Active Integration Clarification

We announced a set of integrations that we are working on with Active a couple of days ago and there has been confusion and concern. First, this is a technical integration. There are a variety of customers with a cross set of technologies. For example, there are dozens of timers who time thousands of races... Continue Reading →

Developer Intern Position

We are looking to hire a summer intern software developer to help RunSignUp continue to provide great web services and mobile apps and cutting edge technology to the running and fundraising communities. This is a great opportunity to understand what a real development environment is like, do some good development, work with some very bright... Continue Reading →

2018 Availability Report

Knock on wood, but it was the third year in a row with 100% uptime - zero downtime. We actually just completed a migration to the newest version of PHP that as you can see from the graph below saved about 15-20 milliseconds: We had several highlights from the year on the positive side: Major... Continue Reading →

2018 Year in Review

Amazing how time flies - we are heading into our 10th year! It reminds me of a Bill Gates quote: “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” We never thought we would be processing over $210 Million of money for races and non-profits... Continue Reading →

6% of Races over 500 Die

Over the past year, we have been collecting stats on what happens to races over 500 people that use our platform from year to year. For example, in November, 2018, we looked at the 290 races over 500 that used RunSignUp races that occurred in November 2017 to see what happened to them this year.... Continue Reading →

Continuous Branding

Is that a new logo??? We talk a lot about Continuous Improvement. Our product reflects that with 1,500+ updates per year. We continue to offer our customers more and more. We continue to hire new people. More and more races continue to use us (thank you!). In short, lots of change! We recently went thru... Continue Reading →

Help Wanted: Two 10X Developers

The more we develop, the more interesting projects we find! We are looking for two more 10X developers to join our team and help us bring the art of software to our endurance and non-profit customers. The ideal candidate will be someone who loves to code and produce software that is used by millions of... Continue Reading →

The Art of Software

That snippet of code is part of the thousands of other lines of code that are part of our Race Insights that generates your dashboard statistics: At RunSignup, we consider software an art form. The brilliant developers creating the software that manages the lifecycle of thousands of races are artists, and in fact our entire... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp and Acquisitions

There is a wave of consolidation coming in the race registration business, as we've written about several times. Between a flat industry and too many smaller vendors who do not have the critical mass to build a complete platform, many registration companies will be sold or close (as we've seen already with RaceIt and RacePartner... Continue Reading →

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