St. Louis BizDash Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This BizDash Case Study creating a Corporate Team event. 

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bizdash-logoAbout the St. Louis Biz Dash and RunSignUp:

The St. Louis Biz Dash was created in 2016 by the St. Louis Sports Commission. Race Director Kyle Stegeman shared some of the goals of the new event:


  • Create an annual event that supports the local community and highlights downtown St. Louis
  • Encourage corporate wellness
  • Engage the business community and celebrate each of the industries

In their inaugural year, the Biz Dash used the RunSignUp Corporate Team System.



The Setup: Corporate Teams on RunSignUp

The Biz Dash took full advantage of the flexibility of the RunSignUp Corporate Team System.

Registration Types

A) Employees can register as scored members of their company’s team

B) Friends and family can register as non-scored members of a company’s team

C) An individual without a company can register on the “St. Louis Sports Commission” team

Company Payment Options

A) Pay for the registrations for their runners

B) Pay some of the registration cost for their runners

C) Create a team, but require runners to pay for their own registration fee

Teams had the ability to set (and change) limits on what their company was willing to cover. This flexibility allowed the Biz Dash to appeal to companies regardless of their budget for Corporate Wellness: subsidizing registration is obviously a good way to get out runners, about a company can participate even if they have little to no budget for this type of event.

Team Type Customization for Sponsors

The St. Louis Sports Commission worked closely with each of their sponsors to put together the package that best met their individual needs. Customization was important here, too: Kyle could create a separate Team Type for each sponsor, or even edit and update the parameters of the package at a later date.

Keep it Simple: Using RunSignUp widgets, ALL race info was found on

Going the Extra Mile: Getting Teams and Captains on Board

A successful corporate event doesn’t exist without strong buy-in from the business community. The St. Louis Sports Commission was able to use their relationships with current Board Members and Supporters to kick-start the process of raising awareness and getting companies involved. They had success meeting with HR representatives and Wellness Professionals at each business.

The Biz Dash team built a comprehensive set of resources for team captains on their
website. In addition to extensive instructions for creating and managing teams and detailed information about the event, they provided a virtual promotional kit to help Captains get their employees involved. This included printable posters, flyers and graphics, as well as content to share on social media. Kyle took it a step further: he personally sent each captain an email with a link to registration, their company password, and a customized paragraph to recruit employees to “Join our Team”.

picture6By using an intuitive registration system, providing ample resources, offering flexible payment options, and giving personal attention to the captains, the biz dash was able to engage more companies without making them feel like their workload was increasing.

Miscellaneous Notes on RunSignUp for Corporate Teams

  • Logos: Because sponsors and teams uploaded their logos into RunSignUp, the Biz Dash had easy access to these logos for use on their website and throughout the event. Teams feel included when they see their logo.
  • Other Visual Components: In addition to logos, runners could also see exactly what to expect from their giveaway via images uploaded on the Giveaway page.
  • Import Feature: As a first year event, the Biz Dash tried to be as accommodating as possible, including a few last minute updates to teams just after team registration closed. To do this, they were able to either re-open only the teams that needed updates, use the import tool, and apply the cost to team invoices.

“I don’t know why every city doesn’t have a Corporate Event like this. The [RunSignUp] software is so customizeable; it’s awesome. To me, it’s a no brainer to use software that we only have to pay for off of processing fees. Matt, Bryan, and all the customer service was so accessible.” – Kyle Stegeman, Race Director

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Negative Split Productions Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on RunSignUp Race Websites, the Referral Program, and the RaceDay CheckIn Mobile App. 

Download PDF Version of the Case Study

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About Negative Split Productions and RunSignUp

Tony Sapp is the owner of Negative Split Productions, and 50% owner of Houston Race Series, LLC, a collaboration with Aaron Palaian’s Onurmark Productions. Houston Race Series, LLC owns and operates the Run Houston! Race Series and the Bayou City Half Marathon Series.

The Houston Race Series Races were moved over to RunSignUp from another registration platform in June of 2016. In their short time on RunSignUp, they have taken advantage of a number of opportunities afforded by RunSignUp’s comprehensive suite of tools.



In Depth: Using Race Websites to Relay Information Seamlessly

Negative Split Productions takes full advantage of the customization options for RunSignUp’s free websites, with 3 key results: (1) keeping runners informed, (2) reducing customer service, (3) maintaining brand integrity. They achieve this is a few ways:

  • Extensive custom pages with logical menu-order: The pages cover virtually picture4every question that a runner would have, including Packet Pickup Info, VIP All Access Details, Spectator Instructions, Award Breakdowns, and more. Additionally, sub-menus organize information while keeping a clean interface.
  • Integration with Series Websites: To connect the races within each series, there is a series website with information that is relevant to all races; each individual race also has it’s own website on RunSignUp. To ensure that runners can find series information on the individual websites, as well, specific tabs (like the Series Charity info) simply link back to the series website.
  • Page Branding: Each page has its own logo and theme for the specific event; series branding is maintained with a common page header.
  • Participant Management Access: Each event page includes tabs to find a participant, review the refund policy, and manage registration (i.e., errors in entering participant info, changes in t-shirt size, etc) directly from the website. This consistent, easy access to participant data reduces customer support over time as runners become accustomed to managing their own data.

