Donation Discount

We now offer a flexible option to allow races to give a discount based on a donation. This example setup offers different discounts for different races and different levels of donation: You can highlight this on the donation page: The discount is clearly applied in the checkout:

Locked-In Pricing for Cap Priced Events

With our Participant Count price increases always has the downside of people being upset they did not get the price they wanted. The default way it works is the first X people who click Submit on the Checkout page to process their transaction. The problem with this is that we redirect the participant back to... Continue Reading →

Strike-Through Pricing

You can now add Strike Through pricing to your race website. Set this up in the Race -> Registration -> Dates, Pricing and Options page. This gives the flexibility of setting a specific strike through price for each event and each registration period. For example, you may want to run a Valentine's Day special -... Continue Reading →

New MultiEvent Pricing SignUp

We have created a new way to allow multi-event discounts, as well as a nice user experience that allows you to highlight the discount. Here is a simple example of giving a $10 discount if you sign up for both the 10K and the Half (although this can be used for lots of ideas like... Continue Reading →

Prevent Membership Double-Dipping

We have added an option for Memberships (Financial -> Pricing -> Memberships) to prevent double dipping. This is for races that might have two different Membership discounts - one for USATF and one for EMS for example. It is in the Global Settings at the top of the page.

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