Your Race and Impending Weather

If you have a race that looks like it may be in the path of Hurricane Florence, you may have gotten an email from us today with some tips for communicating with and managing your participants in a questionable weather situation. But even if you're not in Florence's path - or likely to see any weather that... Continue Reading →

Welcome Melissa Mitchell!

We are excited to welcome Melissa Mitchell to our team of dedicated Account Managers! Melissa brings endurance industry experience to our Richmond office after spending three years in a similar role at RaceIt. In the year since RaceIt closed, Melissa continued to work with technology in a customer-facing capacity; as a Customer Success Manager at... Continue Reading →

Why Roger Likes RaceDay Scoring

Roger Bradshaw created The Race Director, one of the two leading products (along with RunScore) used by timers to score races. It is used by about 30% of the timers in the US to score literally hundreds of races each weekend, and last year scored over 8,000,000 participants. But it was first released 29 year... Continue Reading →

Multi-Factor Authentication

We have released the capability to do Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA, or sometimes called 2-Step Verification) on RunSignUp. This is optional for all users (required for RunSignUp employees). MFA is currently gaining popularity as an additional layer of security. The basic idea is that in addition to your password, you use another device (typically your phone... Continue Reading →

The Little Things in Life…

We did two pretty major releases yesterday - CRM for Donations and Fundraising, and improved performance by about 10%. We also released a bunch of other things as well: Timer 24hr CSV option. USAT waiver on participant management page. Fix question default responses. Bib range search. Add DNQ option. Minor ROAD iD fixes. Store items... Continue Reading →

CRM for Fundraising

We have begun to release CRM functionality for fundraising organizations. The RunSignUp CRM enables you to look across all of your races and build filters for Participants, Fundraisers and Donors quickly and easily. In the example above, this race has 23,076 total participants. We want to look for people who were participants from near Moorestown... Continue Reading →

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