Picturesque Seaside, Florida Offers A Special Race Experience for a Great Cause!


The Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K is known for its picturesque setting in north Florida. People love doing this race with its out-and-back course featuring quaint beach towns (resembling homes like those in the Truman Show), dune lakes and beautiful beaches. This is the race that you hear about that gives a Vera Bradley gift for all finishers (thanks to Vera Bradley being one of the sponsors). This 2017 event had the special addition of RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking and cheer sending extending the quality experience for spectators to enjoy as well.

Photos from Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K

Those who downloaded RaceJoy added to their Seaside race weekend with continuous live runner tracking, GPS-based progress alerts that were sent at every mile, fun audio cheers, and official timing scored results delivered in real-time courtesy of the race organizers!


Participants who carried their phones had the opportunity to let their supporting family and friends live track them, whether at the race site or from the convenience of their home.  RaceJoy’s live phone tracking allows spectators to see their tracked participants’ blue dot move along a map view of the official course in real-time.


“On March 5th I ran my first 1/2 Marathon. Each mile status provided by RaceJoy, and all the cheers from friends and family kept me going. I can honestly say my race experience would not have been as pleasant without RaceJoy. Thank you Seaside School Half Marathon & 5k and RaceJoy.” – Mary B.

Congratulations on your first Half Marathon Mary!

Those who used RaceJoy also had the ability to receive progress alerts at every mile along the course. Participants received the alerts in audio format, and spectators received them as in-app notifications. The alerts included information like pace and estimated finish time. For many participants, RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts are a great way to know how they are doing and adjust their pace as needed throughout the event.


“I participated in the Seaside Half Marathon this weekend. I truly enjoyed using the RaceJoy app so that my family could track me as I ran and cheer me on with the audio messages! It made my race experience even more positive and it helped me track my pace and progress easily.” – Hannah W.

We are so glad you enjoyed using RaceJoy, Hannah!

Seaside School Half Marathon participants were also able to receive official scored results in RaceJoy within moments of crossing the finish line. Skipping the line for results, participants who used RaceJoy could see their individual race results as well as age group and overall results.


This is a special race and one race you should definitely add to your list for next year and it is for a great cause. The Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K gives 100% of the race profits to the Seaside School. Seaside is a tuition-free, local neighborhood school serving students who not only live along Hwy. 30-A, but also across Walton County. The Seaside School opened in 1996 to thirty-six students, two faculty members, and one administrator serving students in sixth through eighth grades. Today, the school has expanded to fifth through twelfth grades serving over 330 students and currently looking to add grades K-4.


Interested in Offering RaceJoy at Your Event? Check out RaceJoy’s website for information on all the features available to both the race organizers & sponsors and the participants & spectators.



10th Anniversary DONNA Marathon Weekend Runs to Finish Breast Cancer and Breaks RaceJoy Records!


This past weekend, the 10th Anniversary running of the DONNA Marathon Weekend provided RaceJoy’s full interactive race day experience to participants and their supporting families and friends, courtesy of SpectraShield.  Close to 85,000 progress alerts were issued over race weekend giving real-time information to participants and spectators and breaking RaceJoy’s records!


SpectraShield, a manhole and wastewater structure refurbisher and installer, sponsored RaceJoy for its 3rd year to provide an innovative way for supporting spectators to encourage runners and walkers to share in this special race experience.


The Donna Marathon – the National Breast Cancer Marathon – is the only event in the country dedicated solely to the FINISH of breast cancer. This world-class event raises funds for groundbreaking research and to empower those living with breast cancer.

The event offers a variety of courses, including a 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, and 110 mile Ultra. This past week, runners also had the option to participate in the Donna 10K for Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the fight to finish breast cancer. The weekend attracted 7,200 runners and walkers from around the world!

RaceJoy had a great showing over the course of the weekend with more than 5,000 runners and walkers using the app! What a great way to FINISH IT!

