Race Director & Timer Symposium Videos

race7199-social382x200.bw2kWlWe “Live Streamed” our Symposium last week. It was our first attempt at this, so we had some technical glitches and some content that could be better and some content that is not there. On the other hand, we captured a lot of great stuff:

Bob Bickel: RunSignUp Overview and Roadmap


Barbara Herzog: Cultivating Fundraisers to Increase Donations


Trish Portuese: The Race Checklist: Preparing for the Best to Avoid the Worst


Jen A. Miller (We Stopped the Stream to Fix the Video Issue, so Not all of Jen’s Presentation is Here):


Andy Younger & Joe Dimambro: Race Promotion & Running Community Collaboration


David Gottlieb: Steamlining Race Day for Your Volunteers


Troy Rebert: Race Day Technology for Races of All Sizes


Roger Bradshaw: Intro to The Race Director Session


Matt Avery with Megan Cary and Roger Bradshaw: Life Cycle of The Race Director Integration with Your Race


Roger Bradshaw: The Race Director Changes


Roger Bradshaw: Question and Answer Session


RunSignUp Quick Hits…Features Even Advanced Users May Missed

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing a host of resources from our 3rd annual RunSignUp Symposium. First up: some blog links to features you may have missed. Even our most advanced users often have a hard time keeping up with all our updates (2,000+ in 2015); RunSignUp Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins picked a few to highlight:

email-imageSearch Box Bib/Email
Need to find a participant quickly? Instead of navigating to the participant report first,
there is a search bar at the top of each page of your Dashboard.


Automated Emails
We have a few (and soon will have more) automated emails for things like incomplete registrations & RaceJoy. Turn these on to cut down on manual notifications sent to runners.

Email Reporting
Track opens, bounces, clicks, spam reports, etc. on emails that you send out from the system.

Shared Reports
Share limited participant data with other users, securely.

Custom Reports
Pick and choose the information that you want to see on a participant report, and filter out all other data.

Financial Report
You probably know that financial reports exist, but do you understand what each field means, or that you can download a detailed participant report?

Giveaway Inventory
In addition to having the ability to track the inventory on your giveaways, we have a giveaway projection tool that will help you plan how many giveaways to order based on previous orders.

Loyalty Program
Reward runners from previous years, volunteers, or any other specific group by offering early registration…matched directly on personal info, so there’s no password to be shared around.

Reserved Entries
Allow runners to register for an event that is (technically) full, without manual processing of payment and data import.

google-analyticsGoogle Analytics
View demographic information on the visitors to your site…and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing with analytic web data on your dashboard.

Custom Content Display, Menu, and Pages
Our race websites have a lot of flexibility: you can pick what items are on the main menu, which ones are sub-menu items, and the order that it all shows up.

Giveaway Reports
View your Giveaway Report by males and females.

Repeat Participant Reports
See how many (and who) of your runners from previous years have registered again…and see who has not so you can target them directly.

Misc Settings
Looking for something that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else on the dashboard? It’s probably in Misc Settings; for example, for events that are not actually races (like a Symposium!) you can customize the wording used throughout your site.

Quick Multi-Race Access/Editing
If you have multiple races, sometimes you want to switch between races on a single page. Perhaps you are adding coupon codes across multiple races and want to do that on all 4 of your races.

Bryan Jenkins

What are YOU learning next Tuesday?

symposium header

In Philadelphia, we’ll be hearing about…

  • What your runners want from Author Jen A. Miller
  • Recruiting and cultivating fundraisers for your events from Barbara Herzog of CASA Richmond
  • The ultimate Race Checklist from Trish Portuese of Championship Racing
  • Race promotion and running community collaboration from Andrew Younger & Joe Dimambro of CRIM Fitness Foundation
  • Streamlining race day and the volunteer process from David Gottlieb of DG Racing
  • Race day technology for your race size from Troy Rebert of the Knoxville Track Club

We’ll be teaching about…

  • Setting up the Donations & Fundraising platform
  • Maximizing Referrals and understading their ROI
  • Utilizing the free email marketing option
  • Race Day Go CheckIn and Kiosks
  • Quick Hits of the the RSU system for beginners and advanced users
  • RaceJoy and it’s interaction with race timing
  • What’s new (and next) for RunSignUp

We’ll follow all of that with a Keynote by Jim Marino of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and the Philadelphia Marathon, on the explosion of Broad Street from a 5,000 runner event to a 40,000+ hot ticket.

…and that’s just our sessions. Add networking opportunities and a half day focused on Timing Software (for Timers), and your week is pretty packed with education!


No expo. No sponsors. We’re there for some training and education, but this one is all about you, the Race Directors, Timers, and Race Managers who keep the industry running.



Symposium Keynote: Jim Marino

We’re excited about all the Race Directors and Timers heading into Philadelphia soon for our 3rd Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium…but we might be the most excited to hear from someone who is already here.

Meet Jim Marino, Philadelphian. Jim first became involved with the now-iconic Broad Street Run as a volunteer 32 years ago because it was a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Since 1998, he has grown the race from 5,000 to more than 40,000, and made it one of the hottest tickets in the city. Recently, he was also named the Race Director for the Philadelphia Marathon in a re-structuring of that event.

In spite of his acclaim, Jim is known for his accessibility and his support of all events in Philadelphia. You can find him offering advice and guidance to local event directors, and if you look closely, you might even catch him volunteering on the sidelines.  When we asked him if he would be interested in sharing some of his experiences with our attendees this year, he didn’t hesitate. We can’t wait to listen!

