Create Race API

We recently added a Create Race API for a technology partner / OEM.  We are not making this publicly available at this time, but it is something that may be useful for some advanced technology partners.  It also represents the first step in putting an API wrapper around the Race Director and Partner side of... Continue Reading →

Technology Partner Program

We have launched an enhanced Technology Partner Program. We have over a dozen applications that integrate with RunSignUp via our Open API. This new set of capabilities provides race directors and timers an even more integrated approach to using RunSignUp technology with their technology of choice. Our goal is to allow our customers to select... Continue Reading →

Club Open API

(Geek alert!) We have just released an extension to our Open API to include Club Membership access. This gives other software providers as well as advanced customers access to Club Membership information from their application. For example, another registration provider could now offer a similar capability to our discount to club members. While some might... Continue Reading →

Event Transfer API

We added an Event Transfer API: This allows our technology partners to make more transparent syncing between their application and RunSignUp. This works by creating a brand new registration for the registrant and removing the old registrant, so a new registration id is generated.  Also, only the basic information is copied over to the new registration.... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Mobile App now in Beta

As we mentioned earlier, we have released the Beta version of the RunSignUp Mobile App for iPhone and iPad. If you are a developer and interested in this, please read the RSU Mobile Installation Instructions and send us an email for access. The source code for the app is in Github. The public API has been... Continue Reading →

Open Registration API

In our last post we talked about Teamwork and the "Strength of the Pack". The purpose of that post was to provide the context of why we are continuing to work on our Open API - a very technical topic. In simple terms, an API is how two programs work together.  When we exchange participant or... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Releases Open Running API

Open Running API allows various running systems to work together, including Registration, Timing and Results systems Moorestown, NJ – September 7, 2012 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs, today announced the availability of the Open Running API.  This provides a simple, modern way for Registration, Race Listing, Timing,... Continue Reading →

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