Runners Blasted Off with RaceJoy at the Space Coast Marathon!

49,000 Progress Alerts   –   93% Usage   –   6,500 Cheers   –   1,200 Phones Tracked


At the 45th anniversary of the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon participants and their supporting friends and family were treated to an out-of-this-world experience with RaceJoy’s interactive race day features. Courtesy of Thales Group, those who downloaded the mobile app had access to RaceJoy’s features for free. With a 93% usage rate (includes spectators and is based upon finishers), 49,000 progress alerts, 6,500 cheers and close to 1,200 phones tracked participants and their friends and family made the most out of RaceJoy on race day!


The Space Coast Marathon organizers, Running Zone, were among the first to embrace RaceJoy and have been offering the experience at this race to its participants since 2013! Key features participants and supporting friends and family were treated to included:

  • Real-time, live phone tracking – tracking of up to 50 participants on a live map view of the official course.
  • Progress alerts – alerts sent to participants and spectators as they completed the course with information like pace and estimated finish time.
  • Send-a-Cheer – fun pre-recorded or personalized Text-to-Cheer messages sent in audio format.
  • Immediate, official race results – within moments of crossing the finish line, scored results were available in RaceJoy that included individual, age group and overall stats.
  • And so much more!
49,000 Progress Alerts Sent on Race Day!

Another unique feature of RaceJoy allows participants to post their progress on social media (Facebook and Twitter). Participants can select to post all their stat information for each milestone, just the start and finish, or the alerts without time. Close to 1,000 progress alerts were posted to social media on race day!


The Space Coast Marathon Weekend offers 26.2- and 13.1-mile options. The event attracts many repeat runners and the half marathon distance sells out every year. Race organizers do a lot to make sure their runners have a high quality experience, where every aspect of the race is thought through and provided for. From amenities like great food for everyone (not just the participants, which makes for a nice family experience) to the great race swag (like the Space Coast Marathon towels) to the advanced race day technology with RaceJoy.

If you’ve yet to participate in this event, the Space Coast Marathon is a bucket list race you should definitely add to your list!


RaceJoy creators, James and Shelly Harris, landed at the Space Coast Marathon Weekend on Saturday for the expo and made their appearance at the RaceJoy booth on race day.


We always love coming out to the race sites to meet RaceJoy fans and to cheer on the participants! And we’re not the only ones – almost 6,500 cheers were sent in RaceJoy by supporting family and friends to motivate runners!

While at the race site, we also enjoy hearing stories about what brought them to run and the challenges they have overcome. Many of the people we saw were some of the first to ever use RaceJoy.


Congratulations finishers of the Space Coast Marathon weekend! A special thank you to Thales Group and Running Zone for including RaceJoy at this year’s event.


If you’d like to add RaceJoy as part of the race experience for your participants and spectators, you can enable in a few simple steps and at an affordable price by visiting RaceJoy’s Website or your RunSignUp race dashboard.






1 Weekend, 2 Featured Races and 13,000 Tracking Alerts

This past weekend, the Alamo 13.1 in Texas and the Excalibur 10 Miler in Florida offered RaceJoy to their participants and supporting spectators.

Participants and spectators at both events had access to RaceJoy’s advanced features:

  • The Alamo 13.1 offered free live runner tracking along the course, GPS-based progress alerts at every mile, and cheers – courtesy of Krispy Kreme!
  • The Excalibur 10 Miler offered free race-timed progress alerts at timing points along the course, and instant official race results.

As Featured Races in RaceJoy, users were treated to many free features and were receptive to the unique race experience – more than 1,600 people accessed these two races over the weekend!

Real-time progress alerts are sent as participants cross over mile points along the courses, including information like pace and estimated finish time.


The Excalibur 10 Mile alerts were based on the bib/chip crossing timing mats along the course at the start, mile 3.1, mile 5, mile 6.2 and the finish. The Alamo 13.1 alerts were based on the participants’ GPS locations using the phone as a tracker and were sent at every mile along the course. Between both races close to 13,000 progress alerts were sent!

Participants also have the option to post their progress to Facebook and Twitter. This is a great branding opportunity for races. The social messages can include the race’s twitter handle or hashtag and a logo.

Excalibur 10 Mile Start Tweet
Alamo 13.1 Start Tweet

As an added feature for the Excalibur 10 Miler, RaceJoy integrated with the timing provider, Running Zone, to deliver scored results for finishers, including individual, overall and age-group results. The Running Zone was one of the first to adopt RaceJoy’s technology and provide some fun and well put together races, including the Space Coast Marathon.

Thanks to Krispy Kreme, participants of the Alamo 13.1, organized by Purpose Race Events, were treated to RaceJoy’s interactive features like live phone tracking, Send-a-Cheer and Text-to-Cheer, and GPS-based progress alerts at every mile – all at no charge! Typically, there is a 99 cents upgrade for these features.


