Participant Import now Includes manual Donation entry

There is now an option to enter a donation during the participant import process. This will save a step when entering offline registrations, since a donation amount can be entered at the same time as the participant information. 

Inline image 1

If the import also is creating a Fundraiser for the imported participant, then once the participant/donation is imported, the system will automatically create a manual donation and tie it to the registrant’s fundraising page.

Fundraiser Minimum Emails sent to deleted fundraisers

We updated this report to add a ‘Hide deleted fundraisers’ option that is checked by default.

If fundraisers were deleted since the report was generated, re-generating it would clear them regardless of the checkbox as well. This is useful for if a participant was originally in the charity bib event, but then transferred to the regular half marathon for example.

screen shot 2017-02-27 at 4 07 55 pm

Donation Webinar

This is a re-recording of the Donation Webinar from Feb. 2, 2017. It covers an introduction webinar of the basics of Donations as part of our overall Fundraising Platform. This covers simple donations, donation levels, 4% processing fee as well as options for donor payment of processing fees, manual donation entry, reporting and more. A separate Webinar covers the Fundraising aspects of the platform.