Glass City Marathon Offers Live Race Day Experience with RaceJoy!

138,000 Progress Alerts Issued!


As one of the first marathons to ever offer RaceJoy, the 2017 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon delivered a live race day experience for those at the race site and for remote spectators. RaceJoy was a significant component of this along with the event’s live streaming and interviews on race day. And clearly people embraced the technology with 138,000 progress alerts being issued through RaceJoy – breaking the record for most alerts at a single race.


Photos from Glass City Marathon Facebook

The Glass City Marathon likes to bring new race day experiences and this year race organizers implemented a new live race day page on the Glass City Marathon website. This offered quick access to the RaceJoy app, a live leaderboard, which provided instant official results information, and a live streaming video of the race. This was really awesome since it wasn’t just a static streaming of the finish line. It also included the local news anchor from BCSN The Blade covering the race day and performing live interviews with participants. It also included a split screen where you could watch finishers come in while seeing what was going on at other areas of the finishing area in the Glass Bowl. In addition, for those participants that setup their profile for auto tweeting of progress, their alerts showed in the twitter live streaming (#RunGlassCity) shown on the live race page.

Screenshot from the Glass City Marathon Website

With the RaceJoy app, Glass City Marathon also provided participants and spectators with live race day features like continual progress updates, live phone tracking, cheer sending, and scored results within moments of crossing the finish line. This year, more than 7,000 people used RaceJoy at the Glass City Marathon!


The Glass City Marathon is one of the few races RaceJoy also offers Bib tag tracking along with RaceJoy’s industry first GPS-based progress updates. This meant that thousands of participants and spectators were receiving progress updates at every mile on the course. Updates included information like location, pace, and estimated finish time. Participants also had the option of posting their progress to their Facebook and Twitter walls. A record breaking number of alerts were sent out over the course of the Glass City Marathon weekend, with 138,000 progress alerts being issued!


One of the great things about Glass City Marathon offering both tracking in RaceJoy and the live streaming of the finish line is that supporting family and friends could track participants’ blue dot as it moved along the course in the app and then watch them live in the streaming video as they crossed the finish line. Most runners have a friend or family member that can’t make it to the race. So, this offered an easy way to support the participant remotely and share in the race experience whether at the race site, at home or in another country (we saw you Canadians and Brits tracking your runners!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 6.21.31 PM
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Supporting family and friends were also able to track runners live as they moved along the course by using RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking feature.


Supporting friends and family sent close to 9,000 cheers to Glass City Marathon participants! Way to support the runners!


The Glass City Marathon takes place in our nation’s “Glass City”; Toledo, Ohio and is hosted by the Toledo Roadrunners Club. Northwest Ohio’s largest springtime event finishes in the Glass Bowl and the race organizers go all out to provide a special race experience. on. Thank you race organizers for including RaceJoy again this year, and congratulations finishers on a job well done!

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Photo from Glass City Marathon Facebook

Race Organizers: If you’d like to be on the forefront of race day technology, get your event loaded in RaceJoy by checking out our website for information or go to your RunSignUp dashboard. Please note that we require a minimum two-week load time prior to the race start and an official course map in KML or GPX format.



Toledo Likes Technology: Glass City Marathon Takes Full Advantage of RaceJoy!

GCM_PhoneThis weekend we had amazing usage at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio. Race director, Clint McCormick, was one of the first to offer RaceJoy in last year’s 2014 Glass City Marathon race event. Race participants and spectators, once again, showed a huge adoption of technology, with more than 6,000 people using RaceJoy to add to their race experience.

More than 2,000 cheers were sent to participants from supporting friends and family, and 425 phones were tracked live on the course using RaceJoy’s GPS phone tracking technology.

During the race, RaceJoy issued 62,000 timed progress alerts based on the person’s bib tag crossing timing points on the course. Gault Timing provided timing services for the race and implemented the RunScore continuous streaming of scored results. Scored results were delivered in real-time through RaceJoy.

The response from participants and spectators was one of a delighted surprise with comments like:

“I knew my results at the finish line. It was amazing.”

This integration with the race timing feature is one we will be implementing with RunSignUp’s platform as an option for races to deliver notifications through RaceJoy. We also currently issue text notifications through RunSignUp’s Race Director Go platform.

