Registrant File Uploads

We have added a way for races to allow or require registrants to upload files during registration. This can be used for races that need to collect medical certificates, result verification forms or camps/events that need permission slips.

Registrant File Uploads can be enabled by following these steps:

  • Go to Race>>Registration>>Registrant File Uploads
  • Click Add A New Setting
  • Give your file upload setting a name, select allowed file types, add a description and choose if this setting is required for all participants or optional.
  • Save the Setting

Once the setting is enabled, the file upload process will appear at the bottom of the Registration Questions page during registration.

Full Race Directors will be able to view and download any uploaded files from a participant’s registration record in the back-end of RunSignUp.

Multiple Fundraising Captains

We have added the ability for a Team Fundraising Captain to give access to additional Captains. This is a nice feature for large fundraising teams or corporations where multiple people need access to the team fundraising page.

This feature is something that the fundraising captain has access to update on their end, through their RunSignUp profile by following these steps:

  • Under Runner Links, select My Fundraisers
  • Select the EDIT FUNDRAISER button next to the Fundraising Team PageEdit Fundraiser
  • On the Team page, there is a section to add additional fundraising captains
    • Captains must have an existing RunSignUp account in order to be granted page access. If they don’t have one, they can create one by clicking the SIGN UP button at the top of the RSU homepage


  • Enter the captain email addresses and hit SAVE FUNDRAISER CHANGES

Happy Fundraising!

Year-Over-Year Fundraising and Donation Report

We have added a Year-Over-Year fundraising and donation report. The report can be access under Donations>>Reports. In the ACTIONS drop-down menu, select Year Over Year Summary.


Then, select the Donation Periods you want to compare and hit GENERATE REPORT:

Donation Periods

This will give you the YOY summary report to compare donation counts, quantities, individual and team fundraiser comparisons, as well as a donation breakdown by event:


Volunteer Hours Report

We have added an “Hours” column to the volunteer report. There are times when a race will need to report volunteer hours to a school or organization once the race is complete. This is a quick and easy way for races to view a person’s total volunteer hours in the report.


This report can be downloaded under Volunteers>>Report>>Report>>Click the “Download as CSV” option at the bottom of the page.

Volunteer Waiver Updates

We have added the ability for races to customize a separate volunteer specific waiver. This can be added under Volunteers>>Set-up.

By default, the race waiver will populate during the set-up process, but the waiver can be updated or changed so it is specific to volunteers:Volunteer Waiver

We also now show the “Waiver Signed” date in the volunteer record with a link to view the signed waiver. This is just like the waiver option that currently displays in a participant’s registration record:

Volunteer Waivers

Manual Donation Entry by Bib Number

We have added a bib number field to the Manual Donation Entry screen. This is a quick way to tie offline donations to fundraisers after bib numbers have been assigned:

Under Donations>>Manual, click the ADD MANUAL DONATION button. In the pop-up, simply type in the runners bib number and hit SEARCH:


RunSignUp will automatically populate the information from the runner’s registration record in the data entry fields:


This was added for fundraising events that receive offline pledges onsite at their events. Having the bib number field allows for a quick way to enter donor by bib number, without having to re-type the main participant information.


Administrator Password for Relay Teams

We have added a setting that allows an administrator password to override Group/Team passwords during onsite registration. We received feedback that many team members don’t actually know their relay team password, which can be confusing during onsite/race day registration.

This administrator password can be added in the Kiosk Settings under Go Race Day>>Race Day Registration>>Kiosk Mode. Under Advanced Settings, you can enable the password option:

Team Admin Password

When this option is enabled, both the admin override password and the correct group/team password will work for registration. This is a nice feature to streamline group/team registration onsite- just in case the captain created a team password and forgot to pass it on!