Rock Lobster Relay Rocks RaceJoy!


This past weekend the 2nd Annual Rock Lobster Relay, a multi-day 200 mile course along the scenic Maine coastline, offered RaceJoy for the second year in a row. 52 teams competed and 614 runners and supporting spectators used RaceJoy over the weekend!


The Rock Lobster Relay is known for its firsts…


This relay is the first of its kind in Maine.

A truly unique experience, the relay is a 36-leg 200-mile course completed by teams of 7 to 12 runners. The race starts in the beautiful town of Bar Harbor on Friday and runs through the night, ending in Portland’s famous Old Port on Saturday. Runners enjoy Maine’s eastern rocky coast in its most beautiful time in the summer, soak up the historic Portland neighborhoods, and wind their way to the finish passing unique stores and micro-breweries.

Photos from Rock Lobster Relay Facebook Page


Rock Lobster Relay is organized by a company first to offer RaceJoy in Maine.

This relay is managed by GiddyUp Productions, a race management company that was the first to offer RaceJoy at a number of events in Maine, including the Maine Coast Marathon and the Old Port Half Marathon.


First ultra-distance relay course to use RaceJoy’s newest relay team release.

And, this year, the Rock Lobster Relay claims another first – its participants used the new team release of RaceJoy that provided progress alerts every five miles and included location, team pace, leg pace and estimated finish time. This was the first time RaceJoy had a course of this length use the team progress alert feature and nearly 5,000 alerts were issued over the course for the weekend.


Over the course of the two days 300 runners opted to use RaceJoy’s live phone tracking feature. This is one of RaceJoy’s most popular features – it allows users to know where team members are at any given time by watching the runner’s blue dot move along an interactive course map in real-time. RaceJoy uses the runners’ phones as GPS trackers, so it shows users the true position versus a simulated location.

Photo from Rock Lobster Relay Website

For the runners, RaceJoy provided a real-time, interactive map of where the runners were on the ground at all times. This made it easier for teams to meet at transition points.

Photo from Rock Lobster Relay Facebook Page

Runners also experienced real-time support while they were running the long course from their team members and family and friends through RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature. 1,300 cheers were sent as encouragement while the runners completed their legs.


Additionally, RaceJoy provided the race management team a safety tool, providing continual live tracking of runners’ locations during the overnight portion of the course. The race operations team could watch participants through the RaceJoy Race Day Monitoring system or have them loaded into the app on their phones. Through the monitoring system, the race ops team could also view how many teams had crossed milestones along the course to better plan or be alerted if participants were off-course – a concern for many ultra-distance courses with overnight legs.

Photo from Rock Lobster Relay Facebook Page

Relays are growing in popularity and we see more and more races offer relay options at their events. Relays offer a great way to achieve something with others and to participate in a race you might not do on your own. The team spirit of accomplishing this Rock Lobster Relay was evident and it was great to see the reception from both the relay race organizers and the participants on race day!

Photo from Rock Lobster Relay Facebook Page

Congratulations finishers and thank you GiddyUp Productions for your continued support of RaceJoy.


If you’d like to offer RaceJoy to your participants and spectators at an upcoming event, you can easily load your race through RaceJoy’s website or your RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time and an electronic version of your course map (preferably in GPX/KML format).


Kensington Marathon Delivers Mobile Results in RaceJoy!

2016 KM Logo-01

­­­­This past weekend the Kensington Marathon in Milford, Michigan offered RaceJoy as part of its service for participants and spectators. Runners and supporting friends and family were treated to RaceJoy’s advanced GPS tracking, every mile progress alerts and cheers. In addition, the race delivered scored results through RaceJoy providing participants with quick and convenient access to their finisher information.


The Kensington Marathon is one of the first races to offer RaceJoy’s mobile delivery of results through RunSignUp’s Race Day Results and uses Agee Race Timing for scoring the event. At this year’s race, organizers took advantage of delivering results through multiple platforms – including the race website, RunSignUp’s site, and now through mobile with RaceJoy.

RaceJoy’s mobile results are displayed in a user-friendly way, allowing participants to quickly see Overall Results, Age-Group Division results, and Individual results. This creates an efficient way for timers and race organizers to get results data out to finishers. Especially since one of the first things people tend to do after a race is look at their phones!


Supporting spectators, both onsite and from the convenience of their homes, were also able to track participants in real-time with RaceJoy’s live phone tracking feature. RaceJoy’s live tracking allows spectators to see exactly where a runner is during the race by tracking the participant’s phone and displaying their location in an interactive view of the course.


