Custom Content for Races Now Available in RaceJoy

Convenient Access to Race Information

RaceJoy has recently released new content capabilities for race organizers providing the ability to add custom content in three key areas:

  • General Race Information
  • Schedule of Events
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All are self-administered by the race and edits can be made at any time through race day. Content is flexible and can include links to websites, videos, images and text.


Race Info Page

The general race content area is an ideal location for key race information like the history of the race and important information related to the race, such as parking and start times. This is also a great place to showcase a sponsor’s logo.


Schedule of Events

The schedule section is helpful for people to quickly see the events that are going to take place such as the expo, packet pickup, pasta party, and the awards ceremony. Each scheduled event includes its location so that users can use their phone’s navigation system to get where they’re going with a single click.



Adding the most important frequently asked questions about the race helps alleviate the support required by the race and provides added convenience for participants and spectators.


Releasing these three areas of customization is part of RaceJoy’s overall strategy to provide a more tailored mobile experience for each race and to bring added convenience to participants and their supporting friends and families before, during and after the race.

I love the app. I think it is seriously an awesome feature and I’m happy we were able to collaborate with you on enhancing our offering to those involved in this event. – Justin S., Scranton Running Co.

Race organizers self-administer these content areas from the RaceJoy dashboard with an easy-to-use administration tool. The three custom content areas are in addition to the existing customization components available to races, which currently include race logo, linkable banner ads, interactive customizable course maps, GPS-based progress alerts recognition, and user social media posts. Races also can  add custom geo-cheer points on the course as an element of gamification or guidance.


Visit your RaceJoy dashboard to get started customizing your event! Not RaceJoy Ready? It’s easy. Just check out our website here to add your race or enable RaceJoy through your RunSignUp dashboard. We require a minimum two-week lead time prior to the date of your race and an electronic version of your course map (KML/GPX format preferred).

If you have any questions or would like to see a RaceJoy demo, email us at We’re happy to help!


Philly Breaks RaceJoy Usage Records. Youse Can’t Get Any Better Than This!


19,000 users             |           218,000 Progress Alerts    |           24,000 Cheers

The 2017 AACR Philadelphia Marathon’s participants and supporting friends and family fully embraced RaceJoy’s race day technology and broke all RaceJoy’s usage records with 19,000 participants and spectators making use of the app to track and send cheers to runners. These 19,000 sent the most cheers ever to be delivered in RaceJoy and received the greatest number of progress alerts ever delivered at a single race. This was the first time RaceJoy’s tracking was available at the Philadelphia Marathon and it was great to see participants and their friends and family embrace its features.

Race organizers offered RaceJoy to participants of the marathon, half marathon and 8K courses for live phone tracking, GPS-based progress alerts at every mile and audio cheer sending. They also offered traditional Bib tag progress alerts as an alternative tracking to those that were not using RaceJoy.


With RaceJoy’s tracking, spectators were able to track their participant’s blue dot as it moved along the course so that they could plan where and when to meet up with their favorite runner. With 30,000 runners and 60,000 spectators eager to cheer on runners at the race site, RaceJoy’s live tracking was a very helpful tool for finding one another and managing the on-site race experience. It’s no wonder there were more than 24,000 motivational cheers sent were over the course of the weekend!


The Philadelphia Marathon is one of our country’s greatest iconic events and is known as one of the top ten marathon events in the United States. For those supporting spectators who couldn’t make it to the race site, RaceJoy provided the opportunity to track their favorite participants in real-time as they moved the along the official race course. Fans showed their support from around the globe and across the nation.

“I was unable to get to Philadelphia this morning but was able to follow my sister as she pushed for to the finish line. I felt like I was right there on the streets of Philadelphia. Thanks, RaceJoy. Wonderful App.”  – Marina S.

Top 10 Philadelphia Marathon Spectator Locations:


Philadelphia Marathon Remote Spectators Across the Nation!

