Clarifying Daily Reports and Payment Reports

A common financial question we get is that some reports don’t seem to reconcile with one another.  In particular, that some participant or transaction reports don’t reconcile with payment reports. There is a reason for this.  Payments follow a settlement calendar that is dictated by the banks and credit card processing companies.  Settlements typically cut... Continue Reading →

Advanced Payment Delays

Advanced Payment (aka Vantiv) accounts with payments made on August 10 (you would see this in the View Payments button on the Financial Summary page) will see a one day delay in the payment receipt into your bank account. Here is the explanation from Vantiv: On August 10th, 2015, the ecommerce front end system experienced... Continue Reading →

Payment Setup for Timers

Our new payment on-boarding process that we rolled out on June 22nd has payment account set up options that are perfect for timers. With our Quick Start payment option you can set up payment accounts at the same time you set up races or you can set up a race and choose to set up... Continue Reading →

Payment System Updates Are Here

We have heard your comments on the need for easier on-boarding of new payment accounts and have responded with updates to our Payment System. Users will see a simpler user interface that is designed to minimize the new information you need to enter into the system to set up a payment account. We rolled out... Continue Reading →

Payment System Updates Coming

We rolled out our new payment system a couple of months ago based on our new role as a Payment Facilitator. This brought a number of benefits to new races such as faster payments, better reporting, better refund processing, better statements to runners signing up for your race on their credit card bill, etc. But... Continue Reading →

New Payment System – Better Reporting

One of the things that our old payment systems did not allow us to do is tie registrations together with payments precisely. As outlined earlier, with the new system we are "closer to the metal" of the credit card network and can track things much more accurately now. Two examples below that will excite the... Continue Reading →

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