GCMProgAlertPeople took advantage of RaceJoy’s progress alert replay feature where you can look up a participant at any time to see their history – when they crossed the timing points on the course. You do not have to setup to track a participant prior to them reaching a timing location for this. This feature is also available with RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts.

Toledo race participants showed their adoption of social media by posting these progress alerts to their Facebook and Twitter walls. There were 900 postings on Facebook and 300 on Twitter – which was the highest social media posting usage yet in RaceJoy.

It was a great weekend with Toledo residents and we enjoyed their mid-western warmth and sense of humor.


If you are a race organizer and would like to get your race added to RaceJoy, simply enable RaceJoy in the RunSignUp GO platform and provide your course map electronically (KML, GPX or link to map). You can also email this to We require a minimum of two weeks to load and will send you notice and promotion toolkit once it is active. This is free to the event and the participant and spectator pay a 99 cents per race upgrade fee. Buyout options are available for race organizers to offer RaceJoy for free. For more information on this, please view our PhoneTrak Pricing Flyer.

PhoneTrakPhoneRaceJoy key features:

Live phone tracking

Audio cheer sending

Near Me Proximity alerts

MeetUp mapping feature

Now Available! GPS Progress Alerts

2015 Glass City Marathon Brings Joy to the Race

Organizers Offer RaceJoy for an Innovative Race Experience

PhoneImage_UpdatedApril 23, 2015 —Toledo, OH — The Glass City Marathon, a Toledo Road Runners Club event, to be held on April 26, 2015, is once again offering RaceJoy, a RunSignUp mobile race application. This is the second year race organizers offer RaceJoy to provide a unique real-time race day interactive experience for participants and spectators. With features like live runner tracking, timing progress alerts, cheer sending, and instant race results, participants and spectators will be able to have real-time information and interaction during the race. The Glass City Marathon was one of the first marathons in the country to offer RaceJoy in 2014 and race participants embraced the new technology with enthusiasm.

Last year’s Glass City Marathon had an impressive 123% usage of RaceJoy (includes spectators). By integrating with the event’s official timing solution, provided by Gault Timing, RaceJoy was able to issue a total of 29,500 progress alerts within moments of participants crossing timing mats on the course. In addition, supporting friends and family sent more than 3,000 audio cheer clips in RaceJoy to help motivate and encourage participants. This early adoption and support of RaceJoy helped fuel RaceJoy’s continued growth with now more than 150,000 downloads in more than 65 countries.

“When we first heard about RaceJoy, we saw that this was something very new and different for the race industry and our participants loved it last year. We like to bring innovation to the running experience to help build a memorable experience for our participants. RaceJoy is focused on the participant and spectator experience and interactions, making things easier and more enjoyable. We are excited to include it as part of the Glass City Marathon overall experience, “ said Race Director of Glass City Marathon, Clint McCormick. 

As a Featured Event in RaceJoy, the Glass City Marathon is providing a premium experience that includes real-time, interactive capabilities on race day. By integrating with Glass City Marathon’s timing services, RaceJoy is able to deliver a comprehensive mobile experience with official race timing alerts as participants cross over timing mats and scored results information within moments of crossing the finish line- bypassing the need to stand in results lines. In addition, RaceJoy provides an interactive connection between participants and spectators through features such as live GPS runner tracking on a course map, NearMe proximity alerts as the participant draws near, and the ability to send fun audio cheer clips. 

The Glass City Marathon offers multiple courses so that runners and walkers have choices to meet their fitness goals, including the Marathon, the Owens Corning Half-Marathon, the five-person marathon relay, a 5K race and a Kid’s run. Those who use RaceJoy will have convenient access to information about each of the courses, the race expo, local places of interest, frequently asked questions, and much more.

“RaceJoy’s days of inception began with the support and contributions of family members in the Toledo area. This, along with our personal history of running the Glass City Marathon and then the race’s early adoption of RaceJoy technology means this race is especially important to us. We are looking forward to being at the expo and finish area on race weekend so we can meet with runners face-to-face and be a part of an amazing event that has grown to be seen as a keystone to the community,” said original founder of RaceJoy, James Harris.