Glass City Marathon Offers Live Race Day Experience with RaceJoy!

138,000 Progress Alerts Issued!


As one of the first marathons to ever offer RaceJoy, the 2017 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon delivered a live race day experience for those at the race site and for remote spectators. RaceJoy was a significant component of this along with the event’s live streaming and interviews on race day. And clearly people embraced the technology with 138,000 progress alerts being issued through RaceJoy – breaking the record for most alerts at a single race.


Photos from Glass City Marathon Facebook

The Glass City Marathon likes to bring new race day experiences and this year race organizers implemented a new live race day page on the Glass City Marathon website. This offered quick access to the RaceJoy app, a live leaderboard, which provided instant official results information, and a live streaming video of the race. This was really awesome since it wasn’t just a static streaming of the finish line. It also included the local news anchor from BCSN The Blade covering the race day and performing live interviews with participants. It also included a split screen where you could watch finishers come in while seeing what was going on at other areas of the finishing area in the Glass Bowl. In addition, for those participants that setup their profile for auto tweeting of progress, their alerts showed in the twitter live streaming (#RunGlassCity) shown on the live race page.

Screenshot from the Glass City Marathon Website

With the RaceJoy app, Glass City Marathon also provided participants and spectators with live race day features like continual progress updates, live phone tracking, cheer sending, and scored results within moments of crossing the finish line. This year, more than 7,000 people used RaceJoy at the Glass City Marathon!


The Glass City Marathon is one of the few races RaceJoy also offers Bib tag tracking along with RaceJoy’s industry first GPS-based progress updates. This meant that thousands of participants and spectators were receiving progress updates at every mile on the course. Updates included information like location, pace, and estimated finish time. Participants also had the option of posting their progress to their Facebook and Twitter walls. A record breaking number of alerts were sent out over the course of the Glass City Marathon weekend, with 138,000 progress alerts being issued!


One of the great things about Glass City Marathon offering both tracking in RaceJoy and the live streaming of the finish line is that supporting family and friends could track participants’ blue dot as it moved along the course in the app and then watch them live in the streaming video as they crossed the finish line. Most runners have a friend or family member that can’t make it to the race. So, this offered an easy way to support the participant remotely and share in the race experience whether at the race site, at home or in another country (we saw you Canadians and Brits tracking your runners!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.21.31 PM
Watch This Video!

Supporting family and friends were also able to track runners live as they moved along the course by using RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking feature.


Supporting friends and family sent close to 9,000 cheers to Glass City Marathon participants! Way to support the runners!


The Glass City Marathon takes place in our nation’s “Glass City”; Toledo, Ohio and is hosted by the Toledo Roadrunners Club. Northwest Ohio’s largest springtime event finishes in the Glass Bowl and the race organizers go all out to provide a special race experience. on. Thank you race organizers for including RaceJoy again this year, and congratulations finishers on a job well done!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.08.11 PM
Photo from Glass City Marathon Facebook

Race Organizers: If you’d like to be on the forefront of race day technology, get your event loaded in RaceJoy by checking out our website for information or go to your RunSignUp dashboard. Please note that we require a minimum two-week load time prior to the race start and an official course map in KML or GPX format.



Runners Blasted Off with RaceJoy at the Space Coast Marathon!

49,000 Progress Alerts   –   93% Usage   –   6,500 Cheers   –   1,200 Phones Tracked


At the 45th anniversary of the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon participants and their supporting friends and family were treated to an out-of-this-world experience with RaceJoy’s interactive race day features. Courtesy of Thales Group, those who downloaded the mobile app had access to RaceJoy’s features for free. With a 93% usage rate (includes spectators and is based upon finishers), 49,000 progress alerts, 6,500 cheers and close to 1,200 phones tracked participants and their friends and family made the most out of RaceJoy on race day!


The Space Coast Marathon organizers, Running Zone, were among the first to embrace RaceJoy and have been offering the experience at this race to its participants since 2013! Key features participants and supporting friends and family were treated to included:

  • Real-time, live phone tracking – tracking of up to 50 participants on a live map view of the official course.
  • Progress alerts – alerts sent to participants and spectators as they completed the course with information like pace and estimated finish time.
  • Send-a-Cheer – fun pre-recorded or personalized Text-to-Cheer messages sent in audio format.
  • Immediate, official race results – within moments of crossing the finish line, scored results were available in RaceJoy that included individual, age group and overall stats.
  • And so much more!
49,000 Progress Alerts Sent on Race Day!

