RunScore Results Presentation

RunScore Results PresentationAlan Jones made the following presentation at the Chronotrack Conference in January, 2015.  It reviews the new RunScore Results and other topics like enhancements to RunScore, additional integrations and most importantly the future of RunScore and the new advisory board.

Race Director Go

RD GoIn addition to the big news that The Race Director has joined forces with RunSignUp, we are also excited to introduce a new offering for Race Director timers – Race Director Go, or RD Go.

RD Go allows any Race Director (RD) timer to simply upload results to the web and provide finish notifications to runners and their friends without the usual complications. If you know how to produce local results with RD, then it will be intuitive how to get them on the web.

We have lowered the costs from My-Finish, and there is no cost for races who use RunSignUp for registration. You can see more information on pricing here.

RD Go is available in pre-release form now as part of The Race Director 2015. We look forward to feedback and full release over the coming month since this is just a natural extension of all of the integration with between RunSignUp and The Race Director of the past two years.

The process is very simple and can be all done within The Race Director without adding any fields. For full documentation, please see here.

Race Director Go Race CreationCreate a Race
The first step is to Create an account (if you are already a RunSignUp user you can use your existing account since we are built on the same cloud platform).  Then you can Create a Race (again, if you are a RunSignUp timer and have a race already, RD will show you a list of your races already and will tie the existing Online Race to your RD race). Note RD is smart enough to know the Events you have on the PC and creates those online automatically for you.

Upload ParticipantsUpload Participants
You can upload participant data that is in RD already. This is useful for providing an online mechanism for registering for Result Notifications. This also loads all of the bulk data to RD Go so people can see participant information before the race if enabled. It also reduces the amount of data that is required to transfer to the cloud once results start flowing in.

QR Code for Individual Results
RD Go also makes it simple to generate custom URL’s for each participant. These can be sent to the bib maker to produce a custom finisher information QR Code for each bib as seen below.
QR Code Generation

Results PostingTo simply publish results, go to the “Event” setting in Tailor -> Divisions and determine whether or not results are sent to RD Go. Each time you create a new race in Race Director, a single event is also created. For the RD Go live results posting, it is never necessary to have more than this one, single event.Posting Live Results

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.31.20 PMYou can also configure “live results” where RD Go will auto-post results as people cross the timing mats.

Age Groups
There are simple settings for displaying Age Groups online.

Age Groups

Age Group Results

You can even configure to show double dipping of age group awards:

Double Dip Age Groups

Mobile ResultsMobile Design
The results are displayed in a “Responsive Design”, which means they look great on mobile phones as well. This is important as many runners are checking your website for results right after the race.

Widget on Your Website

The online results have a specific URL that you can share. To embed these results on the race website and your timing website, you can simply click the “embed” link at the bottom of the results page and copy and paste that code into your webpage and you get these beautiful searchable results:

Results Widget

If enabled, anyone can sign up to receive notifications on participants. Online, the participants will by default be displayed with data similar to what is in the Results (Name, Age, City, State).  The Online system has a configuration to adjust what data is shown or to force people to enter the correct name to sign up for notifications. In either case, the runners as well as any family members can go online to sign up for notifications. They simply click on the name and specify whether they want TXT and/or EMail.

Result Placeholder OptionsThe Timer Dashboard online gives you the ability to set up custom notifications with custom text and specific fields to be displayed (see examples on the right).  For example, you can create a TXT that says something like “Congratulations Bob on completing the Budweiser Rotary 5K in a time of 17:32. Your overall place was 32 and your gender place was 28.”

We look forward to your feedback to make this even simpler and more powerful. Let us know your ideas and feedback!

RunSignUp Results Pricing

With the release of RunSignUp Results 3.0, we will be introducing new pricing mechanisms. Races who use RunSignUp for registration will still get free results and notifications.

The pricing is really meant to address our customers (especially timers who can not dictate registration providers) who use a mix of registration platforms and want to use RunSignUp Results across those races. The pricing is very inexpensive for the number of results posted as well as email notifications. The price is based mostly on the cost of TXT notifications, which are a cost for us to send as well as administer, especially at scale when tens of thousands of txts must be sent on a Saturday morning.