Participants and spectators could also receive RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts that were sent out at every mile! These updates include performance information like pace, current location and estimated finish time. RaceJoy issued almost 2,300 progress alerts across the multiple courses!


Participants have the option to post these alerts in real-time to their personal Facebook and Twitter walls.


Friends and family sent hundreds of cheers in RaceJoy, including personalized text-to-cheers, over the course of the weekend! What great encouragement from friends and family!

The Kensington Marathon is organized by Ribbit Running Company. Special thanks to Ribbit Running Company for embracing RaceJoy and its new results technology!

The delivery of mobile results in RaceJoy is available for RunSignUp’s events that use its Race Day Results solution. See this press release for additional information.


If you would like to offer RaceJoy at your race event, Add a Race on our Website or through your RunSignUp dashboard. Please note: we require a minimum two week lead time and an accurate electronic course map (KML/GPX format).


Relay Races Hand Off RaceJoy to Runners!


We are seeing a trend of relay races – from marathon distances to multi-day 300+ miles – requesting to load their events into RaceJoy so that they can offer live runner tracking and cheers to their participants and spectators.

RaceJoy provides interactive, real-time features to help relay teams on race day and for their supporting family and friends to encourage them along the way.


One of the most popular features available is live phone tracking, which allows users to know where team members are at any given time by watching the runner’s blue dot move on an interactive course map or the location of their support vehicle. RaceJoy uses the runner’s phone as a GPS tracker. So, it is the person’s true position, versus a simulator. Many of the relay race directors like this feature as a safety precaution – especially for the longer distances where some people could run off course.


Participants can also receive NearMe alerts to notify them when their team member(s) are drawing near to them so they can prepare for the handoff.

Another popular feature used to motivate team members is the Send-a-Cheer feature where people can send fun pre-recorded audio cheer clips. Supporting fans can also use Text-to-Cheer for personalized messages that are delivered in audio format. This is very popular with long endurance relay events where you need an easy communication device with your runner. The text is converted into speech for the runner and they do not need to look at their phone while running.


The most recent relay to offer RaceJoy to its participants and spectators was the Relay Iowa this past weekend. This was the longest relay distance to offer RaceJoy to date: a relay course taking place across 3 days, 2 nights and 339 miles. Relay Iowa is known as the World’s Longest Relay Run!


The teams consist of up to 12 people running some of the most beautiful and challenging landscapes Iowa has to offer. The route took the runners from Sioux City all the way to Dubuque. The goal is not to win, not to come in first, but rather to work with the team to make it across Iowa in sixty hours or less.


Race organizers of the Relay Iowa offered RaceJoy to its participants and spectators for free, and more than 400 people took advantage of the interactive race day features! 144 participants had their phone’s tracked and received more than 850 cheers!


Participants are also able to get progress alerts through RaceJoy. Relay Iowa alerts were sent every 10 miles based on the GPS location of the runners’ phones. Nearly 2,700 progress alerts were sent over the course of the weekend.


These alerts are also able to be automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter in real-time.

Team members wishing to receive the alerts during relays are required to hand a phone off as they would a relay baton. With longer distance events, like the Relay Iowa, teams often choose to use a backup phone battery. After testing different portable phone chargers, our preferred brand is Anker.

Check out some of the upcoming relay’s offering RaceJoy:

  • Rock Lobster (free tracking)– Takes place in Bar Harbor, ME from June 24-25; Course is 200 miles
  • The Fred Running Relays (free tracking)– Takes place in Comstock Park, MI from August 5-6; Course options include a 200 mile relay and 100 mile relay
  • Peak to Brew (free tracking)– Takes place in Wilmington, NY from August 12-13; Course options include a 238 mile “full” relay and a 115 mile “half” relay
  • Burning River (99 cents)– Takes place in Willoughby, OH on August 6; Course options include a 100 mile, 50 mile and Back 50 mile

Relays offer a great way to achieve something with others and participate in a race you might not do on your own. There is nothing like that team spirit of accomplishing a goal together and encouraging one another along the way. It is great to see the reception from the relay race organizers and their use of RaceJoy to help build this team spirit and bring the runners together on race day! Go Get Em!


If you’d like to offer RaceJoy to your participants and spectators, you can easily get your race loaded through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time. Buyout options are also available.


RaceJoy Tracking in Beautiful Old Florida


This past weekend the Tomoka Marathon offered RaceJoy’s tracking and cheers for free to its participants and spectators. 35% of the race’s finishers used RaceJoy’s interactive race day features while on the beautifully unique Old Florida course.


