RaceDay SignUp Updated

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.34.41 PMWe released a new version of the RaceDay SignUp App (0.1.7.). It is available now on Chrome browsers at https://signupapp.runsignup.com (make sure you bookmark this rather than the versioned URL that comes up). It should be available in the Android and Apple stores in a few days – make sure to update it. Thanks for the feedback from our early testers!

  • Fixed hidden password field for new accounts
  • Start Over button
  • $0 registrations
  • Allow optional E-mail
  • Allow coupon entry
  • Restructured r
    egistration code
  • Fixed hidden input/scrolling bug with keyboard.

RunSignUp 2016 Roadmap

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.33.44 AMWe held our annual Race Director and Timer Symposium last week. As usual, we shared an overview of RunSignUp and talked about our roadmap ahead.

The core message is that RunSignUp is providing an open platform that provides technology to help races thruout the yearly cycle of Promotion -> Registration & Management -> Race Day. We shared two significant investments we are making:

  1. Promotion Dashboard – to control, automate and monitor your promotional efforts.
  2. RaceDay Go – A new brand that encompasses a wide range of tools to manage race day and help races offer memorable experiences.

Promotional Dashboard
RunSignUp has significantly expanded the set of promotional tools available to races over the past several years with things like Social Sharing and Tagging, Groups, many pricing options, fully integrated email, Refund Rewards, free Race Websites designed to deliver maximum conversions with strong call to action, first class mobile support and more.

We are announcing that we are moving to the next level to create a powerful Dashboard over the next year that will provide the following capabilities:

  • Track all Promotional activities in one place with one schedule – eg. schedule price increases, email campaigns, advertising, travel and expos including cost.
  • Track Source and Action of all registrations – eg. an email or a Facebook ad as a source for a registration.
  • Track ROI – eg. show how many registrations and $ came from a Facebook Ad.
  • Extend Referral Program to include Add-Ons as Rewards in addition to Automated Refunds – eg. give away a free pair of Asics Socks from the local running store to anyone who referred over 3 friends.
  • Extend Affiliate Program – eg. provide incentives to a local running store if they promote your race in their newsletter or on their website.
  • Automate Advertising – eg. provide a way to set aside part of registration fee to pay for remarketing ads or Facebook Ads that automatically are placed 2 days before a price increase and are monitored to increase or decrease budget depending on ROAS.

RaceDay Go Platform
The RaceDay Go Platform brings together all of our existing Race Day technology under a new brand and outlines our future strategy for building an open platform that races and timers can use in any combination for very low cost or in many cases for free. The various components support the full lifecycle of Race Day:



Open Platform
RaceDay Go is a truly open platform, which includes:

  • Plug & Play – use any components you want
  • Any Timing System
  • Any Registration System
  • Any Results System
  • Branded separately from RunSignUp to encourage broad adoption

RD.pngThe Race Director
The Race Director is one of the two (along with RunScore) most widely used scoring solutions in the market with over 11 Million individual results delivered in 2015. Since Roger Bradshaw joined us in 2015, we have doubled the number of integrations with registration companies, demonstrating our open approach (which we intend on continuing). We also have made significant investments in The Race Director to improve support, add more documentation, and extend features (since Roger has more time for development with Matt and Megan helping him). We intend to continue to develop and improve The Race Director for several years and support The Race Director for at least 5 years.

RD Scoring.pngRaceDay Scoring – The Next Generation of The Race Director
While The Race Director is widely used, it is built on old PC based technology that needs to move to the Cloud and Mobile. RaceDay Scoring is a product which will be coming out in early 2017 and will eventually eclipse The Race Director in terms of functionality and ease of use. We will be providing RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director together – meaning if you have a current support subscription for The Race Director, then you get RaceDay Scoring for free (and vice-versa). This will give timers an option to use one or the other or both to score races. We expect this to be a couple of years before RaceDay Scoring is able to reliably score all the different types of races reliably that The Race Director can, although for the “simple 5K”, RaceDay Scoring will provide faster and simpler functionality within the first year.

RD SignUpRaceDay Kiosks – SignUp, CheckIn, and Results
We have introduced a whole new generation of Kiosk Apps over the past several months for RD SignUp, RD CheckIn, and RD Results.  These new apps all share the following attributes:RD CheckIn

  • Native Apple and Android, with Web version available for Chrome Browsers
  • Off-Line Auto-Sync in case Internet is spotty
  • Customizable – pick the fields that are important for your raceRD Results
  • Secure, PCI Compliant Swipe Device
  • Phone Camera for Bar and QR Code Reading
  • “Wet Finger” signature on Phones and Tablets for Waiver Signatures

RaceJoyGun, Chip and GPS Splits and Times
The future of timing for races will be to bring together Gun, Chip and GPS splits and times. RaceJoy is an integral part of the RaceDay Go platform and adds the participant and Social elements that can make a great race day experience. We have seen races that use RaceJoy as their native app for delivering results and providing a social platform have had large adoption and great feedback. For example, the Vermont City Marathon had the following numbers:

  • 5,664 Finishers
  • 2,119 RaceJoy Participants
  • 6,159 RaceJoy Spectators
  • 60,734 Progress Alerts delivered (with Sponsor message)
  • 4,852 Cheers sent

RaceDay Photos
We released the Beta version of RaceDay Photos to the public for general use. RaceDay Photos is a comprehensive, open platform to provide races with cutting edge technology to create a better race day experience for their participants:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.23.04 PM

From an already strong base, over the next year we will be bringing more powerful Promotional and Race Day features that were once only available to the largest races. The open platform allows races to use their own creativity and mix of other systems to reach participants and give them amazing race day experiences.

