Quick Change Event on Check-In

We have added the ability to do a quick change of events when a person is checking in on race day on the check-in screen. This makes it simple to switch a person from the 10K to the 5K for example.  This also allows you to decide whether to issue a new bib number or... Continue Reading →

Bib Assignment and Check-In 2.0

As part of our RunSignUp Go race day efforts, we have made a large set of improvements to our Bib Assignment and Check-In capability. (We have more recently added a Chrome App that allows local label and receipt printing and a native Apple and Android app. Check-In is used in a wide variety of cases... Continue Reading →

Kiosk 2.0

We have updated the Kiosk to be easier to use and more powerful. We are seeing Kiosks used with increased frequencies for race day registration, and in running stores or expos. We have seen almost every different type of device in use for these - PC's, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Macs, iPad's, Samsung Galaxy, even BlackBerry Tablets!... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Go and Results 2.0 Released

RunSignUp Go Brings Race Day Together with open platform of over a dozen race software solution vendors RunSignup Results 2.0 - State of the Art Results and Notifications RunSignUp is pleased to announce the release of RunSignUp Go and RunSignUp Results 2.0. These advances are based on collaboration with over a dozen technology partners to... Continue Reading →

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