http/2 Support

We have been doing a lot of infrastructure improvements over the past couple of months as a part of our PCI Level 1 Certification.  That is the highest level and requires extra measures of auditing and security and scanning, including a week onsite visit by a Qualified Security Assessor. Unfortunately most of that is stuff... Continue Reading →

Security Patch

We updated our site with this security patch - Other webmasters may want to run the free Qualys SSL scanning tool to check their grades - Users can also check out their most common websites as well (proud to say RunSignUp beat the bank I use :-))

ImageMagic Security Hole Fixed

A security hole was reported in ImageMagic, a tool that many websites including RunSignUp use for image resizing and processing. We learned of this issue yesterday and have updated the site with fixes last night. We did not detect any breaches as a result of this hole. You can read more here and here. If you know of... Continue Reading →

Secure Information Option

We have added the ability to collect Social Security Number, Drivers License and Passport as highly secure options to race registration. This was done at the request of a race held on a military base, but may be useful for other purposes as well (such as border crossing races that might require Passport numbers). The... Continue Reading →

HTTPS Improvements

There was an recent article "HTTPS-crippling attack threatens tens of thousands of Web and mail servers" that caused us to evaluate our configuration and up our encryption to 2048-bit. This had been lower to support older browsers and and versions of Java - if you find any issues of the site not working please let... Continue Reading →

Oauth Integration Docs and Sample Code

Attached are detailed documentation and sample code in PHP and Node for connecting with RunSignUp via OAuth. This is useful for our partners who want to integrate tightly with our security system and give users bi-directional access to their information. RunSignUp OAuth Integration

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