Cancelled Races

As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, more races are being cancelled. This is a major problem for our industry as it gives a negative image and may over time create more questions on the part of participants when they sign up for races. This also may have severe impacts on registration companies as... Continue Reading →

Lots of Little Things

We did a couple of pretty significant releases yesterday - EMail Templates and CRM View. Perhaps more important for our customers is to know just how many changes we have made in the past two days (38 total changes in 24 releases of our software). Here is a list: Donation Fundraiser Template Fix Fix DatabaseException... Continue Reading →

Designed for Growth

RunSignUp has become the largest endurance registration company in the US with over 15,000 races using us to register over 4.2 Million participants. Our growth continues to build as more races use us, and our technology platform grows to help races across their race lifecycle from Promotion to Registration to Fundraising to Race Day, all... Continue Reading →

Feeling Obnoxious

This is Bob. I am at the Running USA conference (which has been awesome!). However, I am feeling like some people may view me as being a little obnoxious. The reason is I have been very vocal about the potential problems our industry is facing relative to races failing and the safety and longevity of... Continue Reading →

AI Driven Proactive Support

As we grow, we look for ways to serve our customers better and become more efficient. One of the best ways to do this is be proactive - spotting potential problems before they happen. We implemented a new race review process over the past several months based on taking our best practices and implementing them... Continue Reading →

Is Your Registration Company Safe?

With the decline of registrations in our sport, the overabundance of small registration providers, the closing of RaceIt, and most customers abandoning another vendor because of a scenario we predicted in "The Big Short and Registration Payments", races should make sure they have a viable registration company. Races have the right and responsibility to vet... Continue Reading →

RaceDay Scoring Team

Building great software is a complex art. It takes a blend of understanding the problem, creating an innovative solution, leveraging advanced technology, and being able to build a complex system based on code. It does not just happen. You can't just outsource it to some consulting company. It takes the right blend of people to... Continue Reading →

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