Promotion Dashboard – Race Pageviews

We are starting to roll out our new Race Promotion Dashboard combined with our RunSignUp Analytics. While this will become very powerful over time, this initial release is very cool.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.10.28 AM

This chart today only shows the number of Pageviews by day using the data we are collecting via the new RunSignUp Analytics engine underneath our infrastructure. Over time it will also show many more viewing options like time period and different data elements like registrations, $ of Transactions, Sources like EMail and Facebook, etc.

This is also combined with our User Experience Manifesto, where we will be bringing a whole new level of ease of use and power to race directors.

Google Analytics for Partner Websites

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.10.32 AMWe have added the ability to tie your Google Analytics account to Partner Websites. Like Race Websites, this enables tracking for the entire website, including e-commerce data and registrations.

For example, this is the type of report you can produce in Google Analytics if you tie your RunSignUp data to it (showing real data from the Scott Coffee race by event and donation (pretty cool!)). What is cooler is that this will become all automatic with the coming release of RunSignUp Analytics and even more insightful.

Adroll Advertising and Tracking Updated

adroll-logo-cmykYour RunSignUp Race Website can now do Adroll remarketing by simply adding your Adroll Advertiser ID and Pixel ID in the RunSignUp dashboard. We are running a quick experiment on the Scott Coffee race over the next couple of weeks and will provide a fuller report on the benefits of Adroll in June.

You can activate your Adroll remarketing for your RunSignUp Race Website by simply adding your Addroll Advertiser ID and Pixel ID. You can find this information in your Adroll Dashboard (click here for more information). The two important parameters have been bolded in this example above – adroll_adv_id and adroll_pix_id. The exact values need to be copied from your Adroll Dashboard (do NOT use the parameters above).

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.05.05 AM

RunSignUp Analytics

analytics0250The first step of RunSignUp Analytics has been released into production. As the name implies, this is similar to Google Analytics for races using the RunSignUp platform. Over time it will collect and process all of the web interactions that your participants have with your race – and correlate it with the things that are important to races. This means not just page views, but knowing what actions, like emails or Facebook ads, resulted in participants signing up. This core infrastructure is the Analytics Engine that will drive our high level Promotion Dashboard we will be rolling out later this year.

The first application of RunSignUp Analytics is to show Sponsor Views – meaning how many times a sponsor’s logo has been viewed. This data started to be collected yesterday, April 12, 2017. Next week it will also include the watermark logo on photos. The data is shown on the Sponsor Management Dashboard:


The RunSignUp Analytics Engine is a new part of our infrastructure. It is built on the latest scalable technology from Amazon AWS. We use their API Gateway to collect the web events sent from our servers or from browsers accessing our servers. That gateway has scalable Lambda processes running to take the information and batch it thru Kenisis Firehose. More Lambdas then process the information and store it in our scalable RunSignUp Analytics Database for use with various RunSignUp applications that will be built.

In this example, each time a webpage is hit by someone, we send a packet of information to the API Gateway that contains all of the Sponsor Logos that are on that page. We will be adding more asset types and more information over time, but this initial test shows the basic functionality. This will process over 10 Million sponsor logo views (races have over 30,000 sponsor logos loaded into RunSignUp for their races). Over time, we expect to collect over a Billion interactions per year.

Stay tuned for many further announcements and development on the RunSignUp Analytics platform this year. It is one of our two strategic projects (the other is Race Day Scoring) that will bring a whole new level of innovation to the endurance industry.

More Ad Marketing Conversion Codes

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 1.07.19 PM.pngWe have added some new marketing ad conversion codes:

The current full list is on the right. If you have one that you use, let us know and we can add it. If you don’t do web marketing yet, please consider using one of the ones we already support 🙂