Participants and those tracking them received progress updates at every mile through RaceJoy’s Progress Alert system that provide performance information like pace and estimated finish time. RaceJoy issued a whopping 218,000 progress alerts that were delivered instantly as participants crossed each mile marker on the course! Participants had the option of having these alerts posted to their Twitter or Facebook pages as shown below.


The race, in its 23rd year, is recognized by the flat terrain, mellow weather, engaging atmosphere and spirited fans. Participants of the Philadelphia Marathon saw beautiful views through Fairmount Park and along the Schuylkill River while weaving through the well-traveled streets of the historic districts, and as they passed sights familiar to Franklin and Washington. Participants ended the race at the majestic Art Museum.

The race organizers also included Geo-Cheer Point audio clips that played across the participant’s phone as he/she crossed certain points along the course. The race used these cheer points to highlight sponsors while sending encouraging messages to participants.

Check out this cheer message from AACR:

Other cheer points included messages from ACME Markets, Lyft, Dunkin’ Donuts and Yards Brewing Company. Sponsors were also showcased in the interactive course map as shown below.


It’s clear the race organizers are dedicated to making the Philadelphia Marathon a one-of-a-kind marathon. Thank you for including RaceJoy, and helping us to change the race day experience! And, congratulations on breaking RaceJoy’s usage records by strides!


Interested in Offering RaceJoy?

Learn more about the advanced tracking and cheer features for participants and spectators and all the tools available to race organizers on the RaceJoy website or your RunSignUp dashboard. To RaceJoy Ready your event, we require a two-week lead time prior to the race date and an electronic version of the course map (KML/GPX format preferred).




Participants and Spectators Celebrate with RaceJoy!


This past weekend, RaceJoy was offered at two premier road races, the Madison Marathon in Wisconsin and the Charlotte Marathon in North Carolina. The races provided RaceJoy’s live phone tracking, progress alerts and cheer messages to participants and their supporting friends and families.


Another big weekend for RaceJoy, with 12,400 people using the app and more than 145,000 progress alerts issued, the Madison and Charlotte Marathon events contributed to more than half of the users and alerts over the weekend.


The Madison Marathon starts and finishes in beautiful Capitol Square, taking runners through some of the most iconic areas of Madison, WI, attracting 3,500 runners and walkers. Race organizers offered RaceJoy for the second year, and had an overwhelming response with more than 130% usage – that’s a total of 4,550 runners and their supporting family and friends using RaceJoy!


The Charlotte Marathon is a race for all runners, enabling them to experience the sights and sounds of the Southeast’s fastest growing city, including the Queen City’s signature tree lined streets, historic landmarks, major sporting venues and the most eclectic neighborhood parties. The race attracted 4,000 runners and walkers. In its first year offering RaceJoy, there was an awesome showing with more than 3,600 participants and their supporting family and friends using the app!


Both of the races did a great job of promoting RaceJoy, posting information on their websites and social media platforms. This had a significant impact on the usage at both events.

Madison Marathon Website


Charlotte Marathon Facebook

Between the two events, a staggering 13,000 cheers were sent to participants! That’s what we like to see!

A very dynamic race, dedicated to providing a unique race day experience, Charlotte also utilized the Geo Cheer Point feature, sending custom cheer messages to participants as they passed certain milestones along the course.


The race director set up the geo cheer markers through his race dashboard. One of the cheers included a message toward the end of the race encouraging the runners to the finish. It said, “One. More. Mile. To. Go. You’ve got this! Let’s crush it and enjoy that finish festival!” This text-to-audio message was combined with one of RaceJoy’s pre-recorded cheers, Celebration, and was sent to participants as they crossed the last mile marker before the finish.

Here’s what the cheer sounded like on race day:


Thank you race organizers for embracing the technology and including RaceJoy in your race day experience. And, congratulations finishers on a job well done – you did it!


RaceJoy Ready Your Event

If you’re interested in offering RaceJoy at your upcoming event, check out our website or your RunSignUp dashboard for more information. Please note: we require a minimum two-week lead time prior to the race date and an electronic version of your course map (KML/GPX format preferred). To request a demo or if you have questions, feel free to send an email to We’re happy to help!