The Tomoka Loop is designated as one of Florida’s Scenic Highway and runners are privileged with this distinction as they experience this picturesque route from the start to the finish. Race organizers treated participants to RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and cheers along with GPS progress alerts from every mile along the course.


RaceJoy’s buyout option provides prominent branding through banner ads, customizable progress alerts and logo placements. RaceJoy’s features also offer an effective tool to reach a broader, more engaged consumer base that extends to remote spectators.

With the RaceJoy buyout, the race receives RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and cheers for unlimited participants and spectators as well as:

  • Listing in Featured Races area in RaceJoy for cross promotion
  • Custom, basic race information
  • Logo placements
  • Link to race website
  • Customized banner ads
  • Interactive course map(s)
  • Custom GPS alerts to showcase race/sponsor
  • Countdown/start clock

RaceJoy’s interactive features like GPS progress alerts rely on the accuracy of the course maps, and the Tomoka Marathon race director took extra care to insure his race’s maps were  accurate for race day with adjustments leading into race week.

Customizable Progress Alerts

Participants can also opt to post these progress alerts to Facebook and Twitter, providing the race with another great branding opportunity reaching potential participants for the following year. There were 5,600 progress alerts sent at the Tomoka Marathon.


Participants and spectators were clearly receptive of the free features and unique race experience, with more than 550 people using RaceJoy over the course of the weekend.


The Tomoka Marathon has appeal for locals and travelers alike. The full marathon route, known as “The Tomoka Loop” brings participants through some of the most diverse natural “Old Florida” scenery with unobstructed vistas of two rivers, inland creeks, marshes, barrier island dunes and beaches, and historic sites.

Thank you to the race organizers of the Tomoka Marathon for your dedication to providing a unique race experience. Congratulations to all the finishers and thank you for all the supporting family and friends!


If you’d like to offer RaceJoy to your participants and spectators, we just need an electronic version of your course map and for you to let your participants know you are offering RaceJoy. You can easily get your race loaded through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time.

Races that want to offer RaceJoy are still able to offer the free-to-the-race option in which the participant and spectator pay 99 cents at a given race.


RaceJoy Brought the Joy!

From Florida to Utah and Louisiana in between!

This past weekend RaceJoy was available at a lot of races, but three stood out with high usage from participants and spectators. These races showed that runners, walkers and spectators alike are embracing RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and cheers, opting for a special race day experience.

The three races that had the highest RaceJoy usage last weekend were:

RaceJoy provides an innovative race day experience with interactive features like live, real-time tracking, GPS-based progress alerts at every mile, and Send-a-Cheer.


The highest usage award this past weekend goes to Zion Half Marathon in Zion Canyon, Utah. The race organizers provided RaceJoy as a free service to participants and spectators by choosing the RaceJoy buyout option. Clearly, this was appreciated because more than 350 runners were tracked on race day and nearly 1,100 people at Zion Half used the app over the course of the weekend.

Across all three races, close to 11,370 GPS-based progress alerts were sent out! Zydeco Marathon took the lead, with more than 5,600 alerts sent. The progress alerts are sent at every mile along the course based on the GPS locations of the participants using their phones as trackers. People sent thousands of cheers over the weekend showing encouraging support to runners.

The Gate River Run was one of the first races to offer RaceJoy back in 2014. It’s exciting to see nearly 1,000 people came back to experience all that RaceJoy has to offer since first being launched to the race industry.

Thank you to all of you for embracing RaceJoy this weekend and congratulations on a great race! We enjoyed tracking you at such beautiful race courses!

RaceJoy Icon

Download RaceJoy to see the latest in interactive race experiences!

You can easily add your race into RaceJoy through RaceJoy’s Website or, if you use RunSignUp, on your race’s dashboard. There is a free to the race option or an affordable buyout option for providing RaceJoy as a free service for your race. We require a two-week minimum load time, and you will need to load your electronic course map in GPX or KML format or build your own map using our Course Builder tools.


Let’s change the race experience together!

Trend Setters Reaping High Usage with Free Tracking

Races across the country are getting their races RaceJoy Ready so they can offer advanced runner tracking, GPS progress alerts at every mile and cheer sending on race day. Trend setters seeking to provide innovation for their events and reach a larger audience are choosing the buyout option and offering these features for free. As a result, they are gaining a high adoption from race participants and their supporting family and friends.


The more participants who use RaceJoy, the more supporting family and friends will also use RaceJoy. This increases your brand awareness and introduces your race to an increased number of spectators who could be potential participants next year! If you have a sponsor of RaceJoy, they in turn receive significant value by being promoted on multiple fronts with a highly engaged audience. See this recent blog as an example of sponsor promotion.

