-recorded cheers or personalized Text-to-Cheer messages any time before, during or after the race.

We are excited to be apart of this year’s Ability Tour and look forward to changing the race experience together! Good luck riders – it’s time to get your bike on!


Peckham is a nonprofit community vocational rehabilitation organization that provides job training and competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

You can offer advanced tracking and cheers at your next race by creating a race in RaceJoy at no cost and in a few simple steps through RaceJoy’s Website or your RunSignUp dashboard. If you would like to provide these features to your participants for free, please see our buyout options during the RaceJoy setup.


Relay Races Hand Off RaceJoy to Runners!


We are seeing a trend of relay races – from marathon distances to multi-day 300+ miles – requesting to load their events into RaceJoy so that they can offer live runner tracking and cheers to their participants and spectators.

RaceJoy provides interactive, real-time features to help relay teams on race day and for their supporting family and friends to encourage them along the way.


One of the most popular features available is live phone tracking, which allows users to know where team members are at any given time by watching the runner’s blue dot move on an interactive course map or the location of their support vehicle. RaceJoy uses the runner’s phone as a GPS tracker. So, it is the person’s true position, versus a simulator. Many of the relay race directors like this feature as a safety precaution – especially for the longer distances where some people could run off course.


Participants can also receive NearMe alerts to notify them when their team member(s) are drawing near to them so they can prepare for the handoff.

Another popular feature used to motivate team members is the Send-a-Cheer feature where people can send fun pre-recorded audio cheer clips. Supporting fans can also use Text-to-Cheer for personalized messages that are delivered in audio format. This is very popular with long endurance relay events where you need an easy communication device with your runner. The text is converted into speech for the runner and they do not need to look at their phone while running.


The most recent relay to offer RaceJoy to its participants and spectators was the Relay Iowa this past weekend. This was the longest relay distance to offer RaceJoy to date: a relay course taking place across 3 days, 2 nights and 339 miles. Relay Iowa is known as the World’s Longest Relay Run!


The teams consist of up to 12 people running some of the most beautiful and challenging landscapes Iowa has to offer. The route took the runners from Sioux City all the way to Dubuque. The goal is not to win, not to come in first, but rather to work with the team to make it across Iowa in sixty hours or less.


Race organizers of the Relay Iowa offered RaceJoy to its participants and spectators for free, and more than 400 people took advantage of the interactive race day features! 144 participants had their phone’s tracked and received more than 850 cheers!


Participants are also able to get progress alerts through RaceJoy. Relay Iowa alerts were sent every 10 miles based on the GPS location of the runners’ phones. Nearly 2,700 progress alerts were sent over the course of the weekend.


These alerts are also able to be automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

Team members wishing to receive the alerts during relays are required to hand a phone off as they would a relay baton. With longer distance events, like the Relay Iowa, teams often choose to use a backup phone battery. After testing different portable phone chargers, our preferred brand is Anker.

Check out some of the upcoming relay’s offering RaceJoy:

  • Rock Lobster (free tracking)– Takes place in Bar Harbor, ME from June 24-25; Course is 200 miles
  • The Fred Running Relays (free tracking)– Takes place in Comstock Park, MI from August 5-6; Course options include a 200 mile relay and 100 mile relay
  • Peak to Brew (free tracking)– Takes place in Wilmington, NY from August 12-13; Course options include a 238 mile “full” relay and a 115 mile “half” relay
  • Burning River (99 cents)– Takes place in Willoughby, OH on August 6; Course options include a 100 mile, 50 mile and Back 50 mile

Relays offer a great way to achieve something with others and participate in a race you might not do on your own. There is nothing like that team spirit of accomplishing a goal together and encouraging one another along the way. It is great to see the reception from the relay race organizers and their use of RaceJoy to help build this team spirit and bring the runners together on race day! Go Get Em!


If you’d like to offer RaceJoy to your participants and spectators, you can easily get your race loaded through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time. Buyout options are also available.


Runners and Cyclists Across the Country Get RaceJoy for Free!


Over this last weekend, runners and cyclists around the country used RaceJoy to add to their race day experience. We had race participants use RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking, progress alerts and cheer sending in 13 races – from 5Ks to multi day relays!


Steamboat Phone.pngOf the races loaded, those with the highest usage were:

These races also provided RaceJoy as a free service to participants and their supporting family and friends. We consistently find that races who opt for the buyout often have higher usage rates than those races offering the consumer model in which the participants and spectators pay a 99 cents in-app upgrade fee per race.

Live tracking at the Grand Teton Half Marathon

Each race this past weekend provided very different course experiences, from the majestic views at the Grand Teton National Park and Steamboat Marathon to the historic Columbus neighborhoods and picturesque downtown skyline to the Greenway’s of Raleigh, NC. Races proactively requested that their courses be loaded so that their participants and spectators could have real-time information and interactive race day experiences.


Those who downloaded RaceJoy and carried their phone on race day were able to experience advanced runner/cyclist tracking on an interactive map view. Other features included GPS-based progress alerts with pace and estimated finish time, typically sent at every mile, and Send-a-Cheer in which spectators could send motivational pre-recorded cheers or custom Text-to-Cheer messages.

More than 15,600 progress alerts were sent across all the races, with the Grand Teton Half Marathon in first place, sending nearly 5,200 of those alerts and the Steamboat Marathon in a close second, sending nearly 4,200 alerts.


Participants also had the option to post their progress alerts to Facebook and Twitter in real-time. With 245 alerts posted to social media, the Grand Teton Half Marathon once again takes the lead, with participants posting 73 times, and the Columbus 10K in second, with 48 posts.


The supporting friends and family showed their support by sending nearly 3,000 cheers to race participants!


