Continuous Learning

One of the Guiding Principles of RunSignup is Learning. We are at RunningUSA down in Puerto Rico for the next couple of days and have already had a bunch of wonderful opportunities to learn from others. We figured it was also a good chance to do a little audit of if we are helping provide... Continue Reading →

Three Great Marathon Movies

Make a minimum $50 tax deductible donation to Filmmakers Collaborative, a 501c3 not for profit, and support acclaimed marathon film director Jon Dunham in creating his new film Partenope: Finding A Lost City. You will get arguably the best three marathon movies ever made, including BOSTON, which the RunSignup community supported creating. Donations can be... Continue Reading →

RunSignup is Hiring Interns for Summer 2019!

Do you… Have a passion for the race endurance industry? Love working with the latest and greatest technology? Want exposure and experience with an organization that interacts with thousands of races and charities in the endurance industry? Want to work with a dynamic and cutting-edge tech company that’s utilizing the art of technology to make... Continue Reading →

Top 100 Road Races 2018 Analysis

We have assembled the Top 100 Road Races in a consolidated list and will be maintaining this along with our RaceTrends Report and bi-annual Registration Market reports on a continuing basis. This helps us understand the market better, and we hope it helps others as well. Since this is our first time, we are sure... Continue Reading →

RunSignup for the Long Run

We get a lot of questions about why RunSignup is employee owned and if we intend to sell or get acquired. This comes from three angles: First, our customers and prospective customers have a strong desire for stability. They want to  make an investment in a technology platform that will continue to grow and get... Continue Reading →

Year to Year Participant Declines

We are preparing our yearly Race Trends Report for release at the RunningUSA conference. One of the stats is a comparison of races that happened in 2017 and 2018 where we could measure growth or decline. The Top 1000 Races has a decline in participants of 2.5%, falling 44,589 to 1,777,344 participants. We also track races... Continue Reading →

Active Integration Clarification

We announced a set of integrations that we are working on with Active a couple of days ago and there has been confusion and concern. First, this is a technical integration. There are a variety of customers with a cross set of technologies. For example, there are dozens of timers who time thousands of races... Continue Reading →

Developer Intern Position

We are looking to hire a summer intern software developer to help RunSignUp continue to provide great web services and mobile apps and cutting edge technology to the running and fundraising communities. This is a great opportunity to understand what a real development environment is like, do some good development, work with some very bright... Continue Reading →

2018 Availability Report

Knock on wood, but it was the third year in a row with 100% uptime - zero downtime. We actually just completed a migration to the newest version of PHP that as you can see from the graph below saved about 15-20 milliseconds: We had several highlights from the year on the positive side: Major... Continue Reading →

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