“Managing your registration has worked out really well for us – it’s an education process, but getting people to do it on their own is a really big time saver. It reduced the amount of work I had to do to answer emails, etc.” – Tony Sapp

Run Houston! For Free: The Referral Program

The Run Houston! Race Series is using the RunSignUp Referral Program in a creative way by branding it as a “Run Houston! For Free” Program. In their pilot test of the program, they are offering a $10 refund every time a runner gets 5 runners to register with their referral link. The results from their first try:


In spite of a late start to the program (registration was not opened on RunSignUp until June, and marketing for the Run Houston! For Free program kicked off shortly before the race),

Referrals brought in 122 registrations with only $60 of refunds given. Each registration acquisition cost the race only 49 cents.

Over time, they will watch the ROI and if the program seems to stagnate, may try increasing the amount of refund given.

Speedy CheckIn with RaceDay CheckIn Mobile App

Previously, check-in for races was done by downloading a participant list, assigning bib numbers, and using a picture6google sheet for check-in. Runners would need to know their bib number to check in quickly.

With the RunSignUp Mobile App, the race sent out QR codes for each registrant to speed
check-in. With 60-70% of runners bringing their code and a simple search option for the remaining runners, a single volunteer was able to check-in almost 500 runners in the first 90 minutes of packet pickup.

In addition to speed, the check-in reports made it quick and easy to predict the number of runners who still needed to pick up bibs on race morning, and helped the race to staff volunteers accordingly.

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

RaceJoy Transitioning to “Free Only” Experience for Participants and Spectators

RunSignUp is changing RaceJoy’s business model to offer a “free only” experience for participants and spectators. Previously, race events were able to either purchase the buyout option or choose a consumer model where the participant and spectator paid an in-app upgrade fee of 99 cents for RaceJoy’s features. Key user features include continuous live tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending.

The consumer model option will be phased out by the end of 2016 and will only be available for 2016 events that have already been loaded into RaceJoy. Going forward, race events that wish to have RaceJoy’s innovative race day experience will be required to offer the experience as a free service by purchasing the buyout option. RaceJoy’s pricing is set to be affordable for any race and includes significant value for the race itself.


Why are we doing this?  

Consistent Experience

There are many reasons that led to the decision to move to this free-to-consumers model. One of the main motivations is to ease user confusion and potential frustration – participants and spectators are often confused when some races are providing free tracking and cheers and others are not. Having a consistent, “always free” app will help overcome this.

Affordable Innovation

Participants are expecting some type of tracking to be provided and RaceJoy offers the most innovative solution in the industry. The buyout price is competitively set so that any race can afford to purchase the buyout or have a sponsor cover the cost.

Higher Engagement

In addition, those races that choose the buyout can more easily promote the availability of RaceJoy to all of their participants and spectators. We have seen much wider adoption and better feedback for races who offer a free option.

Race Value

Another key reason for this adjustment is that RaceJoy is offering a lot of value not just to the participants and their supporting family and friends, but for the race as well. From sponsor promotion to race day monitoring, we are continuing to build and expand the features that help race operations. All of this requires significant resources in development and support. Some key offerings available through RaceJoy for the race and sponsor include:

Race Day Monitoring:

The RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring tool provides organizers with the ability to track runners/cyclists and operational staff live from a web console and have immediate access to information to manage race operations and respond to race day conditions. See more about this tool by reading this blog… 

Value for Sponsors:

RaceJoy provides a powerful way to provide sponsor promotion with a highly engaged and expanded audience through in-app advertising and branding opportunities.


Race Promotion:

RaceJoy provides an opportunity for the race to attract more registrants and to reach each participants’ network of family and friends through its race listing in RaceJoy, social media promotion and through every GPS-based progress alert issued on the course.


Race Operations Management:

RaceJoy offers the ability for organizers to track the location of key race operations like the Lead and Tail vehicle and to communicate with them. And, the Race News Alert system makes for a very useful emergency communications tool, and to inform races about race day changes or key information like parking and packet pickup.


And yes, all of this is included in the buyout price. So, not only are races able to offer the most advanced form of tracking available in the market, they are able to then use this to help with their own management of race day.

Thank you, race organizers, for embracing RaceJoy and providing a one-of-a-kind race day experience and for your dedication to quality and innovation. Together, we are changing the race experience!

You can view additional information about offering RaceJoy here.


New RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring System


We are very excited to share that our first version of RaceJoy’s Race Day Monitoring system is now available for race organizers who offer RaceJoy’s live tracking! Organizers can track runners/cyclists and the race operations team live from a web console and have immediate access to information to help them manage race operations and respond to race day conditions.


