Coupons for Corporate Team Teams

Yes, that title was intentional. RunSignUp has extensive support for Corporate Teams. This is where a company is typically providing some sort of support for employees, like helping to pay for entry fees, or providing discounted fees to members of Corporate Teams (perhaps because the company helped with sponsorship of the race). Since the company... Continue Reading →

Updated Coupons

We have released new functionality with our Coupons that improve reporting, analysis and ease management and creation. In addition we added some nice enhanced features. First, reporting has been improved with built in ROI analysis. You will note the top table shows the discount amount ($5,386) and the amount of registration fees they produced ($7,790)... Continue Reading →

Copying Race Coupon Limit of 50,000

We have recently upped the limit to 50,000 coupons that can be copied when creating a new race with the copy feature. We also now automatically remove expired coupons, which will not count against the 50,000 limit. If your race has over 50,000 coupons, we suggest that you keep track of them in separate spreadsheets.  Then... Continue Reading →

Affiliate Discounts

RunSignUp's Affiliate Program was designed for partners like who have race calendars. It allows them to easily grab all of the races on RunSignUp and list them automatically on their website. We have a tracking code so we know the source of the runner coming to register on RunSignUp. We've taken this idea to a... Continue Reading →

Coupons for Giveaway Upgrades

Some races have a cost to some of their giveaway items. For example a free cotton shirt, but $10 extra for a tech shirt. Up until now, the coupon for race fees also applied to the giveaway items. So if the runner had a 100% off coupon, they also got the tech shirt for free.... Continue Reading →

Sponsor Rewards and Gift Certificates

Some race sponsors want a way to distribute special gift certificates or rewards. We recently had a race in Colorado that is closely linked with a store that is giving gift certificates to the first 50 participants in each event. The purpose is to increase store traffic and drive early registrations. RunSignUp now provides a mechanism to... Continue Reading →

Coupon Code Manual

Ever want more details on all the Coupon options RunSignUp has? Here it is! Also check out the How To Videos. RunSignUp Coupons Manual Add a Coupon Coupon Options Discount Settings Tags Usage and cross-race settings Search & Manage Coupons Coupons Reports

Special Pricing Manual

Ever want more details on all the pricing options that RunSignUp offers in written form? Now you have it! RunSignUp Special Pricing Manual Multiple Registration periods Age-based Pricing Group Pricing Memberships Club Membership Discounts Coupons Corporate Teams & Sponsors

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