Bib Assignment – Multiple Ranges

Race BibsHas your race ever had to use non-consecutive bibs to hand out to runners? For example you have bibs 1001-1500, but you have more than 500 runners. Now RunSignUp let’s you add multiple ranges to do bib assignment. In this example int he video we added bibs starting at 2501 after the first 500 are assigned. Note this all happens automatically – so your runners are getting their bib numbers assigned as they register!

Watch the video for a full demonstration – or try it yourself!

Online Race Day Registration

Race Day RegistrationEnabling online race day registration can improve the operation of your race, and make things better and easier for your runners.  This is a complete overview of the process with pointers to more specific resources on each topic.

On the right you will see the major steps to enable Race Day Registration.  Here are the links to the specific areas of drill-down:

In addition, we think this should all be done in an open environment.  This means that races using other pre-registration systems could use RunSignUp only on race day – importing their existing runners for free.  It means that bib assignment can be done outside of RunSignUp.  It means that any scoring software can be integrated deeply or trade CSV files.  It means that results can be posted to any results display – whether traditional courier font webpages or cutting edge systems like Xacte and Athlinks.  And of course never any lock-in with RunSignUp, and no spam or advertising.

Here is an overview slide deck of the entire process:

Here is a quick video on how to turn on race day registration, as well as access the kiosk mode and bib handout pages.

Video on Race Day Bib Handout:

Bib Handout

Dynamic Bib AssignmentIn our last blog, we talked about Bib Assignment – giving each person a bib number.  This blog discusses the options available for handing out bibs to your runners.

There are three basic options for bibs – pre-printed, printing labels, and dynamic bib assignment.  We discuss each of these in the slides and video below.

RunSignUp has a utility for creating Bib Labels – auto formatting them to fit Avery 5160 labels.

RunSignUp also has an easy way to do dynamic bib assignment.  This allows volunteers to check in runners and assign them bibs right there.  This enables races to distribute bibs before the race in running stores, at an Expo, to running clubs and during race day.

Here is a slide overview:

Here is a video of using the kiosk and bar code reader for bib handout:

Here is a video overview and demo:

Timer and Race Director Collaboration

From the beginning, we have been focused on trying to make it easier for race directors and timers to work together.  Recently we have made some major progress in this area by making it easy for timers to download participant information and upload results.

One of the issues is how to handle security.  In some cases, race directors have no problem giving their timers full access to their races on RunSignUp.  We have also always had the ability to let certain email addresses get access to certain participant information so a timer could download the list of participants.

We have recently enhanced this by allowing a race director to specify a timer.  Once the timer registers, they have access to all of the participant and results related functionality for that race.  Not only can they download participant lists and post results, they can also take advantage of features like setting up divisions and age groups, assigning bibs and printing out bib labels, and customizing the look of the results on the webpage – picking which columns to display and in what order.

Assigning Bib Numbers

As another part of our big Results project, we are enabling multiple ways to assign bib numbers.  This is not currently released, but we wanted to give our race directors and timers a preview.

There are four ways to assign bib and/or chip numbers:

  • Auto-assign.  We let you start at any number and go in ascending or descending order.  We let you write over existing numbers or just add to the ones that have already been assigned.  We also will sort the Participants by Last Name, First Name, Address, or by date of registration.
  • Manually Assign.  This let’s you make edits as well.
  • Import.  You will need to match the Runner ID number for this import.  You can also import new runners as a separate process if they are not already registered in RunSignUp.
  • API.  This is for other systems to be able to post bib numbers.  We hope to have The Race Director and RunScore support this feature for timers.

Here is a quick video on how it works today.  This will likely change a bit, but should be released in the next couple of weeks!  Let us know your input.

Bib Labels

One of the many little tasks race directors and timers have to worry about is printing labels for their bibs.  As part of our Results project we are working on, we will be coming out with ways to assign bibs, or upload bibs from Excel or from timing software like Race Director and RunScore.

We have released an early version of our Bib Labeling capability.  It gives race directors and timers the ability to easily print out on the pervasive Avery 5160 type labels, and gives a lot of flexibility on selecting what information to display and how on the labels.

Here is a quick video that shows how it works.  Let us know your feedback!