As the number of participants and spectators expecting some form of runner tracking increase, we see a growing trend for races to provide the added services and features that are found through RaceJoy. Whether it’s a destination race like the Steamboat Marathon and the Grand Teton Half Marathon, or part of a series like the Race 13.1, race organizers are focused on offering the most advanced technology and are dedicated to providing participants and spectators with new improvements for their race day experience.

Thanks to all the race organizers who were proactive in having their events loaded into RaceJoy. And thank you to all who tried out RaceJoy for the first time and to all our repeat users! Together, we are changing the race experience!

If you’d like to offer RaceJoy to your participants and spectators, you can easily get your race loaded through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time.


How to Optimize Your Battery on Race Day: When Using RaceJoy’s GPS Tracking

RaceJoy does a lot to optimize your phone’s battery when using its advanced GPS tracking feature. Our testing has shown that you can expect an average of eight (8) hours of battery life for endurance events when using the RaceJoy’s tracking feature based on average cell conditions and phone battery condition. With newer phones, like Apple 6 Plus and Android phones, our testing has shown RaceJoy’s GPS tracking being used for 18+ hours without a battery backup.


Each phone, cell provider and the cell conditions of the area play a factor. Your cell provider may not have the same strength of service at the race site as you do at home, and this will deplete your battery at a faster pace. However, there are things you can do to get the most from your battery on race day.

Battery Optimizers

1. Fully charge your phone’s battery prior to the race start

This is an obvious one, but needs to be reminded! Tip: Use car chargers or portable battery charging devices right up to the race start. Wait to turn the tracking on until about 10 minutes before the race starts. 

2. Do NOT use Wi-Fi

Most people will connect to Wi-Fi to save on data and to overcome their provider’s limited service for a given area. This is fine when you are stationary, but it doesn’t work well with GPS tracking across race courses. Using Wi-Fi can cause your tracking to turn off as you move away from the Wi-Fi area. Plus, your battery will drain more as you move along the course and your phone attempts to make new Wi-Fi connections. GPS tracking and Wi-Fi technologies don’t mix well right now– so, please make sure you are using your cell provider with RaceJoy’s GPS tracking.

3. Consider a new phone, or a replacement battery

Clearly, this wouldn’t just be for RaceJoy, but it is something we recommend when people are experiencing difficulties with battery life in general. We consistently see that older phones have less battery life than newer phones. The constant recharges over multiple years will deteriorate the battery. In addition, the new phones and software are designed to make more optimal use of the phone’s battery. So, if you are one of those out there with a tiny phone from prehistoric times (as in 3-4 years ago), consider getting a newer phone.


4. Turn phone off in poor cell zones 

Some race courses have poor to no cell service due to the geographic terrain. Your phone will continue trying to get a connection in poor cell areas and this will drain your battery at a much faster rate. We suggest you temporarily turn your phone off in known trouble areas. When races let us know of poor cell zones on the course, RaceJoy will show a red poor cell zone graphic overlay on the map image.

Ogden Marathon course – runners waited to turn tracking on at Mile 5.

5. Use a portable battery charger 

These can be purchased online and are ideal for both participants and spectators. They are lightweight and a good option for those who expect to be out on the course for a longer period of time or who wish to keep other apps running during the event. We’ve tested many different portable battery chargers and prefer the Anker Mini.


6. Avoid or limit phone camera and video taking when using Live Tracking  

Participants and spectators should avoid using the device’s camera and, especially, video functions. These significantly utilize the device’s battery and should be avoided unless you have a battery backup plan.

7. Turn off other tracking apps.

Some tracking apps have come a long way with optimizing your phone’s battery. However, if you are using a training app that you know drains your battery, it will drain your phone battery that much faster on race day. We suggest you either use RaceJoy or your preferred tracking app.

8. Turn off non-essential applications. 

RaceJoy works well with other mobile apps. However, many applications continually pull on your phone’s resources behind the scenes and should be temporarily shut down to prolong your phone’s battery life.

  • Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Email and games. Playing music does not appear to have any significant impact on the phone’s battery during our testing.
  • Apple users: double click your home button and swipe to close applications.
  • Android users: select the Menu button, then Applications, and Running to select those you wish to close.

Battery Drainers

  1. Poor Cell Provider Coverage – Each cell data provider’s coverage is different for a given region and race – some provide strong coverage while others have weaker coverage. We see this change from race to race (AT&T is stronger than Verizon or vice versa). If you are at a race and your cell provider’s service is weak as shown with the number of bars on the top of your screen, then this is going to drain your battery at a much faster rate as the phone re-attempts to make connections. There really isn’t anything you can do to get around this other than be aware and maybe turn off your phone or tracking temporarily if you see the battery is depleting fast.


2. Poor weather conditions – When there are significantly poor weather conditions this can affect GPS technology and will cause your phone to attempt to make connections with GPS satellites – further depleting your battery. Though, for most weather conditions, this isn’t an issue as GPS technology has improved over the years.

3. Viewing the screen – The more you view your screen, the more your battery will get used. Participants don’t have this issue as much as spectators tracking runners/cyclists. We suggest supporting family and friends have a backup battery plan if they are going to be at the race site.

4. Shorter Distances Drain Faster – RaceJoy is programmed to provide highly accurate positioning for shorter distance events, such as 10Ks and 5Ks. For these events, frequent location updates are transmitted, which will drain the battery at a faster rate.

What’s Using Your Battery?

You can check to see how much each app is pulling on your battery by looking at your phone’s settings area (For both Android and Apple devices, you can find this under Settings > Battery).


Share any of your battery saving tips by sending them to For more information about RaceJoy, please visit