HTTPS Improvements

There was an recent article "HTTPS-crippling attack threatens tens of thousands of Web and mail servers" that caused us to evaluate our configuration and up our encryption to 2048-bit. This had been lower to support older browsers and and versions of Java - if you find any issues of the site not working please let... Continue Reading →

Oauth Integration Docs and Sample Code

Attached are detailed documentation and sample code in PHP and Node for connecting with RunSignUp via OAuth. This is useful for our partners who want to integrate tightly with our security system and give users bi-directional access to their information. RunSignUp OAuth Integration


We are somewhat hesitant to talk about security since we do not want to invite unwanted attention. However, with regular reports of security issues popping up (for example here and here), and now the report of the JP Morgan Chase race security breach, we figured it might be useful to give guidance to our industry... Continue Reading →

Security Patch for vulnerability in bash “Shellshock” Updated

We have updated our public facing servers with the patch for this new security vulnerability that was found and reported on yesterday. Here are is a link to learn more if you are interested, or to check to make sure your own servers have installed this: Note there are likely more patches coming from the... Continue Reading →

Sharing Access to a Race

You can now conveniently add others to help manage your race. By going to the Secure Access/Info Sharing page, you can add email addresses of people you want to share access to your race as a full race director, or with limited amounts of capability. When you add that email address, we will send them... Continue Reading →

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