Geek Corner – Integrating Transaction Data into RunSignUp Analytics

You may have seen a new piece of data on your Dashboard Overview page – Transactions! As of Nov. 2, the data still shows $0:


While it will be cool to see the real data in another day or so, for geeks, the interesting part is how we are going to show the data!

If you have been following along, we have built our own equivalent of Google Analytics for races. It tracks each click on your website and matches that up against things like Registrations and $ Transactions. It is a separate system built on the latest technology using a web service API Gateway, Lambdas to process, and a replicated, scalable AWS Aurora database.

We are adding features incrementally, and we are now adding Transaction data. To do this, we have a PHP script running in the background on the main RunSignUp servers to capture the transaction data from each and every transaction back to the spring of 2010. Yes, millions and millions of transactions are being analyzed and the data exported to the Analytics database via the API Gateway and Lambdas and stored in the Aurora database. This process has been running since Oct. 25 – yes, over 7 days to capture all of the data.

Once the data is over in the Analytics database, we will clear the caches, and transaction data will magically appear!

The next step is to align source information (email, Facebook Mobile, etc.) with the registration and transaction data. Once we have that working, we will do a similar data export of all the Registration $ and Donation $ so you will be able to see which channels are producing the most donations and which are producing the most registration dollars.

And this is happening many times per second.  Geeky cool…

The Hartford Marathon Brings the Joy to its Race Day Experience with RaceJoy’s Advanced Tracking!


One of the most known and largest races in Connecticut, the 2017 Hartford Marathon was all about determination, passion and community. The course showcases the revitalized riverfronts of Hartford and East Hartford with breathtaking views of the Connecticut River and classic New England charm of Old Main Street.


And, to add to the scenic course as part of the race day experience, race organizers offered RaceJoy to participants and spectators for live tracking, progress updates at every mile, and fun and motivational audio cheer messages.


Thousands of individual runners and relay teams used RaceJoy on race day. Participants and teams took advantage of RaceJoy’s live GPS tracking so that others knew their exact position on the course.

We received very positive feedback from participants. One half marathon participant said:

This was only my second half marathon and at mile 12 I was struggling with leg cramps! All of a sudden, I received a cheer from my daughter through RaceJoy saying “if Janet Jackson can have a baby at 52, you can do this”! Ironically, I was listening to Janet Jackson tunes at the same time! It cracked me up and surely helped motivate me! This app is great from both a motivational perspective and safety too! My cheering squad knew exactly where I was and how I was doing!  Love this idea!!! Keep up the good work 😀

– Lise A. Hartford, Half Marathon Participant

Another participant shared:

Using RaceJoy was a blast! My family tracked me and sent a “Woohoo!” cheer at every mile.

– Kayla G. Hartford, Half Marathon Participant


A top-notch marathon experience with high-energy crowds is a keystone feature of the Hartford Marathon. More than 5,000 cheers were sent over the course of the weekend, and we even had a few supporting fans reach RaceJoy’s 50 cheer limit to a given participant on race day. Now, that is some serious support!

Special congratulations to Melissa on attainting her PR at Hartford, but more importantly on her new baby. Hubby gets a gold star, too! 😉

I am a new mom, just ran the Hartford Half with my PR! I fit training in with runs with the stroller, making a race with no stroller feel easier! I’m lucky to have a wonderful supportive husband. For the race, my husband and 7-month baby could follow me on RaceJoy. Thank you!

– Melissa G. Hartford, Half Marathon Participant

Those who used RaceJoy were also able to receive progress updates at every mile, which included information like pace, estimated finish and elapsed time. Relay teams made full use of this feature and received alerts for the active leg and over all team time. RaceJoy issued an impressive 43,000 alerts on race day!


At the end of the race the post-race party offered all the pomp and circumstance with a festive celebration in Bushnell Park with beer, live music and food. And, of course, the participants got to show off their special swag after earning their bragging rights for finishing the race.