The Video of the Symposium Kickoff is available now, andthe slides from the Symposium Kickoff are below:


RunSignUp Symposium Slides

Here are the slides from the RunSignUp Race Director and Timer Symposium.

RunSignUp State of the Union – Bob reviews the past year and introduces RaceDay Go, RaceDay Photos, RaceDay SignUp Kiosk and more.


Donations & Fundraising – CASA Superhero Run – Barbara Herzog


Race Director Checklist – Trish Portuese, Championship Racing


RunSignUp Quick Hits – Bryan Jenkins favorite tips and tricks to save you time.

Race Day Technology – Troy Rebert of Knoxville Track Club reviews Race Day Technology


Community Collaboration & Promotion – Andy Younger and Joe DiMambro review how The Crim has worked with the community of Flint for 40 years to create one of the most successful races in the country.


Broad Street Run – Jim Marino Reviews the history and lessons learned from growing the 6th largest race in the US.



RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App Web View Available

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.34.41 PMWe are announcing the availability of the Web View to the RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App. In addition to the Apple and Android versions, you can now go to https://signupapp.runsignup.com to start the app on Chrome browsers.

The web app also works with the specially encrypted Race Day USB Card Swiper that meets PCI security requirements so that the only place where the data can be unencrypted is on the RunSignUp Servers. This is available for free to our first few beta users. You can purchase these now for $50 (it costs us $100 and we are subsidizing the cost).

CAUTION: DO NOT save the specific full URL as a bookmark, since we include the app version number in the web address.  Just use the root – https://signupapp.runsignup.com.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.37.24 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.25.40 PM.png

RaceDay CheckIn Update

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.51.02 AMWe have released a new version of the RaceDay CheckIn App on Apple and Android. We made major improvements to memory management and searching to improve performance for large 10,000+ person check-in environments.

This update also included some other minor improvements based on user feedback like an improved warning if bib number is not entered (and is set up as being required).

This release also updates to our new RaceDay Go logo and branding.

RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App Plans


We will be releasing a Beta of the new Race Day SignUp Kiosk App in the next couple of weeks. In preparation, here is a guide for beta users. If you want to be a beta user, contact your rep. This is still beta, so some of these instructions and screens shots are likely to change.

The Race Day SignUp Kiosk App is meant to be used by races to allow for rapid race day and expo signups for their race. RaceDay SignUp MUST be enabled in the Race Director Dashboard on RunSignUp or RaceDay Go. This is NOT an end user signup app. It is especially useful for race timers or race management companies who manage multiple races per year and have kiosk equipment. 

It can be customized to optimize the registration process by eliminating fields and questions during signup – reducing errors and increasing speed. The app can be configured to accept credit cards and/or cash. The app will also work in disconnected mode in cases where Internet may be spotty or unavailable when it is released (not currently working in Beta). This is part of our new architecture for mobile apps that allows for disconnected mode as well as simultaneous release on Apple, Android and Web that is used by our Check-in Kiosk App and Results Kiosk App.

The Race Day SignUp Kiosk App is available on iOS, Android and Chrome web browsers. There will be optional card swipe equipment available for Apple and Android phones and tablets.


Only races that have been enabled by the Race Director in their Dashboard can be shown in the App. The first thing that you will need to do is enable the app and set a password. This password will need to be entered into each kiosk device you use for security purposes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.52.39 PM

The second setup you can do is to create different options for how the app will behave as show below. This page is likely to change as we expect to add the option of setting each field to be Required, Optional or Hidden. As you can see, you will be able to minimize many of the steps and data fields required for people to sign up. This should minimize errors as well as minimize time.

Note also there is the option to allow cash collection.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.36.03 PM

The App will be downloadable from the Apple and Android stores as well as be available from a Chrome Browser. The app’s home page will show a list of available races over a date range as show at the top. Once you select a race, it will ask for your password that was set in the Race Dashboard:


Once you are in, you can go to the Settings page and Lock the Application or choose which setting (set on the Race Dashboard)


The preset configurations are available to each kiosk:


SignUp is very simple (and of course depends on how many steps you have set up in your configuration. The layout is also very simple to ease of use:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.06.13 PM

We are excited to complete our third Race Day Kiosk App. Once released, we will have the full cycle – SignUp – Check-In – Results. You will be able to use the same set of hardware for all of them – deploying your resources where the need is pre and post race. All of the Kiosk Apps share a common architecture that allow for off-line operation for areas with limited bandwidth. We look forward to your feedback as we continually improve these apps.