Custom RaceDay Web Results from The Race Director

racedirector-logoThe Race Director is one of the two leading scoring packages used by timers, along with RunScore. Both offer tight integration with RunSignUp – bi-directionally syncing participant information, posting results, sending TXT notifications of results, etc.

One of the features we built in RaceDay Results (aka RunSignUp Results – the ones that show up as part of a Race website), is the ability to upload a custom result set. This means that The Race Director and RunScore can basically post any report and format they want onto the web easily. We originally built this for RunScore, since there is not a fixed format to the data schema.

Recently, The Race Director added the capability to upload Custom Results Sets. It is set up on this interface in The Race Director:


The define the page information:


Overall Finish List – right now, this is available only for when you are producing a finish list with no splits.  In this local race, quite a few who registered are identified as Gerber employees in an optional data field.  When the output is produced all the settings from the report prompt as far as which columns to include come into play just as they do when you produce the report to spreadsheet or HTML.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.26.41 PM.png

Team Reports – I really like how this comes out for detail team results.  This may be the blueprint for how we tackle cross country.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.27.53 PM.png

Predicted Time and Age Graded Result –

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.28.46 PM.png

As timers get a sense of this and want other reports included, let us know and we will try to add them.


RaceDay Go Platform Announced

We announced The RaceDay Go Platform this week at the RunSignUp Symposium. This is a major strategic direction with a comprehensive platform for creating a complete race day experience.


RunSignUp is embarking on a strategic mission by taking the following actions:

  • Creating a new brand separate from RunSignUp to allow for open use of technology components by races, timers, race management companies, photographers, registration companies and timing equipment companies
  • Consolidating existing Race Day offerings under the new RaceDay Go brand
  • Release new RaceDay Photo Platform
  • Release RaceDay SignUp Kiosk native app. This joins the native RaceDay CheckIn and RaceDay Results apps with a common architecture to allow for online and offline operation on Apple, Android and the Web
  • Integrating RaceDay Results (from The Race Director and RunScore) directly into RaceJoy App – the first platform to combine Gun, Chip and GPS Time at scale in real time
  • Strategic announcement that a new product called RaceDay Scoring will be the strategic Cloud and Mobile direction for The Race Director PC product

RaceDay Go is a family of Race Day offerings that will be offered at very Low Cost/Free.

RDGo Pricing

RaceDay Go is an Open Platform:

  • Plug and Play – use components you want
  • Timing systems
  • Registration Integration
  • Results Integration
  • Branded separately from RunSignUp to encourage broad adoption

The core of RaceDay Go (RDGo) is The Race Director PC (RD PC), which along with RunScore, is one of the two leading scoring platforms used by timers to generate results for over 11 Million race finishers each year. The upcoming RaceDay Scoring (RD Scoring) is the Cloud version of RD PC.

We expect to release a new RDGo Dashboard by the end of the year, along with initial work on RD Scoring. We expect RD Scoring to take about 2 years to fully build out to match all features available in RD PC. We also expect to create multiple mechanisms for bi-directional movement of races between RD Scoring and RD PC.

RaceJoy will continue to be an independent, open App that will be tightly integrated with RDGo. As noted above, RaceJoy now fully integrates with RD Results by downloading Gun and Chip times and places to display alongside the GPS Splits. In the coming months we expect to make the GPS Splits available in RD Results and RD Scoring.

RaceDay Go is a strategic platform for the endurance industry, and represents the next generation of providing a real time, social race day experience.

Here is a PPT Overview:

The Race Director 2017

The initial offering of Race Director 2017 is now available.  For anyone on the Extended Support plan, contact us about getting your system activated.  The change that we are concentrating on now is the natural extension of the Auto Import capabilities added late in the RD 2016 modifications.  The first major offering of RD 2017 is a new executable called “Race Day Reports”.  There is a new option when you look in the Race Director application folder –
The idea is that you have both Race Director and this new application running at the same time on your scoring computer.  This allows you to keep the Chip Results import working in “Auto Import” mode in Race Director and the generation of report reports (Age Group and Overall, for now) activity happening in Race Day Results.  Another option is to have Race Day Results running on a separate, networked computer.  If you use networked computers, there is no need for either the scoring computer or the reporting computer to be in Data Share mode.
The next additions to the Race Day Reports selections will be Lap Race reports and the Announcer functions.

The Race Director – Annual Mailing

RaceDirector New Full LogoIf you are one of the 500 timers who uses The Race Director 2015, you are going to be receiving an old fashioned letter in the mail soon. It will be your reminder to upgrade and purchase support for the new 2016 PC version. Here is Roger getting ready to head off to the Post Office!


The 2016 version is pack full of new features (full list is here).  Since joining RunSignUp, Roger has gotten some more time on his hands to do development.

REg Companies for Race DirectorOne of the things we are proud of is how we have expanded the list of supported registration providers (satisfying many people’s query on if The Race Director was going to become a closed system with RunSignUp’s registration software).

