RaceTec Timing & Results Integration

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.39.55 AMRaceTec is an advanced race scoring and results platform developed by Graeme Vincent. It is widely used around the world for large and small races across many race types. It is known for many advanced features and instant web-based results.

RaceTec has done an integration with RunSignUp so that timers can easily sync participant information. Here are the instructions:

To access your RunSignup races and competitor data directly from within RaceTec, open the Data Import module, click the small dropdown arrow on the Import button, and click From RunSignup.


If this is your first time you will be prompted to enter your RunSignup user name and password.

Your list of races will appear and you click a race to view the events in that race.


Highlight the events you want to import and click Import. Field mapping is done for you, and RunSignup to RaceTec event mapping is done as normal at the beginning of the import process. So it really is as simple as clicking the Import button and a few seconds later the data will be in your RaceTec database.

You can choose to import all data every time, or incrementally, which will only download competitor records you don’t already have.

If you want to view the competitor data first, or make changes to the import template, click OK and the data will be downloaded, but you will be returned to the main import screen where you can make any changes you wish to make.

Further information is in the help file.

Fleet Feet Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket Racing Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on how a Running Store, Training Programs, and a Racing Company support each other.

View the PDF Version of the Fleet Feet Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket Racing Case Study

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Fleet Feet Logo2 Fleet Feet LogoFleet Feet Sports Rochester & Buffalo, YellowJacket Racing, and RunSignUp

Fleet Feet Sports Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket Racing use RunSignUp to tie together the 3 legs of their business and support a robust running community.

About Fleet Feet Sports Rochester & Buffalo and YellowJacket Racing

Ellen Brenner-Boutillier and David Boutillier (Boots) own both YellowJacket Racing and 3 Fleet Feet Sports in NY (2 in Rochester, and one in Buffalo). Boots founded YellowJacket Racing in 1998; he was joined by now-wife Ellen in 2001, and they opened their first Fleet Feet Rochester in 2004. Today, their businesses support and enhance each other to provide a better experience to Western New York residents.Store Photo

A Triangle Approach to a Running Store

When Boots & Ellen first opened Fleet Feet Rochester, they went it with a Triangle approach of 3 interconnected sets of services:Triangle

  1. Running Store (for runners to acquire their training and racing gear)
  2. Racing Company (to produce races for runners to run, and provide Timing services to additional local Race Directors)
  3. Training Programs (to offer training for runners to prepare for races)

Some customers may only be interested in one of those, but many participate in 2 or 3 of their offerings, and all three are integral parts of their business strategy.

Training Programs and RunSignUp

The Rochester Fleet Feet Stores have a robust set of Training Programs to meet the needs of runners of all levels. These include:

  • Training Center Classes and Clinics like Core Class, Yoga, Good Form Running Clinics, and Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge.
  • Training Programs for Beginner and Intermediate Runners, as well as specific events like the Boston Marathon or their own Sehgahunda Trail Marathon.

Some programs are free, whereas others have an associated charge, but they all track their
registrations on RunSignUp. Free programs do not incur any processing fees (for Fleet Feet or the runner) because there is no payment to process. They set up each training program as a “Race”; free programs just have a $0 registration fee. This setup allows them to keep track of numbers for programs and enforce participant caps.

To avoid confusion for runner registering, the word “Race” has been set to default to Custom Word“Training Program” throughout the Race Info Page.

To keep track of the programs and help runners register for the appropriate race, they label each “race” with their Title, the season, and the store they are affiliated with.

On occasion, the stores do have to take a paper registration for a program because of a long-standing Voucher system, but they try to keep registrations online whenever possible.


YellowJacket Racing and RunSignUp

In addition to Fleet Feet’s Training Program “races” on RunSignUp, YellowJacket Racing also uses the system for the 30 or so races they produce.

YellowJacket Race Series’

Among their many events, YellowJacket puts on a “Dirt Events2Cheap” and a “Snow Cheap” Series: evening, bare-bones races for just $12 each, or $65 for all. To handle registrations for the series, they have each Race Day set up as a Separate Event on a single Race, with the Full series as an additional Event option.

Results for both the individual races and the full series can then be found from the Results Tab on a single Race on RunSignUp.

YellowJacket Racing has even added video results to their Dirt Cheap Series – not a bad added-value for a $12 race!

