Group/Team Participant Display

We have added a variety of controls on the visibility for Groups and Teams under the Race -> Display -> Participant Display: This let's a race director set which data fields can be seen by the Public, by Team Members and by Team Admins.

Team Roster Information Expanded

Team Captains now have access to a report of group/team members, contact info and t-shirt sizes. Many team captains order their own team shirts in addition to the ones the race gives out. So, the captains need an easy way to pull this information. This is accessible on the Group/Team page by clicking View Roster... Continue Reading →

Team Captain Questions

We now have an option to ask questions only to Team Captains. This is useful if your race only needs the answers to a team question once, and do not need to ask every team member. It is another checkbox option under each Questions you create. Note that the Answers get tied to the Captain... Continue Reading →

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