Non-Registration Races
Each user receives 2,500 results posting and 100 TXT notifications for free to use across any number of races. You can see this by going to, which is also a link in your Profile:

Results and Notifications Credits

This means you can post results for a 2,500 person race to RunSignUp even if you do not use RunSignUp for registration (remember if you use RunSignUp for registration, things are free as discussed below).  You could also post results for 10 races of 100 people each. Part of the concept is we want to bring big race features to any race.

Credits Tied to User Accounts
Note these free credits are tied to a user’s account. This is important to keep in mind since the user account used to upload results must have the credits. For example, a timer would want to have the same account login stored in Race Director or RunScore when doing automated uploads.

Sharing Credits
You can share your credits with other users.  This is convenient for timers who have multiple crews and each crew has their own login. You can share with others by entering their email (use the email they are registered on RunSignUp with) at

Large Race and Timer Plans
We offer very affordable plans for large races and timers based on a flexible “Credits” system. Credits do not expire and can be used across races. You can set your credits to automatically renew if they get used up.

Your purchased credits are not used on a race that has RunSignUp registration. For example a timer that has 100 races and 40 of them use RunSignUp and 60 do not. The timer would only have to use the credits on the 60 races, as we automatically detect that a race has enough credits to do results and notifications. The only time this changes would be if the timer expects many more TXT notifications than number of runners in the race.

Note the more costly credit packages are really driven by the number of TXT messages since there is a cost to us for those.

Results Pricing

RunSignUp Registration Races
For races that register people with RunSignUp, we allocate 10X the number of registrations for the number of results posted.  We also allow 1X the number of registrations for free TXT. These credits do not roll over – they are done on a yearly basis. This is typically plenty as we have seen less than a .6X factor of people who want TXT notifications of total registrations. For example, here are the numbers for a race with 1,412 registrations  that had 831 TXT messages requested from last weekend:

Result Notification Report

Split Notification Support
This credit system allows us to open up Splits notifications. We had previously limited this because we could not afford to give away for free the cost of the TXT messages for 26 splits in a marathon for example. Now the timer or race director can pay for that service beforehand.

RunScore and Race Director Support
This updated pricing works well with RunScore and Race Director, the two premier scoring platforms that most timers use. RunScore also uses our technology and RunScore users are encouraged to purchase additional credits needed from the RunScore Results site – It also works with Agee Timing. Since they all support real time updates to RunSignUp Results, delivering notifications in near real time is possible for any size race – even small 100 person races.

Resell and OEM Support
Our Results platform is also available for license. This means other race industry software and cloud services can “private label” this technology. There will be several partners who will be bringing this to market over the comping months. If your company has an interest in this, please contact us (even if you are another registration site – we are an open platform!).

We have seen exponential growth in the use of RunSignUp Results, and the adoption of near real time Notifications. Runners love this “extra”, and we have heard how timers get a kick out of seeing results coming from their chip system into RunScore or The Race Director and a few seconds later the people next to them getting little chirps on their phones to tell the runner their time.

Please continue to provide us with feedback so we can continue to improve the system for you, your races and most importantly for your runners.

RunSignUp Results 3.0

ResultsRunSignUp Results 3.0 is now released.

There are a number of significant improvements over RunSignUp Results 2.0:

  • Improved User Interface and Kiosk for faster Results viewing and searching.
  • Quick Widget for embedding Results in Timer and Race websites.
  • New Pricing to allow non-RunSignUp races to use RunSignUp Results.
  • Improved API and integration with RunScore and Race Director.
  • Infrastructure improvements to allow for licensing RunSignUp Results to other software and service companies for them to tightly integrate with their offerings.

We have seen exponential growth in the use of RunSignUp Results, and especially Notifications by races. This new release will help bring better results and notifications to more runners.

logo-transparent-30pxhNote also, we continue our open platform strategy so still embrace other results systems as partners we work with. Xact and RTRT are both very logo_shadowrobust results systems that bring a variety of benefits to races, and we continue to work with them well.

Ford Timing Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Ford Timing Case Study focuses on Integration with the Race Director, Widgets for existing Websites, and RunSignUp GO features. 

