Bulk Transfer Improvements

The Bulk Transfer tool makes it simple to transfer participants from one race or event to another. This is useful if you are signing up participants for multiple races.

In the past, you had to enter the registration ID’s manually. We have added a new capability that automatically takes the first 250 participants and inputs their registration ID’s for you.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.16.40 PM.png

If you have never used the bulk transfer tool, after the first step, there is a confirmation page:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.18.09 PM.png

The next page is picking the race to be transferred into:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.18.29 PM.png

Then the event:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.20.02 PM.png

Then those participants go thru the normal Import process, where data is mapped and then imported.

Giveaways During Transfers

Giveaway PlannerDuring event and participant (bib) transfers, if the original runner had a Large Shirt reserved and there is no more inventory of Large, the person they are transferring to can claim that Large shirt now. Previously, it showed the size as being sold out.

This also works for people transferring from say the Marathon to the Half Marathon.

Note, this only works for Giveaway options that are the same!  So if there is a different giveaway event ID for the Full and Half Marathon, then it will work off the new event inventory.

Case Study: Erie Runners Club, Big White Trailer, and RunSignUp

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on a commitment to Race Day technology. 

View the PDF Version of the Case Study

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Erie Runners Club, RunSignUp, and Race DayPicture3

The Erie Runners Club invested in equipment and technology to make race day registration and check-in easier and more efficient.

About the Erie Runners Club and Big White Trailer

ERC was founded in 1976 to serve the running/racing needs of Northwestern PA, Western NY, and Northeastern OH offering their nearly 800 members at least one race each month. Club member Jim Lang is also the owner of the timing company Big White Trailer, timing and/or directing several of the club events, including the ERC St. Patrick’s Day Distance Festival.

Committing to Technology

Initially, the St Patrick’s Day Race only offered registration via paper; online registration was introduced as a compliment to the event. Since then, the Erie Runners Club has fully committed to technology to enhance the race experience. They purchased laptops, receipt printers, and barcode scanners to use as kiosks and operate the race day Check-In App.Picture4

Registration Kiosk

When someone forgot to print paper applications to take to packet pickup, Jim grabbed a laptop and set up a registration kiosk. After a quick test proved easy, they did all registrations at Packet Pickup via kiosk.

In total, they had 11 mailed-in paper applications, and ~50 Race Day paper entries.

A More Efficient Check-In Process

Picture1With their full suite of race day technology, ERC was able to offer a smooth race day. To
expedite the process:

  • They emailed all registrants with their barcode and a suggestion to print – about 1/3 of participants did bring their printed barcodes.
  • All runners got a printed receipt with their shirt information from the check-in desk; they were then moved to a separate shirt line to speed things up.

The club’s full commitment to technology allowed them to create a truly seamless check-in process. The settings they used for their Check-In App are below:


“Believe it – every problem I had with Saturday’s race was from a paper app on race day. NOTHING went wrong with check-in, receipt printing, or giveaways.” 

– Jim Lang, Big White Trailer

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

Re-Applying Discounts During Event Transfers

We have added the ability for race directors to allow discounts to be reapplied during the event transfer process in participant management. This can be turned on under Participants>>Participant Management>>Event Transfer>>Reapply Discount.

Here are a few important things to note about this feature:

  • During the event transfer process, the discount amount from the original registration will be discounted on the new registration.
    • First example: registrant uses a $5 coupon code for his initial registration for the 5K. When completing an event transfer to the 10K, the $5 discount will be reapplied to the new registration.
    • Second example: registrant uses a 100% coupon code for a 5K valued at $30. When completing an event transfer to the 10K (valued at $45), the original $30 discount amount will carry over to the new registration (leaving an entry fee balance of $15)
  • If the original registration did have a discount, the participant cannot enter a new coupon code during the event transfer.
    • For the second example above, the participant would not be able to enter a secondary coupon code to discount the entry fee balance of $15.
  • The discount amount will be listed in the participant report, which will be separate from the main discount field. This is an easy way for you to track the discounts that were transferred over during event transfers.
  • If a discount was reapplied during an event transfer, it won’t be listed in the actual discount report (however, the original registration is in those reports to reflect the discount amount)


Transferring Events Options

Event TransferWe have added the capability to allow participants who have signed up for an event already to transfer into another event even if that event is full. Caution on using this option because runners might sign up for your Half Marathon to get into your full Marathon.

We also allow for Events to be linked together for the purpose of doing caps. For example you might want to have a wave race start with two different distances (a 5K and a 10K).

We now give you an option to allow a person in one event to transfer to the other event within that cap. You can set this up as an option in the Participant Transfer Setup page of your race dashboard as shown below (second checkbox). The first checkbox will allow for participants to transfer into any event even if they are full.

Event Transfer Options