The 26.2 with Donna race offered RaceJoy’s tracking free this year and usage of these interactive features increased by 125%! This year’s race had more than 1,100 race participants use RaceJoy to be tracked via their phone during the race where last year there were just under 500 race participants who opted to pay the 99 cents for the live phone tracking. Couple this with an average of two people tracking a given runner and that means a very impressive growth in usage. In addition, the number of cheers sent increased by 149% with 2,220 cheers being issued in 2015 to 5,525 cheers this year.  Now, that is an engaged race audience!

Race organizers can choose to offer RaceJoy’s innovative experience by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Consumer Model: there is no charge to the race organizers – participants and spectators pay an in-app 99 cents fee per race.
  1. Buyout Option: the race organizers or sponsor purchase the buyout option to provide these features to participants and spectators at no cost to them.


Here is a break down of all that’s offered through both pricing options.chart

The buyout option is affordable enough for any race or sponsor to provide RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak features at their race. The buyout option provides the race/sponsor many promotion opportunities to increase awareness and to be prominently recognized for offering RaceJoy’s live phone tracking and cheers.


Check out all the races that are offering RaceJoy for free in the Featured Race area in RaceJoy!


You can easily get your race loaded into RaceJoy through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time, and you will need to load your electronic course map in GPX or KML format or build your own map using our Course Builder tools.

Note: RaceJoy usage rates vary depending on how much you promote the use of the app to your race participants. There is a Promotion Center with all the tools you need to spread the word.

Let’s change the race experience together!


RaceJoy Ready Your Race in 3 Simple Steps!

Any race can now easily offer advanced course tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending with three simple steps through RaceJoy’s website. RaceJoy’s basic option is free to the race – participants and spectators pay a minor 99 cents per race in-app fee. Its no wonder we have a flood of races getting their events enabled in RaceJoy! Make sure your race is not missing out on offering an innovative race day experience.PhoneTrakPhone_Tilt

To get your race loaded into RaceJoy, just go to RaceJoy’s website and select Offer RaceJoy. The Set Up wizard will walk you through the rest, starting with adding a brief race summary and basic race information, then enabling your courses and loading your course map(s).Picture1

3 Steps for Advanced Runner Tracking:

  1. Create Race
    • Load your race information such as the race date, location, start time, race summary, race URL, course details and official race logo.
    • Add your event/course(s): Such as marathon, half marathon, 5K, etc.
  1. Enable Your Events
    • Select the courses you’d like to enable in RaceJoy.
  1. Add Course Map(s)
    • Upload a KML or GPX version of your event/course(s) so RaceJoy can build an interactive course map.
    • Customize your map with points on the course like water stops and entertainment.
For those who need assistance, we’ve added some helpful how-to videos for map building and exporting files.Picture1

You are all set after loading your course map! RaceJoy will send an email notification when the race is RaceJoy Ready. This typically takes about two weeks.

Just make sure if there are any changes to your course prior to race day, to modify your map(s) in RaceJoy so that your participants have a positive experience on race day. Most importantly, use the tools in the promotion corner to let your participants know tracking is available for your race.

Buyout Option: Free Runner Tracking & Cheers

You can purchase the buyout to offer RaceJoy’s features for free to an unlimited number of participants and spectators. This is a great opportunity for a sponsor to be recognized through extra custom promotion opportunities within RaceJoy.

If you purchase the buyout, you can then add Custom Options, including:

  • Unlimited linkable banner ads
  • Custom GPS progress alerts (issued every mile)
  • Branded and customized Facebook and Twitter user postings

You can load your graphics and content upon creating your race or come back and adjust this as you secure sponsors.

For more information about the buyout, please view our RaceJoy Flyer. To learn about all the great sponsorship placement opportunities in RaceJoy, view our Sponsor Flyer.

RunSignUp Races 

RunSignUpLogoIf you use RunSignUp registration services, you have it even easier because your race information is automatically pulled into RaceJoy! Simply go to your Race Dashboard and then click RaceJoy Setup and choose the events you’d like to enable in RaceJoy. If you opt for the buyout option, you have flexible payment options to choose from.


Buyout Pricing

RaceJoy’s buyout option is even more affordable now with our 20% discount being offered to races who purchase the buyout from now through March 31, 2016. Pricing varies and is based upon the number of participants and the course distance:

Flat Buyout Pricing Discount (Total Participants Across All Events)


Together we are changing the race experience!