A few good articles on Jim, if you’d like to learn more:

Philadelphia Marathon: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/on-the-run/Philadelphia-Marathon-announces-new-race-director-updated-courses.html

2016 BSR: http://articles.philly.com/2016-04-28/news/72648938_1_cancer-research-colon-cancer-broad-street-run

2015 BSR: http://www.montgomerynews.com/articles/2015/04/29/roxborough_review/sports/doc554035f4d4665713997813.txt

And from back when BSR was 10,000 runners: http://www.runnersgazette.com/features/marino.htmDrawing1

Symposium: Race Director Checklist for the Best (to avoid the Worst)

This year’s RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium will have dual tracks (you can switch between tracks throughout the day) to allow for more targeted content for both experienced directors, and those newer to the industry. One for those for our newer Race Directors (or those looking to expand on their events): The Race Director Checklist, from Trish Portuese from Championship Racing in Birmingham, Alabama.Trish is an RRCA Certified Race Director and USATF LDR Certified Official; her company Championship Racing is an Event Management company that helps non-profits put on races, primarily consulting, registration management, race day logistics, and course management.

Trish’s presentation will cover race organization from A to Z, including:

  • Budgetingtrish
  • Organizing a Race Committee
  • Building your Brand
  • Finding your target participants
  • Creating a race timeline
  • Course development
  • Setting entry fees
  • Preparing a race website
  • Selecting a timer
  • Organizing volunteers
  • Developing sponsor relationships
  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Race Day vendors and logistics
  • Recommended resources

If it sounds like that’s a lot…it is! Trish is here help Race Directors ensure that they have thought of everything and to fill in the gaps where you may be able to improve.

runCycle (1)

RunScore at the RunSignUp Symposium

This year’s RunScore Session at the Timer Day of the RunSignUp Symposium is being led by super-user, Steve Stone of Best Times. Steve is putting together his presentation, and wanted to share his preliminary plan – and get any feedback from attendees about additional topics that they want to cover.

The presentation will support two themes:

Theme One: RunScore Help topics specific to RunSignUp

  • runscore_4Downloading registrations
  • Do a “quick” actual download to emphasize how easy the process is versus spreadsheet imports
  • What you need to have set up in RunScore to make it work

o   Key Fields such as registration ID, last modified, event Id and how they are used in the entries.ini to populate race or event designation (event distance) fields in RunScore.. how to get RunSignUp “store” items (such as BBQ tickets) populated in RunScore.

o   Review RunSignUp_fields_mapping.ini … troubleshooting when a duplicate entry shows up or missing mappings

  • Full and Incremental downloads

o   When each is appropriate

o   How to recover should something go wrong

  • Importance of event id’s and splitting out multiple events  that may have the same race number series
  • Assigning bib numbers in RunSignUp or RunScore ..when each is appropriate
  • Check out and validations that you need to do each after each update.
  • Uploading registrations to RunSignUp – quick demo
  • How to fix RunSignUp should something go wrong.. Opps…I uploaded to a wrong race in  RunSignUp
  • Validating your data went to the correct fields in RunSignUp
  • Uploading RunScore results .. for searchable results in RunSignUp … live results for text notifications…finisher certificates
  • Race Day registrations .. Best Practices… RunSignUp Kiosks  or manual paper forms.. when is each appropriate
  • Uploading Finish Line Video to RunSignUp ..setup in RunScore

Theme Two:  How Best Times uses RunScore , based on group interest in the following topics:

  • Video integration (drone and finish line video) ..or how to make a small race look “Big Time”.   Click on the race results link below and then click on the “Aerial Video”  at the top of the results http://www.besttimescct.com/results/Madison5K_16.HTML
  • What you need to know to make it happen in RunScore

o   RunScore Event to Database

o   RunScore HTML  / entries.css (settings)

o   Creating the YouTube link for each finisher and storing in RunScore database via entries.ini update

o   RunScore FTP… this is a huge time saver

  • Video editing tools you need in addition to RunScore–all free downloads

o   Windows Movie Maker – video editing software

o   Handbrake – video compression software

  • Finisher Labels – The reason we rarely have any awards results corrections  or post  event results corrections.  We had (1) post-race results correction for 2016 Mercedes Marathon Weekend (8,000 plus finishers)
  • RunScore Client network (WIFI or Ethernet).. we have scaled to 8 clients
  • Event to Database
  • Auto Run
  • Entries.ini
  • Dymo label printer

Feedback about topics of interest, or additional questions about the Symposium can be directed to johanna@runsignup.com.symposiumLogo2016.png

Registration for the 2016 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium is now open! 

July 18-20, Philadelphia, PA

Sign Up

What’s New for 2016?

  • symposiumLogo2016New Dual-Track Format: We’ll run dual tracks throughout the Tuesday Sessions, allowing you to pick and choose between Customer Presentations and RunSignUp-led technical demonstrations depending on your topics of interest.
  • New Venue: We’re moving east to the Chemical Heritage Foundation in the historic Old City section of Philadelphia
  • New Host Hotel: The Sheraton Society Hill is your home for the event, offering a lower rate than the previous 2 years
  • New Referral Rewards: Encourage your peers to register with you, and earn rewards for yourself.
  • More social opportunities for networking with other Race Directors and Timers

What’s Returning in 2016?

  • One full-day of interactive Presentations on Tuesday, sharing Race experiences including and beyond RunSignUp
  • Half-Day Timer Session on Wednesday, with representatives or experienced users from Race Director, RunScore, and Agee Race Timing
  • An opening reception to meet and greet your fellow attendees
  • An optional morning run (this year, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge is up!) with a RaceJoy demo
  • A focus on Race Directors and Timer education not vendors or product pushers
  • One-on-One meeting slots with RunSignUp representatives to review your events