Photo sent from Kendra C.      RaceJoy User and 5K Participant

Race organizers also used RaceJoy to track key race operations like the lead and tail female and male runners so that they, at any given time, knew the exact location of the top finisher and final person on the course. Thank you to the race organizers for including us at the 2017 Hartford Marathon and congratulations finishers on a great race day!


If you’d like to offer RaceJoy at your event, check out our website or your RunSignUp dashboard for more information. Please note that we require a minimum two-week load time and an electronic version of your course map (KML/GPX format preferred).


RaceJoy for Relays

Attention race organizers of relay events!

Do you want to provide tracking specifically for your relay participants and their teams? Are you interested in having access to a race day monitoring system that includes direct communication with your participants and key race day personnel? The RaceJoy for Relays video answers why relays use RaceJoy and how the app’s innovative features have been developed with the relay team experience in mind. Check out how you can use RaceJoy specifically for relay events by watching this video.

RaceJoy Goes Extreme in Alaska!


This past weekend the inaugural Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon took place and was the first race in Alaska to provide RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and cheers. Offering one of the most challenging and breathtaking extreme triathlons in North America, this new race experience is sure to be on the top of serious athletes’ bucket lists.


Alaskaman caps the event at 315 participants and takes athletes on an epic journey through the cold, crisp and clean waters of Resurrection Bay, along the beautifully scenic and mountainous passages of the Seward Highway, and up the extreme trails of Mount Alyeska over one of the hardest run courses in the sport. The swim-bike-run course length is approximately 144 miles in length with a total gain of 10,100 feet between the bike and run courses. Given such a challenging course, not all complete the tough terrain. There was a total of 153 finishers who fully earned their finishing medal!


Quickly becoming known as one of the most challenging one-day endurance triathlon events in North America, safety was a key concern for race organizers. The Alaskaman required each participant to have their own support crew and to use RaceJoy so race organizers could use RaceJoy’s monitoring system to live track athletes on the course. Participants are also required to have an escort during the last seven miles of the run. Clearly, this is not your average race!


More than 200 participants used RaceJoy’s live tracking and 2,200 spectators tracked participants and sent 3,500+ cheers through the app to offer encouragement and support. This 11 spectators per participant ratio is a record for RaceJoy where typically participants have about two people supporting them in RaceJoy.  This unique and significant achievement drew many family and friends to share in the experience and cheer on their athletes


 Participants received audio progress updates every five miles that included information like pace, elapsed time and estimated finish time. The supporting family and friends received these as in-app notifications. RaceJoy issued 81,080 progress alerts at the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon – for its first year, that is an extreme amount of progress alerts!


Much like the live-tracking in the app, RaceJoy’s monitoring system provides race organizers with an at-a-glance view of participants as they move along the course. The monitoring system also alerts the race organizers if anyone has gone off-course during the bike or run portions of the triathlon. They were also able to see how many participants had crossed specific milestones along the course and then drill into individual participants to see their performance information. Organizers could send instant audio messages through RaceJoy to individual participants, if needed.


Prior to race day, race organizers did an excellent job of communicating and educating the athletes about RaceJoy so that participants could make full use of RaceJoy’s features, including the need to use a portable battery as a backup. As a safety precaution RaceJoy was listed on the Alaskaman website as a mandatory piece of equipment on both the bike and run portions of the course.


In the weeks leading up to the race, the race organizers also posted to social media about the use of RaceJoy, encouraging participants to gain familiarity with the app before the night prior to the race. The organizers themselves did tests on the course using AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to gauge cellular coverage on the course, and posted a Cellular Coverage Map to notify participants and spectators.


The Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon race management team is clearly dedicated to creating a very unique challenge for athletes on an amazingly beautiful, but tough course. Thank you for including RaceJoy in your inaugural year! And a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the finishers!


Race Organizers

If you’re interested in enabling your event for RaceJoy, visit our website or your RunSignUp dashboard to learn more or request a demo at Please note we require a minimum two-week lead time before the race date and an electronic version of the course map (KML/GPX format preferred).