Another unique feature of RaceJoy allows participants to post their progress on social media (Facebook and Twitter). Participants can select to post all their stat information for each milestone, just the start and finish, or the alerts without time. Close to 1,000 progress alerts were posted to social media on race day!


The Space Coast Marathon Weekend offers 26.2- and 13.1-mile options. The event attracts many repeat runners and the half marathon distance sells out every year. Race organizers do a lot to make sure their runners have a high quality experience, where every aspect of the race is thought through and provided for. From amenities like great food for everyone (not just the participants, which makes for a nice family experience) to the great race swag (like the Space Coast Marathon towels) to the advanced race day technology with RaceJoy.

If you’ve yet to participate in this event, the Space Coast Marathon is a bucket list race you should definitely add to your list!


RaceJoy creators, James and Shelly Harris, landed at the Space Coast Marathon Weekend on Saturday for the expo and made their appearance at the RaceJoy booth on race day.


We always love coming out to the race sites to meet RaceJoy fans and to cheer on the participants! And we’re not the only ones – almost 6,500 cheers were sent in RaceJoy by supporting family and friends to motivate runners!

While at the race site, we also enjoy hearing stories about what brought them to run and the challenges they have overcome. Many of the people we saw were some of the first to ever use RaceJoy.


Congratulations finishers of the Space Coast Marathon weekend! A special thank you to Thales Group and Running Zone for including RaceJoy at this year’s event.


If you’d like to add RaceJoy as part of the race experience for your participants and spectators, you can enable in a few simple steps and at an affordable price by visiting RaceJoy’s Website or your RunSignUp race dashboard.






Madison Marathon Ran with RaceJoy!


Ever run a race and wish you had a little help from your friends or a way to motivate you through a rough spot? Well, that is what RaceJoy was built for and this last weekend’s Madison Marathon and Half Marathon participants made full use of it!


During the Madison Marathon weekend, nearly 3,000 people used RaceJoy and more than 4,300 motivational audio cheers were sent real-time!

Ashley D. ran her first half marathon, using RaceJoy to connect with her daughter. Here’s her RaceJoy story…

“This was my first ever run, and I went straight for the Madison Half Marathon. I also injured my hip just before mile 6, and by mile 8 and 9 I was ready to quit – at the very least not able to run anymore. Just as I was telling myself to make it until help came around, a cheer was read that had come from my daughter – and it made all the difference. Although I had to continue walking, I was able to pick up speed, and complete the 13.1 miles within a reasonable amount of my original goal. Knowing they were there waiting, I knew I couldn’t quit. Thank you for making this available to us!”

— Ashley D.

Thank you Ashley for sharing your experience and congratulations on your first half marathon!

RaceJoy issued progress updates at every mile during the full and half marathon courses. Alerts included information like current location, pace and estimated finish time. More than 37,400 GPS-based progress alerts were sent at the Madison Marathon weekend. Now that’s a lot of updates!


Another Madison Marathon runner, in his 17th marathon, used RaceJoy for the first time last weekend…

I downloaded the app for the first time for a race this weekend. I used the progress report, cheers and tracking features for my family. It was great. I had no technical issues and I could leave my phone in the back of my belt pouch and still hear the updates and the cheers come through. This is a great tool. And the cheer feature would be awesome on courses where it is hard for spectators to get around or if you are at a race solo.”

Here at RaceJoy, we love hearing runners’ stories – share yours at And help us to spread the word by sharing your experience in the App store!


New RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring System


We are very excited to share that our first version of RaceJoy’s Race Day Monitoring system is now available for race organizers who offer RaceJoy’s live tracking! Organizers can track runners/cyclists and the race operations team live from a web console and have immediate access to information to help them manage race operations and respond to race day conditions.


Organizers are able to see the exact location of its race operations team, including the lead and tail vehicle, and other key personnel. In addition, with a click of a button, organizers have a global view of participants out on the course, and access to the number of race participants who have passed certain milestones to better project the support needs on the course. Individual race participant progress information, including location, pace and estimated finish time is provided for every participant who uses RaceJoy.

Race organizers can also bring their race field to life for those who are on the race grounds by projecting the view of race participant’s traveling the course to a large screen display at the race site.

Soon to be released features include Off Course Alert System and Participant Replay. RaceJoy’s new Race Day Monitoring System is included with RaceJoy’s buyout option at no additional charge.

See the press release for more information…

Runners and Spectators Fly with RaceJoy at the Flying Pig Marathon!

