Race Director Financial FAQ

Races are all about variety and what sets them apart, but it turns out that there is one thing that all races agree on: they want to get paid! As a payment facilitator and a PCI Level 1 Compliant┬áService Provider we take payment setup seriously, with a process designed to get our races paid accurately... Continue Reading →

Deferred Payment Setup Warning

Often the person setting up a race is not the person who has the information on setting up the payment account. We provide a "Deferred Payment Setup" where we allow a race to process up to $3,000 and then we turn transaction processing off. We do this per requirements from VISA and Mastercard as part... Continue Reading →

Fraudulent Races

Unfortunately, one of the things we have had to get good at this year is catching fraudulent races that have been set up (in addition to fraudulent transactions and hacking attempts). Over the past two days, we have caught 2 fraudulent races being set up. While that is a low percentage among the 773 new... Continue Reading →

Holding Manual Payments

If you are on Manual Payments, you will see an option on your Financial Summary - Payments page for holding payments. Many small races are on Manual payments and may not want the complexity of getting daily or weekly payments and only want to release the funds when they want to. Releasing funds will put... Continue Reading →

New Race Financial Reports

We have done a major overhaul on our Financial Reports. The Summary page now gives a quick overview with 3 tabs to drill down on: Transactions - these are focused on the individual transactions that have been processed on behalf of your race. Payments - These are a list of all the payments that have... Continue Reading →

Advanced Payment Delay

Vantiv, our credit card processor for Advanced Payment accounts had delays in their batch processing yesterday that resulted in us being unable to execute funding instructions before 6PM. This will result in a payments that daily payment customers would expect today to be made tomorrow. Today's ACH initiation will include the transactions that should have... Continue Reading →

Payment Processing Improvement

We are pleased to announce an update to the payment schedule for those races that use our Advanced Payment (Weekly) options that will get more of your race proceeds to you sooner. We are moving the payment date to Tuesday from the current Monday schedule so we can forward more race proceeds to you including... Continue Reading →

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