View the PDF Version of the Ford Timing Case Study

Case Study Header for WordPress


Overview: Ford Timing, a technologically adventurous Timing company in California, chooses RunSignUp for its tight integrations and easy Race Day features.

About Ford Timing: Ford Timing was founded by Aaron Ford in 2009.  They provide Timing Services for Road Races, Cross Country & Track Meets, Triathlons, Duathlons, Stair Climb Challenges…and any other kind of race you might come up with.  Ford utilizes The Race Director Timing Software and Chronotrack Chip Timing for the events they work with.  Currently, Ford Times 70-80 Races each year.

“I think it’s safe to say, in this day and age, my Race Directors expect more than just Timing, and if we’re able to deliver the Live Results, the Notifications, etc, than that’s a real competitive advantage for our business.” – Aaron Ford, Ford Timing Owner

RunSignUp and Integration with The Race Director

Aaron came to RunSignUp with an established trust in the Timing Software he used (The Race Director), and it was crucial to him that his registration company have the ability to work with The Race Director instead of requiring that he change software.  Aspects of the integration with The Race Director that are especially important to Aaron include: 

  • Picture5The Race Director allows for Push & Pull Changes: Changes made to data in The Race Director can update the information in RunSignUp, and changes made to the data in RunSignUp can update the information in The Race Director.
  • Using The Race Director means that most of the work is done locally in the software, so the internet requirements are limited.  The race can be scored even with a weak internet connection.
  • There is control over sending results: Aaron can review result information before publishing it.  For this reason, Aaron chooses Manual Publishing of Results, instead of Automatic.Picture6

“With RunSignUp, because youhave control over when to send up results, you can ensure that they are correct.  I like being live, but I want to be RIGHT, so that I can send that right text message the first time.”
– Aaron Ford

RunSignUp and Integration With Your Site

Picture4Aaron uses widgets to make RunSignUp a seamless part of the Races he times.  Widgets can be placed directly into the website of the Race so that runners can register without ever leaving the Race Website. Similarly, Results Widgets allow RunSignUp Results to “live” on the Race Website.

Integrating registration and results into an existing Race Website brings more traffic to the Race Website, and removes roadblocks for Runners.

RunSignUp Go: Testing Race Day Technology

While there are features of RunSignUp Go that Aaron uses regularly, he also tries to test out new features on a per-race basis.  For the Moraga 4th of July Fun Run that he timed, he tested out leaving Online Registration open through the start of the race. People could sign up online before leaving their house in the morning, on their phone on the way to the race, or as they walked up to Bib Pickup, and their information was immediately available to the volunteers at Bib Pickup.

Considerations When Allowing “Pre”(Online) Registration Through Race Day Morning

  • Registration periods on RunSignUp were set so that the price increased to Race Day price at midnight
  • Runners registering online (instead of by paper) are more likely to input accurate data
  • Runners can pay by credit card online, instead of needing cash.

Aaron could then use dynamic bib assignment to get each of the late-registrants assigned bibs (discussed in more detail later), and push the late registration information into The Race Director to ensure that his participant data was updated prior to the start of the race.


RunSignUp Go: Using Dynamic Bib Assignment

For mid-to-large races (over 200 runners), Aaron utilizes Dynamic Bib Assignment for Bib Pickup.  The logistics of Race Day, Dynamic Bib Assignment:

  • To manage Race Day, Aaron keeps a stock of cheap, refurbished Chromebooks that can be used either as kiosks for registration, or by volunteers assigning bibs.
  • No bibs are pre-assigned and labeled.
  • As Runners enter, volunteers look them up by name on their Chromebook, take timage001he next bib off their pile, and assign their bib number.
  • For a race with 1,500 runners, Aason has found that 8 stations are adequate to keep Bib Pickup moving smoothly with Dynamic Bib Assignment.
  • Using Dynamic Bib Assignment, Ford has checked in over 600 runners in under 2 hours, using 8 laptops.

Note: it is important to ensure that there is a strong internet connection in order to use Dynamic Bib Assignment.

