Running USA Wrap-Up

Seven of us spent a few days in Puerto Rico at the 2019 Running USA Conference, meeting with customers, comparing notes between events, and hearing about the newest ideas in the running industry. A few highlights... Volunteering (and fun) On Saturday, before the initial kickoff, Johanna headed an hour South to San Salvador for a... Continue Reading →

Continuous Learning

One of the Guiding Principles of RunSignup is Learning. We are at RunningUSA down in Puerto Rico for the next couple of days and have already had a bunch of wonderful opportunities to learn from others. We figured it was also a good chance to do a little audit of if we are helping provide... Continue Reading →

Three Great Marathon Movies

Make a minimum $50 tax deductible donation to Filmmakers Collaborative, a 501c3 not for profit, and support acclaimed marathon film director Jon Dunham in creating his new film Partenope: Finding A Lost City. You will get arguably the best three marathon movies ever made, including BOSTON, which the RunSignup community supported creating. Donations can be... Continue Reading →

Third Annual RunSignup RaceTrends Report Shows Flat Race Participation

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup released their Third Annual RaceTrends Report exploring the state of the endurance industry. The report was built by mining RunSignup registration and finisher data over a four-year period to generate transparent statistics, identify trends in the industry, and provide recommendations to keep endurance events competitive in a crowded market. More than 40,000 races and... Continue Reading →

Updating 10,000 Race Websites

We updated our old race website template that had been our default from around 2014-2017. This means that over 10,000 race websites were automatically updated to look modern and sleek with lots of new options. Now both the side menu option (this one) and the top menu option have all of the same options to... Continue Reading →

ICYMI: Viral Social Marketing Webinar

If you missed today's Social Viral Marketing webinar, we have you covered! Here is a summary of the webinar, along with a full recording and some additional resources.    Would you run a race because you saw an ad on Facebook or because a friend asked you to join them? Your participants can promote your... Continue Reading →

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