Photo Views

Starting today, photo views are now being tracked on a per location basis with the new RunSignUp Analytics engine.

34,000 Photo Views in 800 Person Race

Quick!  Add Photos to your Race! They generate 6 times more interest (page views) than Results: Photos: 41 Views per participant Results: 7 Views per participant The Scott Coffee Race was the race that RunSignUp was originally inspired by. This year we were able to keep track of photo and sponsor views with the new... Continue Reading →

Bib Fonts for Photos

We use Google Vision to automatically tag photos in our Race Day Photo platform. We are collecting more data on what works best and what does not. We've had one race have bad tagging results with Google Vision reading the "7" as a "1" in many photos. For example, a bib would be tagged as... Continue Reading →

Sponsor and Photo Stats of the Day

Just a couple of interesting stats. Races have loaded over 38,000 Sponsors into our Sponsor Management System. Best Damn Race in New Orleans recently uploaded over 15,000 photos for their race. 64% of those photos were tagged with our Google Vision software. Not all of these tags were correct, and not all photos had tags... Continue Reading →

Custom URL for RaceDay Photos

We have added the capability to have your custom RaceURL link directly to your RaceDay Photo page on your RunSignUp Race Website: In this example, goes directly to the Photos page.

Crowdsource Tagging of Photos

RaceDay Photos now has public tagging options to enable crowdsourced tagging of bibs. There are two options that can be enabled - Add tags to any photo, or Add tags only to those photos that have no tags in them. Note we do not allow public de-tagging to prevent accidental removal of tags. These can... Continue Reading →

Photos – Bib Tag Counts

We now show the counts of tagged/untagged photos as they are uploaded and auto-tagged or manually tagged. You can now view the count on the initial page load of the Advanced Mode editor:

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