Photo from DONNA Marathon Weekend

Thanks to SpectraShield’s sponsorship, people were treated to all of RaceJoy’s bells and whistles for free – this included two forms of tracking, instant race results, cheer sending and convenient access to race information.


More than 1,600 runners were tracked using RaceJoy’s live phone tracking option, which allowed supporting family and friends to see exactly where they were on the course at any time during the race, whether they were at the race site or not.


This full marathon participant used live course tracking with every mile progress alerts for her family, with a battery life of more than 8 hours on race day. She said her husband was able to meet her along the course at several points with the help of RaceJoy.

Congratulations on finishing the Donna Marathon!

People loved sending RaceJoy’s audio cheer messages with more than 8,100 cheers sent! Talk about great support! Special cheers were also loaded for Donna Marathon Weekend.


RaceJoy issued nearly 85,000 progress alerts over the course of the weekend – a record breaking number of alerts! These alerts included information like pace and estimated finish time. Alerts also included updates on the number of manholes participants crossed over in recognition of SpectraShield’s sponsorship.


The progress alerts were delivered by integrating with the race’s timing company, 1st Place Sports as participants crossed milestones along the course. In addition to the race-timed alerts, participants who carried their phone also received GPS-based progress alerts at every mile based on the location of their device.

Picture10 9.36.56 AM.png

This integration with 1st Place Sports also allowed for the immediate delivery of scored race results available within moments of crossing the finish line!


It was a great 10th Anniversary weekend! We love catching up with repeat users of RaceJoy at the Donna Marathon Weekend each year.  Thank you for all your positive feedback and sharing your personal stories over the race weekend. Special thanks to Donna Marathon Weekend organizers and SpectraShield for including RaceJoy in the quest to finish breast cancer!


Congratulations to all the race participants on a great race weekend! You FINISHED IT!


Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Offers Two Forms of Runner Tracking

The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Mini Marathon had two forms of runner tracking available at this Saturday’s event: race-timed progress alerts delivered via text messages and live continuous tracking and GPS alerts with RaceJoy’s GPS tracking.  Participants and spectators paid 99 cents for RaceJoy’s features. People are clearly adopting RaceJoy’s advanced tracking with more than 1,500 people using RaceJoy this Saturday!

3 tracking
Live tracking at 2016 Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon!


We are seeing larger race events such as this offer both types of tracking so that participants and supporting spectators can have more real-time information and increased interaction on race day. Gone are the days of guessing how runners/walkers are doing out on the course!

So, what is the difference between the two types of tracking?

4 instructions
Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon Runner Tracking Instructions


Race-Timed Progress Alerts:

These are based on the participant’s bib/chip crossing timing points on the course and updates are delivered via SMS text messages and social media. The participants do not need to carry a phone on race day since it is based on the timing chip and equipment transmitting timing information to text systems. It is a great way for people to know how someone is officially doing in the race and if they are meeting their goals. The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon used XACT for this weekend’s alert system.

The number of race-timed alerts depends on the number of timing points the race/timer decides to put out on the course. Most races will have a Start, one to two mid points, and a Finish spot. Larger venues such as the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon will put additional equipment out on the course to provide more updates.

GPS-based Tracking:

This is a newer form of tracking where people are able to track participants based upon the location of their GPS tracking device. RaceJoy uses the phone as the tracking device. This type of tracking provides a continuous map view of the participant as they travel the course. By using the power of the phone RaceJoy also offers interactive features like Send-a-Cheer, NearMe alerts (relay team favorite) and MeetUp for finding one another. Close to 1,600 cheers were sent by supporting friends and family to race participants at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon!

5 churchilldowns
So cool they get to run through Churchill Downs!


GPS-based Progress Alerts:

RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts are a new innovation for the running industry. By using GPS technology, RaceJoy uses “virtual timing mats” to send progress alerts along the course. The alerts are sent through in-app notifications (not SMS text). People can go in at any time to replay alerts and spectators can go in after the race starts to look at past alerts.

