RaceDay CheckIn App Update

We have released a new version of the RaceDay Check-In App (2.0.14.). It provides the following improvements: Fix offline syncing bug Add Manual Sync option Add Team Search Adds default option of clearing search after checking in a participant

Check-in App Summary Report

We have added a new graph to show the number of people checked in by device. For example, this sample race had 4 people checking people in: Here is another race with many check-in devices. The data is shown every 5 minutes and has a hover capability to see each 5 minute interval in a... Continue Reading →

RaceDay Check-In Updates

We released a new version of the RaceDay native Apple and Android App a week ago. It contains a number of nice updates:   Significant memory utilization improvements on Apple. If you have a large race, please use Apple phones or tablets as they will be much better at handling the large data volume. Show... Continue Reading →

Negative Split Productions Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on RunSignUp Race Websites, the Referral Program, and the RaceDay CheckIn Mobile App.  Download PDF Version of the Case Study About Negative Split Productions and RunSignUp... Continue Reading →

RaceDay CheckIn Update

We have released a new version of the RaceDay CheckIn App on Apple and Android. We made major improvements to memory management and searching to improve performance for large 10,000+ person check-in environments. This update also included some other minor improvements based on user feedback like an improved warning if bib number is not entered (and is... Continue Reading →

Check-In Reporting Enhancements

We have made some very nice enhancements to our check-in app reports and downloads under Participants>>View Participants. The participant report now includes a "Checked-In" field. This field is automatically included in the all field download, but you can also customize your default report so the field will show on the main participant screen. We also added the option to... Continue Reading →

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