A special thank you to Krispy Kreme, Running Zone, and Purpose Race Events for showing commitment to offering a high quality and unique race experience. Thank you race participants and supporting families and friends for embracing the joy! Congratulations finishers, we hope you enjoyed the experience!


If you would like to add your race, you can do so through RaceJoy’s Website, or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. There is a free-to-the-race option or an affordable buyout option for providing RaceJoy as a free service. We require a two-week minimum load time, and you will need to load your electronic course map in GPX or KML format or build your own map using our Course Builder tools.

Together, we are changing the race experience!


Space Coast Marathon Weekend Blasted Off with RaceJoy! 43,600 Progress Alerts at Warp Speed!


phoneThis last weekend’s Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon in Cape Canaveral, Florida offered participants some serious medal bling, a fun venue and the latest in race day technology with RaceJoy. The Space Coast Marathon has been a long-standing local favorite and has grown in popularity as a destination race attracting people from across the nation. Race organizers go the extra mile to offer a quality experience for participants and also embrace the needs of supporting friends and family members.  We had a great showing with 4,600 people using RaceJoy for the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon. Way to blast off with the technology, runners and fans!


Her name is Joy!

Thanks to the race organizers, people were treated to a futuristic race experience with all of RaceJoy’s bells and whistles, including two forms of runner tracking, instant race results, audio cheers and convenient access to key race information, like places of interest and the weekend’s schedule. Runner tracking included free race timed alerts as runners and walkers crossed timing equipment on the course.  Participants also had the option to purchase advanced GPS tracking for 99 cents where fans tracked their blue dot moving along the course.

During the races, RaceJoy issued 43,600 race-timed progress alerts as runners and walkers crossed timing points along the course. Running Zone provided high quality (as in one of the best we have seen) timing services and uses ChronoTrak timing equipment to time the race – which enabled RaceJoy to deliver these real-time updates.  Many race participants showed their adoption of social media and technology by opting to post their progress on Facebook and Twitter. More than 1,200 updates were posted to participants’ walls as they completed the race.

Hundreds of runners and walkers took advantage of the phone tracking option as well so that their supporting friends and family could see exactly where they were on the course.

We personally tracked one participant for more than eight hours on the course. Now that is someone truly dedicated to staying the course! We like that the race director goes out and personally cheers on the very last runners.  It shows he values the very last runner as much as the very first.

It was great to see people use RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature as well. More than 2,300 cheers were sent, including RaceJoy’s new text-to-cheer feature.  All kinds of messages were sent from heartfelt to quite humorous to, yes, even risqué cheers. Its always fun to be the one monitoring the cheers. 😉

RaceJoy’s integration with the Running Zone also allowed for the delivery of immediate, scored results for finishers, and these were available within moments of crossing the finish line. Finishers can now view their official race photos from their results page in RaceJoy thanks to the integration with MarathonFoto.

One of the big attractions of this race is the amazing medals they give out. Finishers received an additional third year medal if they have done the race for three years in a row. Below is a friend of ours who came back from a year- long trip away just so she wouldn’t miss the third race experience. Supposedly, the fifth year medal is the size of a plate!

Third Year Runners – Third Year Bling

A cool thing about this race is how many people stick around after the race. People set up little party areas and laid out their Space Coast Marathon earned towels on the grass and enjoyed some good eggs, pancakes, pizza, beer, soda, OJ, fruit – and they didn’t run out! There was plenty of food for spectators too, which is nice for those who have been out there for hours to support participants. The music was great and people made their own dance floor and everywhere you looked someone was shakin’ their groove thing.

We were hanging out at the RaceJoy tent giving out results to those that didn’t have their phone. It was nice talking with the runners we’ve gotten to know at the races and to see their staying the course on their running journey –an amazing vivacious cancer survivor, another who had just started running when we launched RaceJoy and are now going to Boston, some who have never thought they would run a marathon – it is these personal stories that get us revved up!


Cancer Survivor, Lover of Life!

The Space Coast Marathon Weekend races start in the historic and quaint Cocoa Village and finish with a lap around the Riverfront Park amphitheater where family and friends can cheer and watch participants finish. The race is held within the shadow of the Kennedy Space Center and the entire event revolves around a space theme with fun photo opportunities and amazing medals.  The half marathon sells out every year within moments of registration going live – so this is one you’ll want to put on your calendar (2/15/16). For more:

We’d like to thank the Running Zone Foundation and Space Coast Runners for continuing to adopt innovation and include RaceJoy in such a historic race for the 3rd year! You are amazing to work with and we appreciate all the race participants and supporting friends and family who embraced RaceJoy!

Together, we are changing the race experience!