Organizers are able to see the exact location of its race operations team, including the lead and tail vehicle, and other key personnel. In addition, with a click of a button, organizers have a global view of participants out on the course, and access to the number of race participants who have passed certain milestones to better project the support needs on the course. Individual race participant progress information, including location, pace and estimated finish time is provided for every participant who uses RaceJoy.

Race organizers can also bring their race field to life for those who are on the race grounds by projecting the view of race participant’s traveling the course to a large screen display at the race site.

Soon to be released features include Off Course Alert System and Participant Replay. RaceJoy’s new Race Day Monitoring System is included with RaceJoy’s buyout option at no additional charge.

See the press release for more information…

RaceJoy Overview Video for Race Organizers

Below is a new video we just put out that provides an overview of RaceJoy for race organizers thinking of offering advanced runner tracking for their event. The video is about 12 minutes and covers RaceJoy’s key features of live continuous tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending. It also covers the additional value the race receives, including race operations management features, news alert system, sponsor advertising and race advertising. Many races will have a single sponsor cover the cost for RaceJoy and this video is a helpful tool to use with potential sponsors.

Click Below for the Video:


A how-to video for participants and spectators will be available soon!
Please see RaceJoy’s Website for additional information or send us an email at
We look forward to changing the race experience with you!

RunSignUp Symposium Slides

Here are the slides from the RunSignUp Race Director and Timer Symposium.

RunSignUp State of the Union – Bob reviews the past year and introduces RaceDay Go, RaceDay Photos, RaceDay SignUp Kiosk and more.


Donations & Fundraising – CASA Superhero Run – Barbara Herzog


Race Director Checklist – Trish Portuese, Championship Racing


RunSignUp Quick Hits – Bryan Jenkins favorite tips and tricks to save you time.

Race Day Technology – Troy Rebert of Knoxville Track Club reviews Race Day Technology


Community Collaboration & Promotion – Andy Younger and Joe DiMambro review how The Crim has worked with the community of Flint for 40 years to create one of the most successful races in the country.


Broad Street Run – Jim Marino Reviews the history and lessons learned from growing the 6th largest race in the US.



RaceJoy Debuts Race-Managed News Alerts

We are excited to share the press release below that announces race news alerts in RaceJoy!

Leading Race Day Tracking App Launches Newest Feature

July 18, 2016 – Moorestown, NJ –  RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product, is the leading real-time participant tracking app for running and cycling events. Its newest feature, designed specifically for race organizers, allows races to administer news alerts through RaceJoy’s mobile platform. RaceJoy’s key features include live phone tracking, GPS-based progress alerts typically sent at every mile and Send-a-Cheer audio messages, including Text-to-Cheer. The app is available for all races in the United States, with more than 260,000 downloads from users in more than 65 countries.

RaceJoy provides a simple administration tool to set up and customize their races in RaceJoy. Race organizers are now able to use RaceJoy as a communication tool to interact with participants and spectators on important race news like weather conditions, road closures, cancellations or venue changes. Races can pre-load and schedule news alerts or send urgent messages on race day in real-time. Messages can include graphics, videos, links to other sites, sponsor logos and more.



“RaceJoy’s news alert system allows races to communicate important news and key race information to a highly engaged audience. We’ve already had races use RaceJoy to communicate severe weather conditions and closing of courses and have been told RaceJoy was a valuable part of their emergency communications. Now this tool is provided to race directors for self-management right from their dashboard. There really is no other more effective way to easily and quickly communicate with participants and spectators that are in dispersed locations,” said Bob Bickel, the founder of RunSignUp.


Race organizers can load content through RaceJoy’s web-based administration tool at any time and select when to send the message. The news alerts are sent as in-app notifications to those who have downloaded the app and logged into the event on their Apple or Android device. These news alerts provide races with an interactive and instantaneous delivery tool to supplement other emergency response communications. Due to the nature of RaceJoy’s key tracking and cheer features, users are highly engaged in the days leading up to and during the race – creating an effective communications platform.

“We have had a lot of requests from race organizers to have a way to easily announce race news to their participants and spectators on race day. When things come up at the race site, like emergency weather conditions, we want to make sure this is communicated as quickly and effectively as possible.  By opening up the ability for races to self-manage news alerts, we’ve expanded the value RaceJoy brings to organizers,” said James Harris, RaceJoy’s creator.

Earlier this year, RaceJoy announced the release of it’s simplified RaceJoy administration system, which allows races to RaceJoy Ready their event in a few simple steps through a setup wizard online. The process allows races to manage information loaded to the app about the race, upload or build a course map, select sponsor options and customize progress alerts and social messages, download promotional tools, and see usage reports. The launch of the race-managed news alerts is an additional tool for races looking to offer an innovative experience to their participants’ and spectators’ race experience.