ParticipantsFooter Pictures


For Boots & Ellen, the benefit of RunSignUp is having all their data for both Training Programs and Races in a single system. Previously, they had to use two separate systems for the types of signups; keeping it all on RunSignUp brings cohesion to the separate branches in their Triangle approach.

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

Cape Cod Marathon is the First Massachusetts Race to Deliver RaceJoy!

cape cod logo CapeRun

In its 38th year, the Cape Cod Marathon Weekend delivered an innovative race experience to race participants and their supporting fans with RaceJoy. Hosted by Falmouth Track Club, the race is put on by runners who know what runners truly want in a race experience. The race organizers provided RaceJoy’s full premium experience as a complimentary service to its participants and spectators.

Thanks to race organizers, people were treated to a unique race experience with all of RaceJoy’s bells and whistles, including two forms of runner tracking with official race timed progress alerts and GPS tracking, instant race results, audio cheers, and key race information.


More than 2,300 people took advantage of RaceJoy’s technology over the course of the Cape Cod Marathon Weekend. This represents a 120% usage rate (includes spectators and participants), This is some of the highest usage percentages we’ve seen! Way to embrace technology, runners and fans!

Runners took advantage of the free phone tracking option the race was providing (typically there is a 99 cents upgrade fee) with close to 700 people carrying their phones. Spectators from around the country were tracking participants as their blue dot moved on the map and knew exactly where their runner was on the course.

Live Tracking on Race Day!

Spectators were also able to track runners by receiving official race timed progress alerts from the start, midway and finish. Participants received these on the course and are able to review their splits in RaceJoy at any time. RaceJoy sent out more than 13,200 progress alerts as runners and walkers crossed milestones along the course.

RaceJoy delivered these alerts by integrating with the race’s stellar timing service provider, Granite State Race Services. They used ChronoTrack timing equipment and were great to work with and provided a high quality service.  We display what we get and they were spot on!

Many Cape Cod half marathon and full marathon participants opted in to have their progress posted to their personal Facebook and Twitter walls so their friends and family could be aware of their progress on the course.

By integrating with Granite State Race Services, RaceJoy also delivered immediate, scored results for finishers, including individual, overall and age-group results. Finishers were able to receive these within moments of crossing the finish line.

First Place Marathon Finishers!

Spectators and participants made use of RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature, sending more than 2,500 audio cheer clips. Users also got to test out RaceJoy’s newest Text-to-Cheer function. This feature allows users to type a custom message and have it immediately delivered in audio format to a selected participant. We saw some pretty creative and heartfelt cheers being sent on race day!


The Cape Cod Marathon Weekend takes place over two days, with the full marathon event held on Sunday with a relay team option. Relay members took full advantage of RaceJoy’s tracking features, including NearMe alerts where they received alerts when their teammate is drawing near so they can get ready for the handoff.

The Cape Cod Marathon Weekend offers participants many options for runners and walkers. The event offers a Marathon, Relay, Marathon Half, and Clam Chowdah Challenge for those who wanted to race both days. The race course is a crazy beautiful scenic, one-loop course that is mostly flat, but has a 70 foot, 1.5-mile climb. Add this one to your bucket list: http://www.capecodmarathon.com.

We’d like to issue a huge shout out to race organizers and the Falmouth Track Club for embracing innovation and including RaceJoy in such a historic race!  Special thank you to Granite Timing and ChronoTrak for your superior technology and openness.  And, of course, you the runner – it is for you that we built RaceJoy! And it is comments like the one below that tell us we are on the right track. Together, we are changing the race experience!


Queen Bee Half Marathon Offers Two Forms of Runner Tracking


The Queen Bee Half Marathon, a women’s half marathon located in Cincinnati, Ohio, offered two ways to track runners at their race this weekend, including official race-timed alerts in their mobile app and GPS live tracking with progress alerts in RaceJoy’s mobile app. Race organizers are the same organizers of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and are known to be trail blazers in providing innovative race experiences.

The Queen Bee Half Marathon has a dedicated race app for users to find helpful information about the race and official race-timed progress and results data. Supporting spectators received SMS text alerts when their runners reached the halfway and finish of the Half Marathon. This was based on the runner’s bib/chip crossing timing equipment on the course points.

