RunScore Improves RunSignUp Integration

runscore_4RunScore has made the following improvements (copy and pasted from the RunScore Support Group):

RSServer/RSClient Version Level 2017.07.10

*Eric Kramer requested integrating the Corral Wave field. This is now being downloaded in the API and is available to map to a RunScore field you would define locally.

* Greg McCormick requested that he be able to change an entrant’s event in RunScore and have it reflected to that entry at the RunSignUp database. This is implemented so that all you have to do is right-click on the “event name” field and select, from the menu, “Change event”. You’ll be presented with a list of the events so you can pick the new one.

* Craig Chiger was having phone numbers like “+1 123-456-7890” showing up in the RunSignUp database. The “+1” is the U.S. country code. He wanted a way to eliminate the “+1”. It was suggested that he make the field right-justified and set the length of the field to 12. However, the phone number was truncated at the right. Therefore, a change was made to truncate on the left.

* Greg McCormick had one event whose results could not be uploaded to RunSignUp. It turns out one First Name field had the & character in it. Tech support at RunSignUp advised us to encode the data so it can handle special characters. That has been done and has solved the problem.

* Eric Kramer requested that downloads from RunSignUp support corral assignments.

RunScore at the RunSignUp Symposium

This year’s RunScore Session at the Timer Day of the RunSignUp Symposium is being led by super-user, Steve Stone of Best Times. Steve is putting together his presentation, and wanted to share his preliminary plan – and get any feedback from attendees about additional topics that they want to cover.

The presentation will support two themes:

Theme One: RunScore Help topics specific to RunSignUp

  • runscore_4Downloading registrations
  • Do a “quick” actual download to emphasize how easy the process is versus spreadsheet imports
  • What you need to have set up in RunScore to make it work

o   Key Fields such as registration ID, last modified, event Id and how they are used in the entries.ini to populate race or event designation (event distance) fields in RunScore.. how to get RunSignUp “store” items (such as BBQ tickets) populated in RunScore.

o   Review RunSignUp_fields_mapping.ini … troubleshooting when a duplicate entry shows up or missing mappings

  • Full and Incremental downloads

o   When each is appropriate

o   How to recover should something go wrong

  • Importance of event id’s and splitting out multiple events  that may have the same race number series
  • Assigning bib numbers in RunSignUp or RunScore ..when each is appropriate
  • Check out and validations that you need to do each after each update.
  • Uploading registrations to RunSignUp – quick demo
  • How to fix RunSignUp should something go wrong.. Opps…I uploaded to a wrong race in  RunSignUp
  • Validating your data went to the correct fields in RunSignUp
  • Uploading RunScore results .. for searchable results in RunSignUp … live results for text notifications…finisher certificates
  • Race Day registrations .. Best Practices… RunSignUp Kiosks  or manual paper forms.. when is each appropriate
  • Uploading Finish Line Video to RunSignUp ..setup in RunScore

Theme Two:  How Best Times uses RunScore , based on group interest in the following topics:

  • Video integration (drone and finish line video) ..or how to make a small race look “Big Time”.   Click on the race results link below and then click on the “Aerial Video”  at the top of the results
  • What you need to know to make it happen in RunScore

o   RunScore Event to Database

o   RunScore HTML  / entries.css (settings)

o   Creating the YouTube link for each finisher and storing in RunScore database via entries.ini update

o   RunScore FTP… this is a huge time saver

  • Video editing tools you need in addition to RunScore–all free downloads

o   Windows Movie Maker – video editing software

o   Handbrake – video compression software

  • Finisher Labels – The reason we rarely have any awards results corrections  or post  event results corrections.  We had (1) post-race results correction for 2016 Mercedes Marathon Weekend (8,000 plus finishers)
  • RunScore Client network (WIFI or Ethernet).. we have scaled to 8 clients
  • Event to Database
  • Auto Run
  • Entries.ini
  • Dymo label printer

Feedback about topics of interest, or additional questions about the Symposium can be directed to

CSV Conversion Utility – Useful for ElfScore Users

We have put up a generic CSV conversion utility – As the URL implies, these conversions are particularly useful for timers using the ElfScore scoring platform to easily import runner registration information. This joins our other CSV Merge Utility. It that helps convert the following formats:

CSV Conversion

You select a file to import, then on a per field basis do the above conversions. Here is a fuller explanation:

Elfscore CSV Conversion UtilityConvert mm/dd/yyyy to 3 columns for month, day and year. This is multi-column format is something required by ElfScore, a scoring package used by some timers.

Cut Zipcode to 5 digits – this helps when your CSV contains a 08057-2434 type of format.

Convert times to seconds – 5:23 become 323 for example.

Remove non-numeric characters – this is useful for stripping off a field that might have characters on it like “RegID 123” becomes “123”.

