Webinar – New Race Director UI

We have some exciting changes that will make RunSignUp easier and more powerful for our Race Directors and Timers! We are getting ready to roll out a new User Interface for you to use.

We are holding a Webinar on Monday 11/19 at 7PM Eastern where we will preview the changes and explain the roll out schedule. We will also open the floor to answer any questions you might have on any topic!

Register now by clicking here

If you are adventurous, you can see early releases of the new UI by going to test2.RunSignUp.com.  This is a test server so you can play without affecting your normal race. Please let us know any suggestions you may have – we are actively looking for feedback. Thanks!

Race Director November Newsletter

40 Years of Results

Runners are always interested in history!  One of our race directors decided to take real advantage of our new Results Posting to put up the past 40 years of results.

This is free and easy to do. For best results, get the native data files from your timer and upload them. See this video for how to upload native results.

With the holidays approaching, many people struggle with finding that perfect gift for the special runner in their life! Why not let them buy a gift certificate for your race.


Learn more about gift certificates.

Give your Sponsors some Love!

Many races have sponsors. Many race directors don’t have the technical background to figure out how to put up a

website and have sponsor images. But your sponsors deserve the love!

RunSignUp has recently made this very simple. See how easy it is.

RunSignUp Webinar

We are going to start a new way to better service our customers by holding a monthly “First Wednesday Webinar”. We will pick a topic that people are interested in and do a live video feed that anyone can join. We will also open the floor to questions and try to answer all of them! So join us on the First Wednesday of each month at 7PM Eastern. Click here to register!

This Month’s Popular Race Director Blogs

Remember, you can stay current with all our news and suggestions at our Facebook Page or our Blog.

Sponsor Images

We have added a very simple way for you to add Sponsor images and links to your race information page on RunSignUp.

This feature uploads your images and puts them in a standard sized 175 X 175 pixel box in a special Sponsor Section on the Race Information page – right above the default map to your race.  No messing around with resizing on your own – we take care of it for you!  And the border gives a nice, consistent look and feel.

In addition to the image, you can specify the URL, so when someone clicks on the image, they are taken to the sponsor’s website.  One of the things you might want to do is include a URL based on the Google Map search to local businesses that may not have a website.  Click on the Manhattan Bagel example on this Race Page.

The text you enter appears when a runner hovers their mouse over one of the logos.  And finally, you can re-order the logos on the setup page.  See below for what the setup page looks like:


More Reliability!

We did a very interesting upgrade today on RunSignUp.  In technical terms, we added something called Session Replication.  And we did this across two Amazon Availability Zones by duplicating our memcache session servers.

What this means is that if one of Amazon’s Cloud data centers goes out, users are automatically switched to the other data center without even noticing.  This is also very useful for us when we do upgrades to the system – where we can bring one set of servers down to upgrade them and users will never even notice.

This is part of our service our users will never see.  And it might only impact our users a few hours per year.  But there is nothing we won’t do to make sure we make life simpler for runners, race directors and timers!

Moving to RunSignUp from Active.com

This year has seen a huge movement of race directors moving from Active.com to RunSignUp.  There are lots of reasons for this, which we outline on our Active Alternative page, where you can also see a video comparison side by side.  You can also check out the speed comparison showing RunSignUp is twice as fast!

But I think some of our users say it best:

I can’t say enough good things about RunSignUp. I use it exclusively at this point. I have a few Active stragglers that will be switching over this year. It’s been a great partnership.”

“I really like the services offered. It’s such a HUGE improvement over the likes of Active.com which I hate for several reasons. I only came across runsignup.com because I’m a power Runscore user and a recent update of Runscore mentioned runsignup.com which I was not aware of up to that time.”

No one complained about using RunSignUp. We also used Active.com for this event per the race organizers request. They sucked.

“I have to say that I took a gamble on you guys a couple of years ago after being completely frustrated with my Active.com experience and have never looked back. Most important is that no one has ever gotten lost in the system and shown up on race day without being accounted for – I can’t tell you how many times that has happened at other races I volunteer for and even to me, personally, at races I’ve signed up for through Active. One feature I do wish you had, though, was a follow-up survey to runners who ran the race as a way to give feedback to the race director. I suppose I could do that myself, but it would be cool if it was automatic… Anyway, thanks for a great service!”

“This is outstanding! It’s about time someone finally broke the old fashioned online results paradigm of companies like Active.com! I’m a believer in RunSignUp and your commitment to continuous improvement. I’m looking forward to growing together.”

Once I got used to your format it was very easy. At first I had some trouble with where to find or enter what, but the learning was fast. I now prefer your site to Active.com. I have recommended you to other race directors in our running club. Your lower rates make it possible for the race to pay the fees – which the entrants like. I had no complaints from entrants on the sign up process. Shortly after publishing, my race was on the first page in a google search for snow shoe races. Overall, a happy experience.”

“I’ve done a pretty thorough assessment of all the online registrars and you guys have the most straight-forward and elegant interface. Additionally, you have new technology. While Active may have big marketing dollars and reach, for me to use the same interface that Active built back in 2005 seems like a bad business decision. I know that your space is crowded, and I need a very good and flexible platform in order to scale the company. I need a partner. RunSignUp is that partner. :o)”

“Thanks, your site is great! Much easier and more user friendly than Active.com.