Donor Phone Number

There is now an option that adds a phone number field to the donation process. In the past, we did not collect this data for donors to make as few steps as possible for simple donations to be made. Some charities like to give phone calls to donors. In combination with the large donation notification,... Continue Reading →

Charity Fundraiser Spot Allocation

We are extending our Fundraising platform to allow large races to manage the process of allocating spots to different charities who use a diverse set of fundraising platforms outside of RunSignUp. The big benefit is that the race then gets each fundraiser to go thru the normal registration process and collect all the normal race... Continue Reading →

Donation Webinar

This is a re-recording of the Donation Webinar from Feb. 2, 2017. It covers an introduction webinar of the basics of Donations as part of our overall Fundraising Platform. This covers simple donations, donation levels, 4% processing fee as well as options for donor payment of processing fees, manual donation entry, reporting and more. A... Continue Reading →

Paying Processing Fees at Checkout

We have added more options for races to allow participants and donors to pay the processing fee at checkout. This now includes the ability to customize the message to encourage donors to pay the processing fees. This is done on the Financial -> Processing Fee Type page of the Race Dashboard:

Donation Amount Reports

We have added a report search options to Donations to allow for greater than or less than searches. This makes it simple to send special "Thank You's" or Gifts to large donors. The new search fields are under Donations -> Reports:

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