MailChimp Export from Participant Report

We have added MailChimp as an other export option from the Participant Report. This allows you to create custom reports and views in RunSignUp to export to your MailChimp lists. You will need to do the MailChimp setup outlined in this blog before being able to export.

Race Analytics Dashboard

The Race Analytics Dashboard has released a flurry of new capabilities to help races understand their promotion, demographics, registrations and transactions better. (You may also have noted the nice progress on the overall User Experience of the race dashboard with the new fresh colors.) There are now more than 15 graphs giving you a quick... Continue Reading →

Expanded Shared Coupon Report

We have expanded the Shared Coupon Report data to include the following information: Event Name Registration Date First Last Gender Date of Birth Email Phone Address, City, State, Country, Zip Registration Status ​Event Cost​ ​Total Discount, Processing fee, Amount Paid Bib Number Giveaway

Shared Coupon Report Invite

Shared Coupon reports are an easy way to give sponsors or others easy access to see if their coupons have been used and by whom. We have added a simple invitation to make this even easier for race directors and the people they are sharing information with. It is available from the Actions drop-down menu... Continue Reading →

New Dashboard

We have released our new Dashboard (well, the beginnings of it!). The Overview page shows a quick snapshot of the past 7 days, with convenient totals above the graph. Date ranges can be quickly changed. The more detailed chart is shown below the quick summary graph. In addition to the Overview, you can see the... Continue Reading →

Custom Question Reporting

We have expanded the Participant Report to easily do a search based on Custom Questions. We added a button on the Search All Fields to filter on Questions. When this button is clicked, all of your custom questions that have optional answers (not free form word answers) show: Note only one field may be selected... Continue Reading →

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