The number of alerts and locations can be customized by the race. Otherwise RaceJoy will issue these at every mile for running/walking events and every five miles for cycling events. RaceJoy’s GPS based progress alerts provide updates on location, elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time. Participants receive these alerts and anyone they are tracking in audio format. They also have the option to have their progress auto posted to their Facebook or Twitter walls.

6 progress alert
GPS-Based Progress Alert

RaceJoy issued more than 9,700 GPS-based progress alerts at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon!

RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts are not intended to replace official race timing information. But to provide valuable and continuous information to both the participant and spectator to fill in between the official race timed alerts. Typically, RaceJoy’s reported GPS time is within 5-20 seconds of the official timed results.

7 progress list


Thank You!

Runners and spectators were able to experience the best of both worlds at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Mini Marathon! Thank you to those of you who used RaceJoy to add to your race experience and to race organizers for helping to spread the word. We hope you enjoyed using RaceJoy and that you had a great race!

Offer RaceJoy at a Race

Participants: if you have a race you’d like to use RaceJoy at, please let the race know. We just need their electronic course map.

Race Organizers: RaceJoy offers affordable buyout options and a free-to-the race option where participants and spectators pay 99 cents for RaceJoy’s features. More information can be found here.



RaceJoy Runner Tracking Affordable for Any Race


Everyone loves a sale, so what better way to start off the New Year than offer a 20% discount on RaceJoy’s buyout prices, now until March 31, 2016. This promotional price makes advanced runner tracking affordable for any race. Races who purchase the RaceJoy buyout deliver a cutting edge race experience to participants and spectators that includes free live GPS tracking, GPS-based progress alerts, and fun audio cheers. In addition, sponsors offering RaceJoy are provided with a new and effective vehicle for reaching a broader consumer base.

RaceJoy’s buyout pricing varies and is based upon the number of participants and the course distance:

Flat Buyout Pricing Discount (Total Participants Across All Events)

Table*Call for events larger than 15,000 participants.

RaceJoy’s key features include:

  • Live runner tracking on a map view
  • GPS-based progress alerts at every mile,
  • Send-a-Cheer, including new Text-to-Cheer
  • NearMe alerts

Race participants carry their phone during the race to experience these interactive features.

In addition, RaceJoy continues to offer the free-to-the-race option in which the participant and spectator pay 99 cents for these features at a given race.

According to the Running USA’s 2015 National Runner Survey, 57% of runners are now carrying their phone while running, increasing the opportunity to utilize the phone’s GPS capability as a tracking mechanism. RaceJoy taps into this tracking capability to provide live GPS tracking on the course map and GPS progress alerts as they cross mile points on the course. Race organizers offer RaceJoy to round out their official race timed results information and expand the race experience to embrace spectators from the race site or remotely.

“What amazes us is the incredible adoption we see when races provide RaceJoy for free. The number of runners and walkers carrying their phones during a race continues to grow and participants now expect races to provide some form of runner tracking. RaceJoy helps races to stand out and show that they are offering the current technology and a very different and improved race experience,” said Bob Bickel, Founder of RunSignUp.


Races that purchase RaceJoy’s buyout option receive these same features for an unlimited number of participants and spectators, as well as:

  • Custom, linkable banner ads
  • Logo placement
  • Custom basic race information
  • Link to race website
  • Countdown/start clock
  • Interactive course map(s)
  • Listing in RaceJoy (cross promotion opportunity)
  • Custom GPS alerts (showcase sponsor or race)

Race organizers can have their race enabled in RaceJoy by going to RaceJoy’s website to submit their race information. Races that use RunSignUp’s registration services can quickly enable RaceJoy and choose flexible pricing options from their RunSignUp race dashboard.


New Year’s Day Dash Begins the Year with RaceJoy!