Queen Bee Half Marathon Offers Two Forms of Participant Tracking

Race organizers also provided RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking and cheers as a free service for participants and supporting spectators. 600 race participants chose to run with their phone using RaceJoy so that they could be live tracked on race day.  Each runner/walker received GPS progress alerts at every mile on the course, with a total of 15 alerts sent out per participant (includes start and finish). RaceJoy issued 15,500 GPS progress alerts at the Queen Bee Half Marathon that included unofficial GPS performance time, including pace and estimated finish time.  We had reports from users that their GPS time was within 30 seconds of their official timing scored result.

Supporting spectators onsite and from the convenience of their home also received these GPS alerts and were able to watch the runners move along the course in a map view and knew exactly where their runner was while the race was on. Friends and family members sent out close to 2,100 motivational cheers to runners and walkers in RaceJoy. Now that is showing some serious support!

Live Tracking of Runners in RaceJoy
Live Tracking of Runners in RaceJoy

The Queen Bee Half Marathon race organizers offered RaceJoy’s technology as a free service to all participants and supporting friends and family. Typically, there is a 99 cents per race upgrade fee for these features. Clearly, participants and their supporting spectators were making full use of this extra service with close to 1,600 people signing in to use RaceJoy for the race.

Special thank you to the Queen Bee Half Marathon organizers, participants and supporting family and friends for embracing RaceJoy! We hope you enjoyed using RaceJoy as much as we enjoyed tracking and cheering you on!

Queen Bee Half Marathon is a women’s half marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio with a mission to promote the fun of fitness while raising support and funds for local charities that focus on women. Next years’ race is scheduled for October 8, 2016: http://queenbeehalf.com.   Also, a must for your bucket list is the Flying Pig Marathon to be held April 29- May 1, 2016: http://flyingpigmarathon.com.

If you’d like to have your race loaded into RaceJoy, you can send your course map in electronic format (KML, GPX or link to MapMyRun map) to addrace@racejoy.com. Buyout options are available.

New Partner Dashboard

Partner DashboardWe have released a new Partner Dashboard for our customers like Timers, Race Series, Running Stores Running Clubs and others with many races to manage.

The first thing existing partners will notice is the fact we use the same layout menu system that the Race Dashboard uses. However we made this black and grey so that you could easily tell the difference between the Partner Dashboard and your Race Dashboards. Plus we thought it looked cool.

We have put some nice features into the new dashboard (with more coming over the next couple of weeks). We highlight them below this overview slidedeck of our Partner Program:

Dashboard Reports – We offer a variety of Dashboard Reports. The first is a Live View that gives you a quick view of your totals and easy comparison to last year:

Partner Dashboard

We will be adding other nice Comparison Reports (some of these are actually available now in Top Races List):

Year Over Year Monthly Comparison

Weekly Comparison By Day

Participant SearchParticipant Search – The search box in the upper right corner of the dashboard appears on all pages so you can do quick and easy searches across all of your races. The results have been vastly improved so you can get information about the participant with direct links to manage their registration or look at the overall race.

Partner Participant Search

Race Listing – We have improved the look and functionality of your race list. This includes easy access to common actions for a race, better layout showing on overview of quick info like # of registrations.

Partner Race list

Parter Email
You are now able to use the powerful email marketing features across all of your races from the Partner Dashboard. You can create mailing lists from any selection of your races:

Partner EMail Lists

Who’s Attending the RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium?

We’re gearing up for our 2nd Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium in a little over a month.  Customers are often curious about who else will be at the event, and what type of experience other attendees will have to share…so here’s a little bit about the current attendee list:Drawing 4

States Represented: 23
British Oversees Territories Represented: 1 (Bermuda!)

Attendees Include:

  • Race Management Companies with 150+ Races on RunSignUp
  • Big Races of 30,000+
  • Small Races of <200
  • Triathlon Directors
  • Timing Companies
  • 2 Running Stores that have earned “Store of the Year” honors
  • Race Directors who have never used RunSignUp

….And, of course, the full RunSignUp team + Alan Jones (RunScore), Brian Agee (Agee Race Timing) and Roger Bradshaw (Race Director).

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.  Rooms can be booked in the Host Hotel (The Westin, directly across the street from the Symposium venue) through June 5th via this link: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/Book/runsignup