Shared Coupon Reports

We have added the ability to share a coupon report with outside parties who do not have access to the rest of the race dashboard. You can navigate to the shared report setup via the Actions drop-down on Financial -> Pricing -> Coupons.


On the Shared Reports page, you will be able to enter email addresses for people who should be able to see a report with all coupons beginning with a specific prefix. This could be used, for example, if you have a sponsor who offers coupons to their customers, with various specific codes for each method of offer. You can use the coupon codes “BankEmail, BankFacebook, and BankStore”, and then provide access for them to view all coupons beginning with “Bank” to give them immediate access to the results of their coupon offer.


Once the user with access has signed into (or created) their RunSignUp account, they can pull up a report with details on each coupon beginning with the set prefix.

Corporate Team Coupon Support

Corporate Teams members can now use coupons. The setting is int he Corporate Team Options:

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 5.24.32 PM.png

If you enable coupons for corporate team members please note the following:

  1. If a team is partially paying for it’s members, the discount is applied after the team portion is determined. For example, if the event is $100 and the team will pay 50% for it’s members and a member then uses a coupon for 50% off, then the corporate team will be charged $50 and the member will get a discount of $25 and will pay $25.
  2. If corporate team members get special pricing, the discount will be on that pricing, so be careful with fixed amount discounts.

Coupons for Add-Ons and Store Items only

CouponsWe have added an advanced Coupon pricing option that will allow you to set up coupons for store and add-on items only.

We implemented in a powerful way so it could be used for other things as well – basically if you select the option it EXCLUDES the race fee from the discount. So it could be used to enhance team fees or other Extra Fees if you selected them.

If checked, the event cost will not be discounted. For example, if the event costs $25 and the participant purchases $10 in add-ons, this option will allow you to discount the $10 in add-ons without discounting the $25 for the event.