The 11th Annual New Year’s Day Dash will be held on January 1, 2016, at Quaker Steak & Lube in Middleton, WI. This race offers two course options a 5-mile chip-timed run and 2-mile walk. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Huntington’s Disease Society of America. They start the year off right with a post race party at Quaker Steak and Lube, including wings, Wisconsin Brewing Company beer, great prizes, giveaways and New Year’s Day bowl games on big screen TV’s!

What a great way to start off the New Year!

To add on to this fun race experience, race organizers are offering RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking, GPS alerts and cheers as a free service to participants and supporting spectators! Each runner and walker who carries their phone will receive GPS progress alerts at every mile on the course and have access to live phone tracking and RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature.


Supporting spectators, onsite and from the comfort of their homes, can also receive these GPS alerts and are able to watch the runners move along the course in a map view. Friends and family members will also be able to send fun cheers with RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature to help motivate their tracked participants. They can choose to send pre-recorded fun cheers or craft a custom cheer with RaceJoy’s text-to-cheer feature.


The New Year’s Day Dash race organizers, Race Day Events, LLC, are offering RaceJoy’s technology as a free service to all participants and supporting friends and family. Typically, there is a 99 cents per race upgrade fee for these features.


We hope you enjoy the race and have an amazing 2016!

If you’d like to have your race loaded into RaceJoy, you can send your course map in electronic format (KML, GPX or link to MapMyRun map) to Buyout options are available.


Space Coast Marathon Weekend Blasted Off with RaceJoy! 43,600 Progress Alerts at Warp Speed!


phoneThis last weekend’s Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon in Cape Canaveral, Florida offered participants some serious medal bling, a fun venue and the latest in race day technology with RaceJoy. The Space Coast Marathon has been a long-standing local favorite and has grown in popularity as a destination race attracting people from across the nation. Race organizers go the extra mile to offer a quality experience for participants and also embrace the needs of supporting friends and family members.  We had a great showing with 4,600 people using RaceJoy for the Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon. Way to blast off with the technology, runners and fans!


Her name is Joy!

Thanks to the race organizers, people were treated to a futuristic race experience with all of RaceJoy’s bells and whistles, including two forms of runner tracking, instant race results, audio cheers and convenient access to key race information, like places of interest and the weekend’s schedule. Runner tracking included free race timed alerts as runners and walkers crossed timing equipment on the course.  Participants also had the option to purchase advanced GPS tracking for 99 cents where fans tracked their blue dot moving along the course.

During the races, RaceJoy issued 43,600 race-timed progress alerts as runners and walkers crossed timing points along the course. Running Zone provided high quality (as in one of the best we have seen) timing services and uses ChronoTrak timing equipment to time the race – which enabled RaceJoy to deliver these real-time updates.  Many race participants showed their adoption of social media and technology by opting to post their progress on Facebook and Twitter. More than 1,200 updates were posted to participants’ walls as they completed the race.

Hundreds of runners and walkers took advantage of the phone tracking option as well so that their supporting friends and family could see exactly where they were on the course.

We personally tracked one participant for more than eight hours on the course. Now that is someone truly dedicated to staying the course! We like that the race director goes out and personally cheers on the very last runners.  It shows he values the very last runner as much as the very first.

It was great to see people use RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature as well. More than 2,300 cheers were sent, including RaceJoy’s new text-to-cheer feature.  All kinds of messages were sent from heartfelt to quite humorous to, yes, even risqué cheers. Its always fun to be the one monitoring the cheers. 😉

RaceJoy’s integration with the Running Zone also allowed for the delivery of immediate, scored results for finishers, and these were available within moments of crossing the finish line. Finishers can now view their official race photos from their results page in RaceJoy thanks to the integration with MarathonFoto.

One of the big attractions of this race is the amazing medals they give out. Finishers received an additional third year medal if they have done the race for three years in a row. Below is a friend of ours who came back from a year- long trip away just so she wouldn’t miss the third race experience. Supposedly, the fifth year medal is the size of a plate!

