Fundraiser Email Updates

Now, when a fundraiser sends an email through their fundraising center, they can select specific contacts from the fundraising list. Before, a fundraiser needed to select all contacts on their list. Here is an example of the selection option in the fundraising center: We also added the option for fundraisers to save draft emails. During the... Continue Reading →

2017 RunSignUp Symposium Presentation Videos

We've been busy editing and collating the videos from this year's RunSignUp Symposium...and while the collection is not yet complete, we wanted to share the ones that are ready! You can find links for all completed presentation videos here: Links for individual presentations are below. Customer/Industry Presentations Supercharging your Sponsor Program, with Peter Abraham Driving... Continue Reading →

Donor Phone Number

There is now an option that adds a phone number field to the donation process. In the past, we did not collect this data for donors to make as few steps as possible for simple donations to be made. Some charities like to give phone calls to donors. In combination with the large donation notification,... Continue Reading →

Hide SignUp Button

You can now hide the SignUp Button on any page. For example, on the Donate page, you may want to keep the focus on donations, and hide it. Or if you want to use RunSignUp simply to take donations (our rates are only 4% for donations), you can hide the SignUp on all pages. Set... Continue Reading →

Charity Fundraiser Spot Allocation

We are extending our Fundraising platform to allow large races to manage the process of allocating spots to different charities who use a diverse set of fundraising platforms outside of RunSignUp. The big benefit is that the race then gets each fundraiser to go thru the normal registration process and collect all the normal race... Continue Reading →

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