119,000+ Progress Alerts, 17,500 Cheers and 12,500 Users


This year, special thanks to sponsor Cincinnati Inc., runners and supporting fans were treated to RaceJoy’s advanced runner tracking and cheer sending – and the response was simply amazing. People of all ages and fitness levels embraced new technology and put it to its full use that included even a marriage proposal…

12,500 Total Users

RaceJoy had close to 12,500 people use its tracking and cheer features for the Flying Pig Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. Runners and their friends and family showed how receptive they were to newer technology and shared their experience.


I ran my first half marathon this weekend at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. RaceJoy enhanced the experience so much by helping my cheering crowd know when I was coming their way! It also helped me worry less about looking for them in the crowd, afraid that they’d miss me. I loved that it recorded my EXACT time, because it kept me from having to look at my watch as I cross the finish line, potentially ruining my finisher picture. 

Thanks so much!  — Kelly May



One of the key features in RaceJoy is live phone tracking where friends and family can see where the person is in real-time as shown below.

track    track2

119,000+ Pig Alerts 

RaceJoy issued the most GPS Progress Alerts to date for a single race event at the Flying Pig Marathon with more than 119,000 alerts being issued as participants reached mile points on the course. We renamed these as “Pig Alerts” for the occasion and they are sent as in-app notifications.

These are progress updates that are based upon the race participant’s location on the course and are issued out at every mile, and provide elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time. The participant receives them in audio format and the supporting spectator receives a RaceJoy Cowbell sound notification and notification on the screen.

Participant Auto Postings of Pig Alerts on Twitter


17,500 Cheers

Cheers were flying at the Flying Pig Marathon, which demonstrates the excitement around this race and the great interaction that was going on race weekend. Of these 17,500 cheers, people sent 3,000 custom text-to-cheers. These are cheers people can type in and have instantly delivered in audio form to the participant. Some custom cheers sent included: “I can hear the pig starting to squeal”, “You are getting closer to the pig. Oink.”, and “On your left, opposite blue floppy balloon things and the pig.”

We loaded in special fun pig cheers just for the race and the top pig cheer sent was the “Sexy Pig Song” and then the “Look Flying Pig” cheer.


Engage Those Legs

Supporting friends and family of the newly engaged couple!

We love to hear stories of how people use RaceJoy to help them, and wanted to share a special one. This was from Lauren who was running her first full marathon and along the way began to see that she was being proposed to by the man of her dreams.

“The Flying Pig was my first full marathon, and my boyfriend suggested we each download RaceJoy so he could keep up with where I was throughout the course. What I didn’t know was that almost twenty of our friends and family had also downloaded it and were stationed throughout the last ten miles, holding signs, knowing when I was close by. This app was a critical piece of “Operation: Engage Those Legs”, and I couldn’t be more grateful! This past weekend, I achieved a huge physical milestone and said “Yes!” to marrying the man of my dreams. You guys rock!!”


Congratulations Lauren and Flynn. May you be showered with blessings and joy in the years to come!

One Last Pig Alert:

On behalf of all the runners, supporting family and friends and RaceJoy, a huge shout out goes to Cincinnati, Inc. who sponsored RaceJoy. And to race organizers of the Flying Pig Marathon who showed openness to new innovation and went the extra mile to spread the word. Runners and friends – we will cheer you at the next race! 

Offer RaceJoy at Your Race


Participants: if you have a race you’d like to use RaceJoy at, please let the race know. We just need their electronic course map.

Race Organizers: RaceJoy offers affordable buyout options and a free-to-the race option where participants and spectators pay 99 cents for RaceJoy’s features. More information can be found here.

Do Runners Carry Their Phones While Running?

According to the soon to be released Running USA’s 2016 National Runner Survey, the answer is YES! This year’s study reports that 60% of runners carry their phones while running. This number continues to rise each year and shows the growing influence that technology has on the running industry –this is great news for RaceJoy!


 We believe this continued growth of runners carrying their phone is due to the growing capabilities that phones offer a runner to add to and help their running experience, including the motivation of music, live tracking, cheer sending, performance updates, photo taking and connecting with others. It was the vision behind RaceJoy and one we are happy to see being fulfilled!

Runners Carrying Phones During Race Events

All types of runners carry their phones and use RaceJoy during the race; the “Serious Steves”, as we like to call them, to the “Novice Nancys”.  In the end each is accomplishing a personal goal and want to share that achievement with others. As phones have become more powerful, manufacturers have kept the formats streamlined and light. The iPhone 6 weighs in at 4.55 ounces where the Samsung Galaxy S6 weighs 4.87 ounces. It is a bit interesting when we encounter a petite runner carrying one of the larger phone formats like the iPhone 6Plus (6.07 ounces). So hard not to tease when the phone is bigger than their head! Though, the majority of RaceJoy users continue to be iPhone 6 and 5 users.

