Advanced Features for Ticket Events

There are many advanced features built into our new ticketing platform. This list will keep expanding over the coming months: Add Access: give access to other event managers Customize notifications Google and Facebook tracking options Social sharing options Referral rewards Store Refund Reserve Coupons Extra Fees Donations Secure Access This tab on the event dashboard... Continue Reading →

Ticket Event Reports and Management

Each ticket event has its own Event Dashboard, where you can see data related to the event’s ticket sales, transactions, and attendees on customizable graphs and reports. The event dashboard gives you a quick view on how ticket sales are performing: Using this for multiple years will allow you to track year-over-year comparisons quickly and... Continue Reading →

Donation Features for Nonprofits

Our new donation features for nonprofits make it easy to raise more money in less time. Currently, we have a donation feature for ticket events, which are available to members of the Early Adopter Program. Supporters can donate during ticket purchase, as well as through a button on your event website, helping to maximize the... Continue Reading →

Nonprofit Dashboard

The Nonprofit Dashboard is one of the new features we are developing for our nonprofit customers. It will be publicly available in mid-July. Until then, only customers who are part of the Early Adopter Program will have access to it. It provides a central platform where nonprofits can see consolidated reporting across all of their... Continue Reading →

Slideshow: Email Marketing with RunSignup

Looking for a refresher on RunSignup's email marketing platform - or using it for the first time - and not really in the mood for a full webinar or a bunch of how-to's? Check out our step-by-step powerpoint on Email Marketing.  It covers: Whitelabeling, and who should do it Creating email templates Adding content and... Continue Reading →

RunWise App for Weather-adjusted pace goals

Guest blog from Joe Puleo of RunWise. The RunWise app creates a personalized running goal pace and finishing time in heat stress conditions.  It fills a need for both the end-user, the runner, and for the race director to help set expectations properly so there is less risk of injury. Specifically, for the runner, it creates... Continue Reading →

Employee Owned vs. Outside Investors

This is Bob. I've had the advantage of being a part of a number of successful venture backed companies either as a leader, a board member or both. RunSignup is different - we've structured ourselves as an employee owned company with a profit sharing plan. We aren't looking for a headline grabbing "Exit", but a... Continue Reading →

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