Volunteer List in EMail Marketing

We have added Volunteers as a simple list in EMail Marketing. This makes it simple to include Volunteers on emails, or to use the EMail marketing system to communicate directly with them. They appear in both the Send Email quick pick list, as well as when building custom lists. Since it shows each Task, you... Continue Reading →

Cleaned Up Confirmation Email Printing

We have cleaned up the formatting of confirmation emails to make them print in a much cleaner looking format with less wasted paper at the end of the page. Note races have lots of options on Confirmation Emails, such as: Format Header Content Editing

Partner Access to Sent Emails

We now provide Partners access to all emails sent from the system. This includes things like confirmations, team creation, event and bib transfers, etc. This is useful sometimes for tracking down information on a customer request. This is NOT available for individual races, and is only available to large partners. The new search is found... Continue Reading →

6 Million Free Emails

You have used our integrated email system to send over 6 Million Emails this year so far (early March). There are a wide variety of Emails sent, here are some of the types: Running Clubs are using our Free Email for sending Monthly Newsletters Races upload lists from partners to send emails promoting their race... Continue Reading →

Automated Emails

We are beginning the roll-out of Automated Emails. Since our Email system is tightly integrated with our database, it means we can do very interesting things in an automated fashion. The idea is that we want to provide a very easy way for race directors to enable automated emails for a variety of common functions... Continue Reading →

Confirmation Email Customization

We have made major improvements to the Confirmation Email, and created a number of mechanisms for you to customize it to your needs. First, we redesigned the layout to be easier to read. Then we included the following features: Automatically include your Race Logo. Customizable sections at the top, including and Event specific section. Participant... Continue Reading →

Download Email Lists

We have made it simple to see how many participants are in each of your lists, and download your lists into a spreadsheet. Here is a sample screenshot of the new EMail List page:

Club Emails

We (finally) have free emails for Clubs! This works the same way that Email for Races works. You can view the How To Video here. We ask that you use the email responsibly for things like communicating with Club members and promoting races where you take registration on RunSignUp. The emails do cost us money,... Continue Reading →

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