The Running USA study also reports that 50% runners are sharing their race experience with others through social media, which shows road races have become more of a socially shared experience. We definitely see this growing trend in RaceJoy with race participants using RaceJoy to post their progress alerts to their personal Facebook and Twitter walls – though Facebook continues to have much greater posts than Twitter. Since RaceJoy issues progress alerts at every mile on the course, this provides valuable promotion for the race and sponsor.


Facebook and Twitter Progress Alert Postings

Another growing trend from the study? 40% of runners listed Facebook as the primary method for finding out about a race. This creates an opportunity for the races to connect with a larger pool of potential registrants and expand their reach to include race participants’ Facebook friends and families.


RaceJoy gives participants an easy-to-use platform to spread the word about an upcoming race on their Facebook and Twitter walls. Runners build their personal race day fan club by posting “Track and Send Me Cheer” requests for an upcoming event. Each post provides valuable exposure for the race.

These are just a few highlights that Running USA shared about their 2016 National Runner Survey which is set to release on Thursday, April 28. For more information, click here.

About RaceJoy

RaceJoy is a mobile app designed for runners, walkers and cyclists to have an innovative race experience and to share it with family and friends. The features are founded on the latest technology, using the GPS location of a participant’s phone to provide live, continuous tracking on an interactive course map, progress alerts (typically at every mile) with pace and estimated finish time, and motivational cheer sending.

If you’d like to offer RaceJoy to your participants and spectators, you can load your race through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time.


RaceJoy Ready Your Race in 3 Simple Steps!

Any race can now easily offer advanced course tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending with three simple steps through RaceJoy’s website. RaceJoy’s basic option is free to the race – participants and spectators pay a minor 99 cents per race in-app fee. Its no wonder we have a flood of races getting their events enabled in RaceJoy! Make sure your race is not missing out on offering an innovative race day experience.PhoneTrakPhone_Tilt

To get your race loaded into RaceJoy, just go to RaceJoy’s website and select Offer RaceJoy. The Set Up wizard will walk you through the rest, starting with adding a brief race summary and basic race information, then enabling your courses and loading your course map(s).Picture1

3 Steps for Advanced Runner Tracking:

  1. Create Race
    • Load your race information such as the race date, location, start time, race summary, race URL, course details and official race logo.
    • Add your event/course(s): Such as marathon, half marathon, 5K, etc.
  1. Enable Your Events
    • Select the courses you’d like to enable in RaceJoy.
  1. Add Course Map(s)
    • Upload a KML or GPX version of your event/course(s) so RaceJoy can build an interactive course map.
    • Customize your map with points on the course like water stops and entertainment.
For those who need assistance, we’ve added some helpful how-to videos for map building and exporting files.Picture1

You are all set after loading your course map! RaceJoy will send an email notification when the race is RaceJoy Ready. This typically takes about two weeks.

Just make sure if there are any changes to your course prior to race day, to modify your map(s) in RaceJoy so that your participants have a positive experience on race day. Most importantly, use the tools in the promotion corner to let your participants know tracking is available for your race.

Buyout Option: Free Runner Tracking & Cheers

You can purchase the buyout to offer RaceJoy’s features for free to an unlimited number of participants and spectators. This is a great opportunity for a sponsor to be recognized through extra custom promotion opportunities within RaceJoy.

If you purchase the buyout, you can then add Custom Options, including:

  • Unlimited linkable banner ads
  • Custom GPS progress alerts (issued every mile)
  • Branded and customized Facebook and Twitter user postings

You can load your graphics and content upon creating your race or come back and adjust this as you secure sponsors.

For more information about the buyout, please view our RaceJoy Flyer. To learn about all the great sponsorship placement opportunities in RaceJoy, view our Sponsor Flyer.

RunSignUp Races 

RunSignUpLogoIf you use RunSignUp registration services, you have it even easier because your race information is automatically pulled into RaceJoy! Simply go to your Race Dashboard and then click RaceJoy Setup and choose the events you’d like to enable in RaceJoy. If you opt for the buyout option, you have flexible payment options to choose from.


Buyout Pricing

RaceJoy’s buyout option is even more affordable now with our 20% discount being offered to races who purchase the buyout from now through March 31, 2016. Pricing varies and is based upon the number of participants and the course distance:

Flat Buyout Pricing Discount (Total Participants Across All Events)


Together we are changing the race experience!