Delayed Credit Card Payment Lottery

We are introducing a new way for races to do a lottery where participants enter their credit card up front and it is charged later. This is in addition to the many ways we already support like Waiting Lists and Loyalty Programs used by races like Boilermaker and Space Coast Marathon. The new system is on... Continue Reading →

Saved Credit Stats

Fast registration is something every race should strive for. One of the features we offer is for participants to save their credit card information securely. Here are the latest stats from January, 2017: 11.1% of participants save their credit card 10.3% of participants have registered this month with their previously saved card This is another... Continue Reading →

RaceJoy Debuts Race Calendar Release

Industry’s Leading Race Day Tracking App Announces Race Search Tool RunSignUp’s RaceJoy announces its newest release of RaceJoy, the leading real-time tracking app for running and cycling events. RaceJoy’s new version now offers runners and cyclists with a convenient race calendar of upcoming events. All race events that use RunSignUp’s registration services will automatically appear... Continue Reading →

Multi-Person Pricing Improvements

We have made Multi-Person Pricing more intuitive to participants. You can now add a message to participants to let them know what your special pricing is (it can be set to Discount $, Discount % or Fixed Amount) when they register: Once you add a second person (in this example), note how the pricing option... Continue Reading →

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