Race Organizers: Why Sign Up for RaceJoy Before Registration Starts?

Before your registration opens, make sure to get your race enabled for RaceJoy. Here are the top five reasons for enabling sooner rather than later.

Reason One: Promotion and Visibility = Increase Registrations

The sooner you get your race loaded and live in RaceJoy, the sooner your promotion begins. RaceJoy’s Race Calendar currently includes more than 9,000 events and is a source for runners to locate an event near them or at a destination they plan to travel to.  RunSignUp races are automatically listed in the calendar section and include a “Register Now” banner ad.  However, if you enable RaceJoy, your event is also listed in the Featured Races section giving your event increased visibility with potential registrants.


With more than 330,000 users to date, this is a great opportunity to get exposure and draw additional registrations.


Reason Two: Alternative Pricing Option

RunSignUp customers have a distinct option of having the participant cover the cost of RaceJoy by adding on a nominal amount to the general registration processing fee*.

  • 50c per registrant for 10K and longer distance
  • 25c per registrant for events under 10K

*This option is only available if at least one of your events is a 10k distance or longer.

 You can always choose this option after registration opens, and the race would then cover the fees for any past registrants. Though, enabling RaceJoy before registration opens helps to avoid this.


Races also have the option to select the flat buyout option for RaceJoy. Many races that choose this buyout option will load the event right away and find a sponsor to cover the cost after it is already loaded.

Reason Three: Issue Race News Before the Race

Another reason to load your event before registrations starts is the ability to schedule race News Alerts to users who have accessed your race in the app to let them know registration is now open or other important race news. If you used RaceJoy last year, you can even send a news alert to everyone who accessed your event in 2016 to help encourage the registration of repeat runners.



Reason Four: Increase RaceJoy Usage

The sooner you have your event enabled for RaceJoy, the more time you have to build usage of the app. This is especially important if you are going to be showcasing a sponsor or sponsors in RaceJoy. Participants using RaceJoy posts messages like the one below that help raise awareness for your race and sponsor.


Reason Five: Before They Ask!

Runners are expecting some type of tracking from running/walking events and inevitably someone is going to ask you what you are offering for Runner Tracking. By enabling RaceJoy earlier you can get ahead of the questions; RaceJoy information will show on the registration page and they will be emailed information about RaceJoy tracking as they register.

What Type of Tracking Do We Have? 

RaceJoy Bells and Whistles

Here is a recap of RaceJoy’s innovative race day features:

For the participants and spectators:

  • Live phone tracking in a map view
  • GPS-based progress alerts, typically at every mile
  • Send-a-Cheer and Text-to-Cheer
  • NearMe and MeetUp

For the race organizers:

  • Race operations team tracking & communications
  • Race Day Monitoring system
  • Variety of communications tools
  • Participant route replay
  • Off-course alerts

More information about RaceJoy is available in this Race Organizer Overview video.

Getting your event RaceJoy Ready also includes all the Race Operations Tools covered in this webinar video.

If you have any questions, or need help getting things set up, please contact info@racejoy.com.





Delayed Credit Card Payment Lottery

Lottery BallsWe are introducing a new way for races to do a lottery where participants enter their credit card up front and it is charged later. This is in addition to the many ways we already support like Waiting Lists and Loyalty Programs used by races like Boilermaker and Space Coast Marathon. The new system is on our test server, and will be released shortly. This system is also used for a new Charity option where the fundraising is done on a separate service, but registration happens for all fundraisers on RunSignUp directly.  The steps are:

  1. Runner does a full registration, including entering their credit card.
  2. RunSignUp checks the credit card with an AUTH request to the credit card network (no charge appears on the customer’s card) and then securely stores the card in a separate PCI Level 1 service.
  3. The Race Director selects which runners are accepted.
  4. Successful runners are automatically charged.
    1. If the charge is successful, then we send them a final confirmation email.
    2. If the charge is not successful, then we send them an email that asks them to enter a new card number.
  5. Race Directors can manage their selected (successful and unsuccessful) and not selected with reports. Additional participants may be selected.

There is a new page for setup under Participants:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.33.14 PM

This option sets all events to this lottery mode. So if you select this, both your Marathon and Half Marathon will have this setup. Once you have selected your participants, you can then turn off registration for say the Half and open regular registration for the Full.

Note that it follows the full registration path – so you can ask participant questions, include add-ons, collect information. If Add-Ons are included in a  participant’s checkout, they are not charged for those until selected. Items purchased by non-selected participants are not charged for. If you want to sell items to non-participants, they can be placed in the Store and sold stand alone separate from a registration transaction.

The things that can NOT be done are donations and fundraising, club registration and USATriathlon membership purchases.

Note in the setup screen above, you can select what term you want to use for “Lottery”, as well as set a message for what appears to the participant on the checkout page:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.37.02 PM


You can select participants at any time (although there is a 6 month maximum from the opening since we delete all credit cards after that period of time). You select them by uploading a CSV with the Registration ID’s in a column. This gives races the ability to use whatever mechanism they want to select participants. Registration ID’s are available easily in a spreadsheet download format from the Participants report along with other fields you may use for selection such as zipcode, registration date, estimated time, age, gender, etc.

