Q2 2018 RunSignUp Results

We do a quarterly update on how things are going with RunSignUp (2016, Q1/17, Q2/17, Q3/17, 2017, and Q1/18). The good news is that more races, timing companies, running stores and runners continue to recommend us. And we keep putting out great technology our customers seem to like! Looks like we are going to sell out the RunSignUp Symposium – July... Continue Reading →


Over the past month, Curtis Vollmar - a former employee of RunSignUp - has made several statements and posted videos on social media about RunSignUp and his termination of employment.  We strongly disagree with Mr. Vollmar’s statements about RunSignUp and the cause of his termination and they are in no way representative of RunSignUp’s business practices... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp June Newsletter

June's Top News: Multi-Race Bundles Race Directors have a powerful new tool to drive registrations: Multi-Race Bundles. Offer participants specially priced bundles that include multiple races. Cross-promote events by using popular races to drive participation in newer ones and providing motivation for athletes to participate in multiple races throughout the year. For directors with several... Continue Reading →

CRM Promotions

We are happy to introduce the next key area of our work on CRM - Promotions. While the CRM Participant Hub, Notes and Search are very useful, the real key to a great CRM is being able to DO something. We call these Promotions. Eventually you will be able to implement a wide variety of... Continue Reading →

Boilermaker Offers Advanced Runner Tracking

One of the Largest 15K Running Events Delivers RaceJoy June 27, 2018 – Moorestown, NJ –  Race organizers of the Boilermaker Road Race are offering advanced live runner tracking with the race day mobile app, RaceJoy. Participants and spectators will be treated to an interactive race day experience with live performance updates and real-time GPS... Continue Reading →

Upsell Your Races with Multi-Race Bundles

RunSignUp’s Multi-Race Bundle solution lets you offer participants specially priced bundles of races that are featured across your race websites and easily managed from your Race Dashboard. One of the most effective ways to use Multi-Race Bundles to optimize registrations and transactions across your races is the classic upsell: “If you sign up for the... Continue Reading →

Cross-Promote with Multi-Race Bundles

Race Directors have a powerful new way to drive registrations on RunSignUp. You can now offer participants specially priced bundles of races that are featured across your race websites and easily managed from your Race Dashboard with Multi-Race Bundles. This solution lets you cross-promote and upsell your races on the front-end, with automated participant and... Continue Reading →

Donation User Experience Update: Part 4

As part of our continuing user experience update to the Donation & Fundraising section we have released a big update to the donation section. Highlights include: The donation field is much larger and uses color highlights for clarity. Using the donation field is now more intuitive. It will select or deselect the appropriate level button... Continue Reading →

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