Third Year Runners – Third Year Bling

A cool thing about this race is how many people stick around after the race. People set up little party areas and laid out their Space Coast Marathon earned towels on the grass and enjoyed some good eggs, pancakes, pizza, beer, soda, OJ, fruit – and they didn’t run out! There was plenty of food for spectators too, which is nice for those who have been out there for hours to support participants. The music was great and people made their own dance floor and everywhere you looked someone was shakin’ their groove thing.

We were hanging out at the RaceJoy tent giving out results to those that didn’t have their phone. It was nice talking with the runners we’ve gotten to know at the races and to see their staying the course on their running journey –an amazing vivacious cancer survivor, another who had just started running when we launched RaceJoy and are now going to Boston, some who have never thought they would run a marathon – it is these personal stories that get us revved up!


Cancer Survivor, Lover of Life!

The Space Coast Marathon Weekend races start in the historic and quaint Cocoa Village and finish with a lap around the Riverfront Park amphitheater where family and friends can cheer and watch participants finish. The race is held within the shadow of the Kennedy Space Center and the entire event revolves around a space theme with fun photo opportunities and amazing medals.  The half marathon sells out every year within moments of registration going live – so this is one you’ll want to put on your calendar (2/15/16). For more:

We’d like to thank the Running Zone Foundation and Space Coast Runners for continuing to adopt innovation and include RaceJoy in such a historic race for the 3rd year! You are amazing to work with and we appreciate all the race participants and supporting friends and family who embraced RaceJoy!

Together, we are changing the race experience!

Gobble up some RaceJoy!


Thanksgiving is here and that means the biggest race day of the year! This national holiday brings traditions of family gatherings, the biggest travel day of the year, food comas, football games, and turkey trots all across the country. According to Running USA, Thanksgiving has become the most popular racing day in the country, outpacing Fourth of July. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be getting out there to make room for their Thanksgiving feast!

With hundreds of turkey trots taking place all over the country this Thursday, there are many to choose from- the majority of which are put on by local or national charities.  The oldest race, in its 121th year, is the Buffalo YMCA 8K Turkey Trot. The largest race, the Dallas Turkey Trot, had more than 25,000 participants last year.

As runners and walkers gather with their families to experience the tradition of the Turkey Trot – and make room for some serious mashed potato intake – RaceJoy is ready with 16 races loaded!  See the end of this post for a complete list.


Turkey trotters who use RaceJoy will be able to get real-time support from their supporting family members while they brave the cold… or heat – depending where you live. Runners and walkers will receive GPS progress alerts at every mile on the course with pace updates and estimated finish times.

Family members tracking from the race site or from the warm comfort of their home can show their support by tracking runners’ and walkers’ blue dots as they move along the course and will receive cow bell audio alerts when they cross mile stones on the course.  Someone has to do the cooking and watch the parades!

Supporting family can send fun cheers to their turkey trotters using RaceJoy’s Send-to-Cheer feature. We’ve also loaded some special Thanksgiving cheers for the occasion! Listen to one of the Send-a-Cheer Thanksgiving options:

Supporting fans can also use RaceJoy’s newest text-to-cheer feature to send a unique and personalized cheer. Cheers can be sent at any time, so  start those Gobble Gobble cheers now!


Thanksgiving Day Races in RaceJoy:

  • Atlanta Half-Marathon
  • Run to Feed the Hungry
  • Subaru Distance Classic
  • Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race
  • Manchester Road Race
  • Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot
  • Detroit Turkey Trot
  • Silicon Valley Turkey Trot
  • Austin Turkey Trot
  • Clearwater Turkey Trot
  • Buffalo Niagara YMCA Turkey Trot
  • Dana Point Turkey Trot
  • Oyster Bay Turkey Trot
  • Oregon TurkeyThon
  • Gobble Gobble Four Miler
  • Hot Diggity Dog Thanksgiving 5K

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the creators of RaceJoy! Thank you for using RaceJoy!