Mobile Registration for the Young Crowd

Age-based Registration RatesWe have a Graffiti Run using RunSignUp.  We did some analysis and 47% of the people registering are doing so from a mobile device.  We see an overall rate of about 29%, so the increased rate is most likely due to the younger demographic than most road races see. (Note you can see the same demographic age breakdown and more in our Graphical Reports for your race)

We thought it would be interesting to capture what people are seeing on their iPhones and Androids.  While it is a lot of screens, it does provide a complete experience that is much easier to navigate for a mobile user than a full website.  Also, note that RunSignUp auto-detects if the user is on a mobile device and presents the mobile version of registration and has done so for over a year.  Watch for upcoming enhancements this summer that should make us an even more obvious choice for races who want to make registration easy for mobile users.

Mobile Registration 1
Step 1 – Graffiti Run Mobile Site
Step 2 - RunSignUp Information
Step 2 – RunSignUp Information
Ste 3 - Enter Runner Information
Step 3 – Runner Info
Step 4 - Waiver
Step 4 – Waiver
Step 5 - Shirt Size
Step 5 – Shirt Size


Step 6 - Join a Team
Step 6 – Join a Team
Step 7 - Join a Team
Step 7 – Join a Team
Step 8 - Confirm Information
Step 8 – Confirm Information
Step 9 - Coupon Codes
Step 9 – Coupon Codes
Final Step - Credit Card Info
Final Step – Credit Card Info

March Race Director Newsletter

Corporate Team Race/WalkCorporate Team Runs/Walks

Corporate Team Races are events where organizations fund employee participation.  Many times these events are done around Wellness and Health campaigns.

These races are typically very different than a normal race.  Some organizations may want to pay for all or part of the entry fees for employees and potentially family and friends.  Some races accept checks or provide invoices for some of the teams rather than take online payments. Team sizes and sponsorship opportunities vary; furthermore, there can be a mix of individuals, teams and organizations. In short, this is complex. Today, some of these races are organized by sending spreadsheets around or using tools that only partially meet their needs.

RunSignUp has recently released a comprehensive solution for Corporate Team Runs/Walks.  Several large corporate team races helped us define the needs:


  • Find the right team and register easily

Team Captains:

  • Easily setup team – defining rules for # of employees and family members, % they will pay, etc.
  • Track team members, costs and payments

Corporate TeamsRace Directors

  • Define different team types and levels of sponsorship
  • Customize questions and store items for participants and team captains
  • Generate invoices, collect online payments and record manual payments
  • Reports and Tracking

While this was designed with 5,000-20,000 person events in mind, some smaller races are already using this to extend their promotional efforts as well.  One small race of about 1,000 runners has 3 corporate teams using this to pay for their employees – bringing in a few more runners and differentiating their race from the other 5K’s on St. Patricks Day!

RunSignUp First Tuesday Webinar

This month we will be reviewing Corporate Team Races. We will also open the floor to questions and try to answer all of them!

See our last webinar by clicking here.  And join us on our next “First Tuesday” Webinar on March 5 at 7PM Eastern.

This Month’s Popular Race Director Blogs

That is Jordan and Bryan at the right, taken at the Chronotrack Conference.  Make them your friends as they can really help you with ideas for your race or your timing company!

Remember, you can stay current with all our news and suggestions at our Facebook Page or our Blog.

Welcome Bryan Jenkins!

Jordan and Bryan

We are happy to welcome Bryan Jenkins to the RunSignUp Team!

As more timers and race directors use RunSignUp, we constantly try to make sure we keep our customer service great.  Bryan will join Jordan Desilets who has been helping our customers for the past couple of years as we have grown in our early days.

As you can see, they look remarkably alike – Jordan is on the left and Bryan on the right.  Bryan will be taking over servicing our customers on the East Coast and South down thru Texas.  Jordan will handle the Midwest and West.

Like the rest of our team, Brian has a long running career and has deep experience with race directors, timers and registration systems.  So he will hit the ground “running”.

And of course we all are here to help any customer anywhere!

Race Location – Getting Precise

Race LocationRunSignUp creates a Google Map for you based on your race location.  We put this on your Race Info page for you as well as include it in the confirmation emails that go to your runners.

But what happens if Google does not get your location right, or your race is in the middle of a park?  You can simply get the exact Latitude and Longitude for your location in Google Maps, and then enter that into the Customize -> Miscellaneous Settings tab.  Here is a video that shows you how.

Participant Display Customization

Participant DisplayWe have been  giving race directors the ability to add specific people to view different amounts of participant information.  We just released an expanded capability that allows race directors to pick each field they want to share with the public, other participants and with Team Captains.

This will determine how participants are displayed in the “Find A Runner” and “Results”.

You can access this under the “Customize” Tab and “Participant Display” Sub-tab.