RunScore Results Presentation

RunScore Results PresentationAlan Jones made the following presentation at the Chronotrack Conference in January, 2015.  It reviews the new RunScore Results and other topics like enhancements to RunScore, additional integrations and most importantly the future of RunScore and the new advisory board.

RunScore Results Update

RunScore ResultsHere is the latest from Alan Jones on RunScore Results Pre-Release advancements:

The latest Version Level 2014.12.21 can be downloaded from (assuming you already have a RunScore install):

What is working – I hope

  • Have new RunScore Results icon/shortcut thanks to Andrew Sigwart.
  • The main screen now is dark blue so the person has assurance he/she is on RunScore Results and not on RunScore.
  • New RunScore Results logo and icon by Andrew Sigwart
  • Create Signon.
  • Create race including adding events.
  • Can edit the race to add more events or turn on or off “Draft race”.
  • Can enable notifications from RunScore.
  • Can use RunScore Results even if you don’t have an event_name or event_id. RunScore Results forces you to create one RSU event and then uses it for everything.
  • Sync with server – limited testing but seems to work. When you make a change in RS, it immediately is sent to RSU. In the other direction, RS checks for changes on RSU every minute so you may have to be patient after making a change at RSU before it is reflected in RS.
  • Can download registrations
  • Can upload registrations from a listing file.
  • Can go directly to the race dashboard with one click.
  • Can upload “RunScore Results” and view them with one click from RunScore.
  • Can upload incremental results.

What isn’t working yet

  • Assigning columns in a report that are enabled for notifications. Stephen put this capability in last week. Not yet implemented.
  • With respect to incremental results, you can enable only one event to affect the upload of results from one listing file. It is planned to enable this for multiple events for multiple listing files.
  • Cannot change an event via Sync with Server.

And, I’m sure, lots of other stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet!

What may work but hasn’t been tested

Upload of results using RSU native method.

RunScore Results

RunScore ResultsWe are pleased to announce that RunScore has licensed the RunSignUp Results technology platform to create a new offering for RunScore timers – RunScore Results.

RunScore Results allows any RunScore timer to simply upload results to the web and provide finish notifications to runners and their friends without the usual complications. If you know how to produce local results reports with RunScore, then it will be intuitive how to get them on the web.

RunScore Results is available in pre-release form now – Here is a short video that explains how it works:

Create a Race

The process is very simple and can be all done within RunScore without adding any fields.

Create a Race
The first step is to Create an account (if you are already a RunSignUp user you can use your existing account since we are built on the same cloud platform).  Then you can Create a Race (again, if you are a RunSignUp timer and have a race already, RunScore will show you a list of your races already and will tie the existing Online Race to your RunScore PC race). Note RunScore is smart enough to know the Events you have on the PC and creates those online.

Upload ResultsTo simply publish results, go to the Listing File that you usually print from. You will see a new options to publish Online. The output online will look exactly like you have defined it in your listing file with all the columns displayed in the same order that they would be printed.

Here are the results output to the local terminal:

Local Results

Here are the same results online:

RunScore Results Online

Mobile Design
The results are displayed in a “Responsive Design”, which means they look great on mobile phones as well. This is important as many runners are checking your website for results right after the race.

Automatic Uploads
You have the ability to turn on automated “Incremental Uploads”, which will upload any people who get a new or different result every 30 seconds. This is nice because runners can look online right after they finish and see their results. This also means that any adjustments you do to participant data or to the results  in RunScore PC will get updated online automatically. Change the spelling of a name and within 30 seconds it is corrected online!

Widget on Your Website
The online results have a specific URL that you can share. To embed these results on the race website and your timing website, you can simply click the “embed” link at the bottom of the results page and copy and paste that code into your webpage and you get these beautiful searchable results:

Results Widget

Upload RegsitrationsTo enable Notifications, you must do two things.  First click on the “Enable Notifications” in the Race Menu on the right.  Second, and just as important, is you must upload your registrants as seen on the right to the online site so that people can sign up to get the notifications.

Online the participants will by default be displayed with data similar to what is in the Results (Name, Age, City, State).  The Online system has a configuration to adjust what data is shown or to force people to enter the correct name to sign up for notifications. In either case, the runners as well as any family members can go online to sign up for notifications. They simply click on the name and specify whether they want TXT and/or EMail.

Result Placeholder OptionsThe Timer Dashboard online gives you the ability to set up custom notifications with custom text and specific fields to be displayed (see examples on the right).  For example, you can create a TXT that says something like “Congratulations Bob on completing the Budweiser Rotary 5K in a time of 17:32. Your overall place was 32 and your gender place was 28.”

RunScore and RunSignUp look forward to your feedback to make this even simpler and more powerful. Let us know your ideas and feedback!