What are YOU learning next Tuesday?

In Philadelphia, we'll be hearing about... What your runners want from Author Jen A. Miller Recruiting and cultivating fundraisers for your events from Barbara Herzog of CASA Richmond The ultimate Race Checklist from Trish Portuese of Championship Racing Race promotion and running community collaboration from Andrew Younger & Joe Dimambro of CRIM Fitness Foundation Streamlining... Continue Reading →

Symposium Keynote: Jim Marino

We're excited about all the Race Directors and Timers heading into Philadelphia soon for our 3rd Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium...but we might be the most excited to hear from someone who is already here. Meet Jim Marino, Philadelphian. Jim first became involved with the now-iconic Broad Street Run as a volunteer 32 years ago because... Continue Reading →

RunScore at the RunSignUp Symposium

This year's RunScore Session at the Timer Day of the RunSignUp Symposium is being led by super-user, Steve Stone of Best Times. Steve is putting together his presentation, and wanted to share his preliminary plan - and get any feedback from attendees about additional topics that they want to cover. The presentation will support two... Continue Reading →

Donations and Fundraising from Aut2Run

One thing we frequently hear our Partners warn against is the creation of a Race/Run/Walk for fundraising without fully understanding the creativity and labor required to make such an event profitable. Fundraising events can be labor-intensive time vacuums, but they can also be hugely significant fundraising vehicles when done with the right mix of passion, logistics, and... Continue Reading →

The Synthesis of Races, Stores, and Training Programs

At our 2015 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium, Andy Marsh from Playmakers shared his view of the synthesis between Races, Training Programs, and Running Stores: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGaZN1nE5io&list=PLbQkDH0nLEEH16R7bYi0B4n18bNP-FDgH We've shared our philosophy of the Running Community before; that the running community is made up of tens of thousands of micro-communities that overlap – races, running clubs, running stores, timers,... Continue Reading →

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