Giveaways During Transfers

Giveaway PlannerDuring event and participant (bib) transfers, if the original runner had a Large Shirt reserved and there is no more inventory of Large, the person they are transferring to can claim that Large shirt now. Previously, it showed the size as being sold out.

This also works for people transferring from say the Marathon to the Half Marathon.

Note, this only works for Giveaway options that are the same!  So if there is a different giveaway event ID for the Full and Half Marathon, then it will work off the new event inventory.

Bib Exchange Kiosk

We have released a Bib Exchange Kiosk to help races facilitate onsite person-to-person transfers at a race expo. The kiosk bib exchange allows race volunteers to search for and initiate a registration transfer quickly without needing participants to go to their email to get a transfer link. This is useful when race transfers are turned off in participant management, but races still want to allow person-to-person transfers at pre-race packet pick-up.


Here are the steps to enable and use the Bib Exchange Kiosk:

  1. Go to Participants>>Participant Management>>Bib Exchange
  2. Choose Enable Kiosk Transfers
  3. Enter a kiosk password (Volunteers will need to know and enter the kiosk password for each transfer)
  4. Enter a transfer fee
  5. Set the transfer options
  6. Use the separate kiosk link for the bib exchange kiosk


Once kiosk transfers are enabled, there will be a separate user interface for the race volunteers to access:

  1. Type in kiosk password and search for the original participants transfer:Untitled1
  2. Select the registration to transferUntitled2
  3. There are two types of transfers to choose from
    1. Refund: The original runner will receive a refund of their registration fee, less any refund processing fees. With this option, the new runner will pay the current price of the registration plus the transfer fee. (Note, this option is only available if the original registration was completed online and there is a registration fee associated with the registration)
    2. Gift: The original runner will not receive a refund of their entry fee and the new runner does NO pay the event entry fee. If a transfer fee is entered in the bib exchange kiosk transfer settings, the new runner will be prompted to pay that fee before completing the gift transfer
  4. Enter the new runner’s contact information and any necessary notes, then confirm the transferUntitled3
  5. The system takes the runner into expo mode, so they can complete their full registration information, sign the race waiver, and answer any race questions.Untitled4
  6. Once the registration and payment are complete, a NEXT REGISTRANT button appears on the confirmation page. When selected, the system will take you back to the beginning of the bib exchange kiosk.


Transfer Settings:

  • When transferring, keep the same bib number and chip numbers for the new registrant – If this option is selected and bib numbers are assigned in the system, the new runner will automatically be assigned the original person’s bib number. This is helpful for timers using the RunSignUp timing integration, old runner will be removed and the new runner will automatically update with the same bib number.
  • When transferring, allow the new registrant to register for any event even if normal registration is closed (up to the date that transfer requests close) – If this option is selected, the new runner will have the option to register for any event, regardless of what the original runner was registered for.


Case Study: Erie Runners Club, Big White Trailer, and RunSignUp

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on a commitment to Race Day technology. 

View the PDF Version of the Case Study

Case Study Header for WordPress

Erie Runners Club, RunSignUp, and Race DayPicture3

The Erie Runners Club invested in equipment and technology to make race day registration and check-in easier and more efficient.

About the Erie Runners Club and Big White Trailer

ERC was founded in 1976 to serve the running/racing needs of Northwestern PA, Western NY, and Northeastern OH offering their nearly 800 members at least one race each month. Club member Jim Lang is also the owner of the timing company Big White Trailer, timing and/or directing several of the club events, including the ERC St. Patrick’s Day Distance Festival.

Committing to Technology

Initially, the St Patrick’s Day Race only offered registration via paper; online registration was introduced as a compliment to the event. Since then, the Erie Runners Club has fully committed to technology to enhance the race experience. They purchased laptops, receipt printers, and barcode scanners to use as kiosks and operate the race day Check-In App.Picture4

Registration Kiosk

When someone forgot to print paper applications to take to packet pickup, Jim grabbed a laptop and set up a registration kiosk. After a quick test proved easy, they did all registrations at Packet Pickup via kiosk.

In total, they had 11 mailed-in paper applications, and ~50 Race Day paper entries.

A More Efficient Check-In Process

Picture1With their full suite of race day technology, ERC was able to offer a smooth race day. To
expedite the process:

  • They emailed all registrants with their barcode and a suggestion to print – about 1/3 of participants did bring their printed barcodes.
  • All runners got a printed receipt with their shirt information from the check-in desk; they were then moved to a separate shirt line to speed things up.

The club’s full commitment to technology allowed them to create a truly seamless check-in process. The settings they used for their Check-In App are below:


“Believe it – every problem I had with Saturday’s race was from a paper app on race day. NOTHING went wrong with check-in, receipt printing, or giveaways.” 

– Jim Lang, Big White Trailer

If you have a success story about your race, store or club, big or small,  email us
…we’d love to explore a Case Study on your topic!

WSJ Article on Bib Exchange

The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal recently published an article Marathons, Triathlons Allow Runners to Resell or Transfer Entry Bibs.

Bob Bickel, founder of, says some 10% of events on the site scheduled for the next 12 months permit a runner to transfer a bib to another runner, up from less than 6% in the past 12 months. “People are kind of waking up to the fact that this is a good thing to do, rather than force your participants onto Craigslist,” Mr. Bickel says.

When the WSJ called, we did some research so we could talk knowledgeably. The raw data for any distance race for races in the past 12 months and the next 12 months is below.

The data is in 3 charts – 1. Past 12 months, 2, Next 12 months and 3. Races over 13 miles.

The two most interesting data points is that the % of races allowing bib exchange has grown rapidly from 5.7% the past year to 10% this coming year, and that the % goes up for longer (and more expensive) races.

Bib Exchange Data

Since the number of people who take advantage of this are typically far less than 1%, it might be worth the positive image for your race without impacting your finances negatively (and remember this can be a revenue source as well if you charge fees for transfers or deferrals).