Club Website Contact Form

We’ve added the Contact Us form that we have for race websites to reduce spam. Rather than an email address for the club showing, there is now a contact for, which will be forwarded to the club’s email address:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.51.23 PM.png

Clicking the Questions? button will display this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.51.33 PM.png

Note we have seen some aggressive shirt and other vendors actually going thru these. WHile this won’t prevent all of them, at least it will stop the robots ūüôā

Nearby Race List for Clubs Websites

We have added a “Nearby Races” page to Club Websites. This makes it easy for club members to find and post local races, and can become a draw for local runners to your Club Website. Here is an example of what it look like. Note the new page on the bottom of the Menu:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.18.48 AM.png

By default, the race list will include all races listed on RunSignUp within a 50 mile radius. You can customize how this looks with various settings:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.38.29 AM

Show Nearby Races – This allows you to show this page on your Club Website or not.

Radius of Zipcode – This will show all races that use RunSignUp uses for registration, or a race has listed on RunSignUp (see below on how anyone can list and races). By defauly we include races within a 50 mile radius of your Club’s zipcode.

Months Before and After – By default we include 1 month back and 12 months forward. This allows people to look up races that completed recently, but let’s them get to the near term upcoming races quickly.

Include & Exclude Specific Races – You can include or exclude specific races on your race list. You need to enter the RaceID for each. The RaceID is what will show on certain pages in the URL. For example fi you start to sign up for a race on RunSignUP, the URL will look like¬† ¬†In this case, enter “21” as the raceID as a race to include or exclude from your list.

Option to Add Races – You can give anyone an easy way to add races by turning this on.

The other red circle on the Nearby Races page on your Club Website on the first image above is the button anyone can use to post races. The button allows anyone to list a race with minimal information and a link to that race’s website or registration page, or complete more information and create a full RunSignUp Website and optionally Registration. Here is the simple form:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.35.21 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.35.34 AM.png


Bluegrass Runners Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Bluegrass Runners Case Study focuses on automated club management tools and membership discounts. 

View the PDF Version of the Bluegrass Runners Case Study

Case Study Header for WordPress

Bluegrass Runners and RunSignUp

The Bluegrass Runners moved to RunSignUp to make club management and renewals easier and more automated, and benefited from the visibility that Membership Discount and Suggestion gave to the club.


Picture4About Bluegrass Runners

The Bluegrass Runners, Kentucky’s original running club, is a Lexington, KY based running club that was founded in 1972 to promote fitness, fellowship, and fun for runners of all ages and abilities. As a club, they also organize the 2,500 participant Thoroughbred Classic on Thanksgiving morning.Picture3

Automated Member Management

Picture2Prior to RunSignUp, the Bluegrass Runners managed their club memberships via Google doc, with manual Paypal payments. That process was highly manual – for their 12-month membership, they needed to regularly determine whose memberships were expiring, send an email through Mail Chip, and manually add or remove people based on their payment status.

The RunSignUp membership management has helped with renewals – alerts are a really easy way to renew memberships, and increases the percentage who renew on time.

Thoroughbred Classic and Bluegrass Runners Membership

The Thanksgiving Day Thoroughbred Classic draws ~2,500 runners. This year, they were able to turn on the automatic Club Membership discount. With this turned on:

  • Club Members are automatically detected by RunSignUp, and are given a $5 discount on race registration.
  • Non-Club Members automatically receive a suggestion to join the Bluegrass Runners to gain access to the discount.

“We gave a $5 discount to all club members, even if you joined during registration, and we were shocked by how many people did join. In November (Race month), we had 61 new members – that’s more than double the previous month. For years, our membership has hovered around 175-180, and we are now at 256.”¬†– Matt Reno, Bluegrass Runners PresidentPicture1

Simple Donations

The Thoroughbred Classic raises money for seven charities. In 2015, they were able to donate more to their charities than any previous year. Included in that was the $2,124 donated through RunSignUp with a simple donation mechanism in the registration process. One additional benefit of collecting donations in Registration? The Thoroughbred Classic is able to get a sense of what charities are of particular interest to their running community based on the donations received for each option.

What’s Next?

As the Bluegrass Runners learn more of the RunSignUp system, they are excited to start using the Email Marketing that is now integrated in the Club System. Additionally, they want to take another look at the functionality of the free Club Websites to reduce duplicating work by updating information on both their WordPress site and the RunSignUp site.

“Our experience with RunSignUp this year has been really positive. It’s really helped us to modernize and streamline.”¬†– Matt Reno

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!