After selecting the file to upload, you will see good codes and bad codes:


Note that all participants in a single transaction must be selected, otherwise, they will appear in the Bad Registration IDs list. This makes sure that a person who signs themselves and their spouse up for your race will both get in. (of course you can limit the number of registrations to 1 per transaction if you do not want to enable this). This also holds true for all team members – everyone on a team must be selected.

Participant Notification

When a person is selected, RunSignUp automatically attempts to charge the credit card we have saved. If selected, then the participant is notified via email with a full confirmation email. There is the ability to customize the emails with a header, logo and your own custom text. This is an example of the top part of the confirmation of selection email being editable:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.08.49 PM

This is an example of the credit card failed email. It gives the selected participant a link to go to directly to fill in enter a new credit card number:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.08.03 PM


The participant Report has fields that show you the status of each person:

untitled1 (1)

Financial Reports also show the status of money pending and collected:


Finally, you can use the free Email Marketing system in RunSignUp to send notifications to update lottery participants every step of the way. You can send status emails, as well as “Not Selected” emails with your own special message.

Saved Credit Stats

Credit Card ProcessingFast registration is something every race should strive for. One of the features we offer is for participants to save their credit card information securely. Here are the latest stats from January, 2017:

  • 11.1% of participants save their credit card
  • 10.3% of participants have registered this month with their previously saved card

This is another reason why participants love it when their favorite races use RunSignUp – it is fast and easy for them.

RaceJoy Debuts Race Calendar Release

mainentryIndustry’s Leading Race Day Tracking App Announces Race Search Tool

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy announces its newest release of RaceJoy, the leading real-time tracking app for running and cycling events. RaceJoy’s new version now offers runners and cyclists with a convenient race calendar of upcoming events. All race events that use RunSignUp’s registration services will automatically appear in RaceJoy’s calendar providing free advertising in RaceJoy along with in app registration. RaceJoy is an open platform with plans to integrate with other registration providers to expand the race listing.

Read more…

Best Damn Race Offers Big Race Experience at Local Race Series


The Best Damn Race Series is taking things to the next level by offering RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and interactive race day features at all its races in the series – Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Safety Harbor, Orlando and New Orleans! With the addition of RaceJoy, participants and supporting friends and family have access to live phone tracking, GPS-based progress alerts at every mile, audio cheer messages, and immediate scored results.


Participants are able to sign up for the races within the RaceJoy app by clicking on the ‘Register Here’ banner as shown below. This automatically appears for RunSignUp registration events using RaceJoy. Races not using RunSignUp can easily add a banner to link to their registration.


This past weekend’s Best Damn Race Cape Coral was an example of a race doing it the best damn way! Race organizers showed their dedication to quality by providing us with highly accurate course maps, which meant that RaceJoy’s GPS-based tracking and progress alerts were extremely precise and the final finish time was within seconds of the official race-timed finish.

These updates are sent out at every mile and are an example of the Best Damn Race providing a big race experience at a local race. However, where the large, iconic race events rely on the timing equipment on the course to issue alerts, RaceJoy’s alerts do not require any timing equipment since they are based on the person’s GPS location on the course route and the time elapsed. All that is needed is the participant to carry their phone and an accurate course map from race organizers. Each alert includes information like current location, pace and estimated finish time.


In addition, the timer for Best Damn Race, Endurance Sports Timing, live streamed finish results data through RaceJoy as people were finishing the race. This meant that people had immediate access to their official finisher stats along with the ability to see how they did in relation to others in their age group.


There is something to the name “Best Damn Race” in which participants and their supporting family and friends expect the best race experience ever. We think they delivered and the response we’ve received tells us that others agree!


“… It turns out, I not only smashed my first goal, but I also PR’d finishing the race at 1 hour and 3 minutes! The venue was beautiful and very well organized, tons of food, all the refreshments you could want and a massage station. Very impressed as I’ve done a lot of mud runs and typically you get 1 free beer. I will definitely be doing another event! Cheers and thank you for ‘the best damn experience’ at the Best Damn Race!!!”

– Tracy K. – 10K participant, Best Damn Race Cape Coral


The Best Damn Race series is one that prides itself in giving a premium experience to participants. Whether you’re an elite runner, first timer, walker or using a baby jogger (with your dog), race organizers boldly want participants to have the best DAMN race experience. Every race entry includes a race shirt, finisher medal, bib, goodie bag, free food, free beer, a free massage and now, RaceJoy’s live tracking, cheer sending and immediate results!

Belladonna’s First 5K! Best Damn Race Cape Coral

We recommend that you check it out and see for yourself that this series really does stand behind its name by offering the Best Damn Race experience!


Thank you race organizers for making RaceJoy available for your participants and their supporting family and friends! We appreciate your dedication to the race industry. We’ll see you at the next one, Best Damn Race Jacksonville on January 14, 2017!


Highlight Events during Registration

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-5-31-44-pmYou can now add a custom label, description and an image to highlight a particular event.

There are a lot of cool things that you can do with this. For example if you have a premium package that includes extra stuff, you can have an image of that show.

This can get pretty fancy as shown below:



This is setup in the Race Dashboard under Race -> Registration -> Event Display Options as shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 5.32.59 PM.png