Referral Rewards – Using your own URL

We have added the capability to direct Referrals to your own URL. To get the referral codes to work, you will need to check for a GET parameter of “raceRefCode” in your site’s URL.  Then, when outputting the widget code, you will need to add raceRefCode=<CODE> to the RunSignUp URL.

Enhanced Sharing and Facebook

As part of our Referrals 2.0 release, we have made major improvements to allow participants to share with their friends. This is enhanced when you provide incentives for participants to share, and coupons for their friends. The enhanced sharing can be customized by going to the Promotion -> Social Sharing page. You can create dynamic custom... Continue Reading →

Using Email to Promote Referrals

With the release of Referrals 2.0, there is an opportunity to send reminders to participants to share with their friends. The integrated RunSignUp Email system is perfect for this, since emails are generated right from the database. So you can add Placeholders to customize the email to each registrant. In this case, you will want... Continue Reading →

Automated Coupons

As part of the Referrals 2.0 release, participants can now receive an automatic coupon to share with their friends and family to encourage word of mouth marketing for your race. First, set up the Referral Tracking Set this up in the Dashboard under Promotion -> Referral Tracking -> Automated Coupons. Before you set this up,... Continue Reading →

Referrals 2.0

These are awesome releases!  RSU is crushing it in 2016! Facebook sharing and Refund Referrals have the ability to have a BIG impact on our business and we're really excited to test them out. We also like the idea of arming the participant with a Coupon Code to try and get their friends to sign up. We already... Continue Reading →

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