May Newsletter

Running Clubs

We have released our totally renewed and refurbished Running Club service just in time for the Road Runners Club of America Annual Conference.  This is a huge upgrade for all the clubs who currently use us and includes:

  • New mobile-ready interface
  • Multiple membership payment options – Months, Fiscal Year, Date Ranges, pro-rating
  • Better Notifications (like renewal messages)
  • Combined Race signup and Club membership capabilities
  • Better financial reporting
  • Continued support for Coaching, Kids Clubs, Running log, etc.

This combination of Clubs and Races in a single system opens up new possibilities for clubs that put on races, as well as races that want to attract running clubs.  And of course, it makes things far easier for any running club (RRCA or USATF) tracking memberships manually with spreadsheets.

The feedback so far has been outstanding.  And the transition of thousands of memberships was very smooth with only a couple of email questions and no bugs reported.

As we have done on the race side with partners, expect to see some partnership announcements with other companies in the Social and Coaching services area in the near future.

USATriathlon Integration Released

We also released our integration with USATriathlon.  This integration allows athletes who are registering for a USAT sanctioned event to more easily purchase a USA Triathlon annual membership or one day license, thus eliminating the need to carry cash or a USA Triathlon membership card to pre-race packet pick-up.

“We manage and time over 25 Triathlons and Duathlons each year,” said Charles Sellers, founder of DQ Events.  “Using RunSignUp with the new integrated USAT insurance eases registration for triathletes, makes sure everyone is appropriately covered with insurance, and saves us significant time and effort in reporting and compliance checking.”

Refund Service Upgrade

Race Directors have been able to allow self-service refunds by runners, as well as issue refunds themselves for a while. We recently upgraded this service to allow Race Directors a simple way to issue refunds of any amount to a runner.  This makes it simple to cover those unusual situations where you want to cover their processing fees.  RunSignUp charges a $2.00 flat service fee for doing this to cover our costs.  See the more on this new Refund capability here.

RunSignUp First Tuesday Webinar

This month we will be reviewing Running Clubs and USA Triathlon Integration. We will also open the floor to questions and try to answer all of them!

Join us on our next “First Tuesday” Webinar on May 7 at 7PM Eastern. Click here to register!

This Month’s Popular Race Director News Blogs

Great Feedback on Clubs!

customer-feedbackPeople are lovin’ our new Clubs integration in RunSignUp!

  • “You’re right… that was easy!!! Thank you.” 
  • “So far my “playing” with the new site is going well. The site looks great!”
  • “On our current RCS site, I do a member search for Keller and it takes well over 1 minute. When I do the same search on the new Beta site Bob provides the link for below, it takes less than 1 second!”
  • “With this new version we can create mailing labels in less than 1 second.”
  • “This new version has a Membership view that lists all the family names under the single membership ID which is now visible. We can now customize the renewal letter, and set the email address that shows where the email is coming from, so it shows coming from PPRR instead of RCS.”
  • “And with this new version the financial report shows the breakout of the income by category. That’ll make the life of our treasurer much easier.”
  • “I just did a quick test of our deep URL’s and I’m happy to see they now direct to the new RunClubSignup site! Congratulations on such a smooth transition. This new version is really exciting and I look forward to working with it. “
  • “Great!  Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed.”

And my favorite:  “You guys are kicking your competition’s ass!”


RefundWe have had the ability for race directors to give refunds and to enable runners to get refunds for a long time now.  We have just done a big refresh on that – making things easier, more understandable and provide complete flexibility for race directors.

How many times have you been forced into a unique situation where you want to make a refund of a certain $Amount to a runner?  Now you can do this with RunSignUp with a few simple clicks.  We charge a simple $2.00 fee to do this, no matter what the refund amount is, to cover our costs.

Here is a short video demonstrating this.  This is under the Participant Management Sub-Tab in Participants.

RunClubSignUp Migration coming Tuesday 4/28!

New Club Site Releases Tuesday!

We are about to do the BIG release!  We will be taking all of the RunClubSignUp clubs and moving them into  This is a huge upgrade that includes:

  • New User Interface
  • Mobile-enabled
  • Better financial reporting
  • Multiple membership payment options – Months, FIscal Year, Date ranges, pro-rating
  • Better Notifications
  • Combine Race signup and Club membership and renewal
  • And lots more

You can see lots more info on our blog.

Test Now!

You can test your own club NOW!  Click here to go to the test server.  You will be able to see your club, sign in, see your members, update your running log, etc.  Of course send us questions or if you see bugs or problems –

Also, a special thanks to the clubs that have been a part of our beta test program!

Upgrade Impact

We will be moving your Club site and all user information for you.  We will also be redirecting all of your URL’s to the new ones to try to minimize the impact.

There are two areas that will impact your club potentially:

1. Widgets.  If you embed membership registration on your club website (like Prince George’s Running Club) you will need to get new widget code and put it on your website – feel free to send an email to if you need help.

2. Accounts.  If you or your runners have accounts on both RunClubSignUp and RunSignUp, then you will be getting an email to “Claim” your registrations and merge them.  We will have instructions and video help on this.

RunSignUp Clubs – More Beta

A bunch of new features – Financials, Coupons, Member report, Import, Notification settings, Renewal Notice settings, etc.

Try it out on  You will have to create an account and a club. Also refer to the earlier Club Beta video –