Timers use The Race Director for over 10 Million Finishers per Year

The Race Director, along with RunScore, are the two leading scoring software products used by timers to provide results to races. We recently did a survey of Timers who use The Race Director to learn more about how they use our product (we will be posting survey results on that website shortly). One of the happy conclusions of that survey is that data indicates that timers provide over 10 Million finishers each year with their results from The Race Director.

The survey had 54 respondents tell how many races they had and how many participants they timed each year. Those results showed:

  • 802,000 Total participants
  • 377 Average Race Size
  • 55 Average Races per year per Timer
  • 20,815 Average Participants per year per Timer

We estimate a total number of 551 active Timers using The Race Director. The listing below shows the current version of The Race Director being used. For example 2016 is being used by 33 timers who have already upgraded to the new version. 2015 are people who either purchased a new license or renewed their support agreement (annual renewal is $75-600 depending on level of service) in 2015. 2014 are people who last renewed or purchased in 2014. We assume drop off in usage for those timers who do not renew their support contracts.

  • 2016 – 33 (100%) = 33
  • 2015 – 419 (100%) = 419
  • 2014 – 147 (50%) = 73
  • 2013 – 106 (25%) = 26

If we take the average of 20,815 times the 551 timers, that yields 11,469,065 estimated finishers.

Of course The Race Director is used with many types of races – mostly road races, but also triathlons, high school and college cross country, swimming, skiing, trail, obstacle, etc. We will refine our future surveys to try to capture more interesting data.

Of course this means Roger gets to brag he impacts the largest number of people in the endurance community of any of the RunSignUp businesses since the registration business will only be around 3 Million this year and the RaceJoy GPS Tracking business is still far less than a Million this year (but gets bragging rights about being the fastest growing).

Race Director Go

RD GoIn addition to the big news that The Race Director has joined forces with RunSignUp, we are also excited to introduce a new offering for Race Director timers – Race Director Go, or RD Go.

RD Go allows any Race Director (RD) timer to simply upload results to the web and provide finish notifications to runners and their friends without the usual complications. If you know how to produce local results with RD, then it will be intuitive how to get them on the web.

We have lowered the costs from My-Finish, and there is no cost for races who use RunSignUp for registration. You can see more information on pricing here.

RD Go is available in pre-release form now as part of The Race Director 2015. We look forward to feedback and full release over the coming month since this is just a natural extension of all of the integration with between RunSignUp and The Race Director of the past two years.

The process is very simple and can be all done within The Race Director without adding any fields. For full documentation, please see here.

Race Director Go Race CreationCreate a Race
The first step is to Create an account (if you are already a RunSignUp user you can use your existing account since we are built on the same cloud platform).  Then you can Create a Race (again, if you are a RunSignUp timer and have a race already, RD will show you a list of your races already and will tie the existing Online Race to your RD race). Note RD is smart enough to know the Events you have on the PC and creates those online automatically for you.

Upload ParticipantsUpload Participants
You can upload participant data that is in RD already. This is useful for providing an online mechanism for registering for Result Notifications. This also loads all of the bulk data to RD Go so people can see participant information before the race if enabled. It also reduces the amount of data that is required to transfer to the cloud once results start flowing in.

QR Code for Individual Results
RD Go also makes it simple to generate custom URL’s for each participant. These can be sent to the bib maker to produce a custom finisher information QR Code for each bib as seen below.
QR Code Generation

Results PostingTo simply publish results, go to the “Event” setting in Tailor -> Divisions and determine whether or not results are sent to RD Go. Each time you create a new race in Race Director, a single event is also created. For the RD Go live results posting, it is never necessary to have more than this one, single event.Posting Live Results

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.31.20 PMYou can also configure “live results” where RD Go will auto-post results as people cross the timing mats.

Age Groups
There are simple settings for displaying Age Groups online.

Age Groups

Age Group Results

You can even configure to show double dipping of age group awards:

Double Dip Age Groups

Mobile ResultsMobile Design
The results are displayed in a “Responsive Design”, which means they look great on mobile phones as well. This is important as many runners are checking your website for results right after the race.

Widget on Your Website

The online results have a specific URL that you can share. To embed these results on the race website and your timing website, you can simply click the “embed” link at the bottom of the results page and copy and paste that code into your webpage and you get these beautiful searchable results:

Results Widget

If enabled, anyone can sign up to receive notifications on participants. Online, the participants will by default be displayed with data similar to what is in the Results (Name, Age, City, State).  The Online system has a configuration to adjust what data is shown or to force people to enter the correct name to sign up for notifications. In either case, the runners as well as any family members can go online to sign up for notifications. They simply click on the name and specify whether they want TXT and/or EMail.

Result Placeholder OptionsThe Timer Dashboard online gives you the ability to set up custom notifications with custom text and specific fields to be displayed (see examples on the right).  For example, you can create a TXT that says something like “Congratulations Bob on completing the Budweiser Rotary 5K in a time of 17:32. Your overall place was 32 and your gender place was 28.”

We look forward to your feedback to make this even simpler and more powerful. Let us know your ideas and feedback!