Bulk Transfer Improvements

The Bulk Transfer tool makes it simple to transfer participants from one race or event to another. This is useful if you are signing up participants for multiple races. In the past, you had to enter the registration ID's manually. We have added a new capability that automatically takes the first 250 participants and inputs... Continue Reading →

New Event Transfer Option

You can now control if you allow participants to transfer into an event even after registration is closed. This is another option on the Participants -> Participant Management -> Event Transfers page:  

Giveaways During Transfers

During event and participant (bib) transfers, if the original runner had a Large Shirt reserved and there is no more inventory of Large, the person they are transferring to can claim that Large shirt now. Previously, it showed the size as being sold out. This also works for people transferring from say the Marathon to... Continue Reading →

Re-Applying Discounts During Event Transfers

We have added the ability for race directors to allow discounts to be reapplied during the event transfer process in participant management. This can be turned on under Participants>>Participant Management>>Event Transfer>>Reapply Discount. Here are a few important things to note about this feature: During the event transfer process, the discount amount from the original registration... Continue Reading →

Transfer Event Pricing Options

You have the ability to set pricing on a per-event basis. This can be very powerful for Wave races where you want to have different pricing for transferring between different types of waves. Here is an example of how it is set up for one race:

Transferring Events Options

We have added the capability to allow participants who have signed up for an event already to transfer into another event even if that event is full. Caution on using this option because runners might sign up for your Half Marathon to get into your full Marathon. We also allow for Events to be linked... Continue Reading →

Race Transfer Credit Flexibility

When you as a race director move someone from one event to another, you now have the flexibility to give them credit for that transfer or not. For example if I transfer someone from the Half to the Full Marathon and the full marathon costs $20 extra. Some race directors want to make that $20... Continue Reading →

WSJ Article on Bib Exchange

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article Marathons, Triathlons Allow Runners to Resell or Transfer Entry Bibs. Bob Bickel, founder of RunSignUp.com, says some 10% of events on the site scheduled for the next 12 months permit a runner to transfer a bib to another runner, up from less than 6% in the past... Continue Reading →

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