Benefits of using Dynamic Bib Assignment 

  • Eliminates wasted Bibs: If you have pre-assigned bib, and 10% of your runners don’t show up, you have wasted 10% ofyour Bibs.  That cost can accumulate over the course of multiple races.
  • Saves time: limits line back-up for common letters, and removes the need to search through Bibs to find the correct one.
  • Better evaluate the effectiveness of pre-race Packet Pickup and/or a specific Volunteer/Pick-Up location: RunSignUp reporting will show you when your bibs were picked up, and how many were picked up by a specific User.

RunSignUp Results

Beyond the simplicity of one-click push of results from The Race Director to RunSignUp, Aaron finds some advantages to RunSignUp Results:

  • The ability to do SMS texting and email notifications.
  • The text on SMS & Email notifications is customizable.  For example. Aaron removes Age Group Place from his results notifications because that is more likely to change with chip timing.
  • RunSignUp results are Mobile Responsive, so Runners can access their results quickly on their phones, or on a tablet or laptop kiosk that is set up at the Race.
  • Results are searchable by bib number or name.
  • Results can be hosted as a widget on the website for the race to that result can be found on the Race Site immediately when they are published from The Race Director.Picture1Picture2

Summary: Ford Timing prefers RunSignUp because it combines “flashy” Race Day features that runners want with technology integrations and manual controls to allow them to ensure consistency and accuracy.

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

Race Director/Timer Symposium Videos

As a part of our RunSignUp Customer Video Page, we have the official release of the Presentations from the first RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium in July.  We had some really dynamic, innovative Presenters, and we are thrilled to be able to share their knowledge with all our Customers.

Presentation Videos include:New Symposium Logo Green more square

Growing a Small Race
By Kelly Stewart of the NC Troopers Footchase 5k

Marketing like a Marketer
By Cornelia Stumpf of the Critz Tybee RunFest

Corporate Teams
By Michele Langevin of Jeff Galloway

Race Director Logistics
By Terry Lewis of RS Racing Systems 

What Your Timer Does
By Todd Henderlong of T&H Timing

Managing Your Runners
By James & Michelle Bettis of 3W Races

RunSignUp Go
By Aaron Ford of Ford Timing

00runnerBWant a Challenge?  See if you can find Ron (our Running Man) hanging out, dancing, and enjoying himself in each of the Presentation videos!

Stay Tuned: We’ll be announcing the dates for the 2015 Race Director/Timer Symposium soon!



August 2014 Newsletter



Between the release of our new Race Director Dashboard and our first Race Director/Timer Symposium, the last month surrounded us with creativity and customer feedback.

We have a few cool new features that are simple to set up, but will really set your race apart for your Runners and Sponsors, and save valuable time as a Race Director:

Adding Value for Your Runners:

Video ResultsSet up a video camera at the finish line (or split points), upload the video to Youtube, and you can include a video link in your RunSignUp results that will automatically snap to the time that the runner can expect to find themselves in the video.  Early feedback on this feature is that runners have loved the unexpected feature.

Basno Electronic BadgesWe have partnered with Basno to make it easy for Race Directors to create a digital badges that allow runners to share their accomplishments and encourage friends to participate. There are 3 levels of capability with Basno, from free Basic use to a more robust Premium account.

Adding Value for Your Sponsors:

Reporting 2.0: Released with the new Race Director Dashboard, Reporting 2.0 allows for search by participant or year, a fully customizable view of report fields, and export options for CSV, Google Sheets, Dropbox, and more. Reports can be useful to you, the Race Director, but beyond that they can be a simple tool to help demonstrate value to your Sponsors.

Event Specific NotificationsCustomize the specific message on the Confirmation Email sent to Runners, based on the event they register for.  This is another feature that you can use as a selling point for Sponsors: if you attract separate Sponsors for separate events, you can effectively highlight the Sponsor for that event in your Confirmation email to Runners.

Race Director Timesavers:


Time Zone Change: We can now support Time Zones, eliminating time calculation adjustments for Race Directors outside the Easter Time Zone.

Giveaway Inventories: Two new features around Giveaway inventories allow for Race Directors to set an inventory on Giveaway items that they have a set quantity of (great way to use leftover Giveaways from previous races as limited-quantity swag for another race!), as well as providing a tool for estimating the number of Giveaways (per size) that should be needed (based on numbers from previous years).

News Blogs

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NC Troopers Footchase Case Study
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