The Race Director 2018 Now Available

RaceDirector LogoThe Race Director, one of the two leading timer scoring software packages in the market, has released the 2018 version.To get started with Race Director 2018, please renew your annual support subscription now.  You can update your support subscription using the Buy Now button found under the Download menu at website, or click the button below.


Here is what is new:

Race Day Scoring

Race Day Scoring is the application that will ultimately replace Race Director.  In this RD release, you will see some significant changes – especially in the race setup – which will begin enabling some bridges to the new software and a way to score your race in either or both applications.  We have renamed “Timing Points” to “Timing Locations” as a part of this change-over and have made several advancements for how timing locations are configured – including the ability to set variable gap factors, multiple time filter ranges and the ability to filter on one or more bib number ranges.

RunSignUp Integration

Major changes have been implemented to allow mapping multiple RD divisions to a single RSU Event.  For example, using a custom question response as the means of mapping the RD Division to the same RSU Event already assigned to a different RD Division.

Race Result Chip System

Changes in the RD Results Import to accommodate improvements in the latest Race Result connector software.  A new Direct Connect application has been created in RD to allow reads to flow much more directly into RD for both race scoring and Announcer / Leaderboard functions.

Cross Country

When running a single division report, eliminated the gender prompt when all in the division reported are the same gender. Added the ability to set cross country scoring displacement rules by division for scenarios where they are not the same across all divisions. Enhanced the XC finish list to allow limiting the list to a certain count of finishers. Added a “Tier 2” choice for the detail team report. Initial use is to consider anyone past the 5 or 7 finishers in XC as automatically considered JV. Enhanced the XC finish list to show splits in 4 segment races when splits are shown by total time. Enhanced the XC finish list to show split cumulative split times when rankings are calculated as cumulative. Several Announcer screen enhancements.

Team Relay

Major improvements to team relay reporting including adding choices for city and lap ranking. Added an enhanced HTML option for the team relay overall results reports. Improvements to team relay report to align the correct relay team member with the split they completed. Expanded the team name column on all team relay printed reports. Added a scrolling option when running the overall team relay report to HTML. Fine tuning on relay team detail report when number on relay team exceeds the split count. Added an option to show time back on the Overall report. Added the option of showing standard team name in place of city on the pre-reg report. Enhanced Top Finishers to work for mixed relay team divisions.

The Race Director Releases Version 2017

racedirector-new-full-logoMoorestown, NJ – The Race Director, timing software used by over 500 races to produce scoring and results for over 5,000,000 race finishers each year, has released the 2017 version of their product. The Race Director software iterates and improves each year to meet the evolving needs of race timers; customers can update and renew their annual support subscription on The Race Director Website.

The Race Director 2017 includes several major enhancements:

  • New Partnerships: Race Result, Agee Race Timing, IPICO UHF and Trident UHF systems have been added to the list of supported chip systems.
  • Chip Processing Auto Import: There is now the ability to put the chip data import process into Auto Import Mode for both standard and lap races. When in Auto Import Mode, Race Director will continuously import new reads and publish results as the race is ongoing. Race Day Results, a new application, has been developed to produce reports while Race Director continues in Auto Import Mode.
  • Race Director Go Custom Reports: Standard Race Director reports can now be sent to RD Go (the race day product that allows timers to simply upload results to the web and provide finish notifications) as a separate result set. These reports will appear along with the standard result sets on the Result Page. Race Director reports with this capability include: Team Detail, Team Summary, Age Graded Results, Predicted Time Results, and Single Segment Finish Lists.
  • Check Points: A new Timing Point Setting has been created to designate a Timing Point as a check mat. Several new reports for showing check mat detail have been developed.
  • Cross Country: There has been a complete overhaul of the Dual Meet Mode reporting.

A PDF of all enhancements included in the 2017 software can be found here.


About the Race Director

The Race Director, a part of RunSignUp, has been a hub for managing races for over 20 years. Developed by Roger Bradshaw, it is a highly functional, stable, and open software product with strong customer satisfaction. A key part of the success is the open approach that connects to all major chip timing equipment, including Chronotrack, Mylaps, Ipico, RFID, Winning Times, DAG, J-Chip, AMB, and RaceResult. Additionally, The Race Director supports easy integration with registration and results systems like Active, CTLive from Chronotrack, Xact, RunSignUp, ImAthlete, SignMeUp, and The Driven.


Custom RaceDay Web Results from The Race Director

racedirector-logoThe Race Director is one of the two leading scoring packages used by timers, along with RunScore. Both offer tight integration with RunSignUp – bi-directionally syncing participant information, posting results, sending TXT notifications of results, etc.

One of the features we built in RaceDay Results (aka RunSignUp Results – the ones that show up as part of a Race website), is the ability to upload a custom result set. This means that The Race Director and RunScore can basically post any report and format they want onto the web easily. We originally built this for RunScore, since there is not a fixed format to the data schema.

Recently, The Race Director added the capability to upload Custom Results Sets. It is set up on this interface in The Race Director:


The define the page information:


Overall Finish List – right now, this is available only for when you are producing a finish list with no splits.  In this local race, quite a few who registered are identified as Gerber employees in an optional data field.  When the output is produced all the settings from the report prompt as far as which columns to include come into play just as they do when you produce the report to spreadsheet or HTML.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.26.41 PM.png

Team Reports – I really like how this comes out for detail team results.  This may be the blueprint for how we tackle cross country.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.27.53 PM.png

Predicted Time and Age Graded Result –

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.28.46 PM.png

As timers get a sense of this and want other reports included, let us know and we will try to add them.


The Race Director 2017

The initial offering of Race Director 2017 is now available.  For anyone on the Extended Support plan, contact us about getting your system activated.  The change that we are concentrating on now is the natural extension of the Auto Import capabilities added late in the RD 2016 modifications.  The first major offering of RD 2017 is a new executable called “Race Day Reports”.  There is a new option when you look in the Race Director application folder –
The idea is that you have both Race Director and this new application running at the same time on your scoring computer.  This allows you to keep the Chip Results import working in “Auto Import” mode in Race Director and the generation of report reports (Age Group and Overall, for now) activity happening in Race Day Results.  Another option is to have Race Day Results running on a separate, networked computer.  If you use networked computers, there is no need for either the scoring computer or the reporting computer to be in Data Share mode.
The next additions to the Race Day Reports selections will be Lap Race reports and the Announcer functions.

The Race Director – Annual Mailing

RaceDirector New Full LogoIf you are one of the 500 timers who uses The Race Director 2015, you are going to be receiving an old fashioned letter in the mail soon. It will be your reminder to upgrade and purchase support for the new 2016 PC version. Here is Roger getting ready to head off to the Post Office!


The 2016 version is pack full of new features (full list is here).  Since joining RunSignUp, Roger has gotten some more time on his hands to do development.

REg Companies for Race DirectorOne of the things we are proud of is how we have expanded the list of supported registration providers (satisfying many people’s query on if The Race Director was going to become a closed system with RunSignUp’s registration software).

Timers use The Race Director for over 10 Million Finishers per Year

The Race Director, along with RunScore, are the two leading scoring software products used by timers to provide results to races. We recently did a survey of Timers who use The Race Director to learn more about how they use our product (we will be posting survey results on that website shortly). One of the happy conclusions of that survey is that data indicates that timers provide over 10 Million finishers each year with their results from The Race Director.

The survey had 54 respondents tell how many races they had and how many participants they timed each year. Those results showed:

  • 802,000 Total participants
  • 377 Average Race Size
  • 55 Average Races per year per Timer
  • 20,815 Average Participants per year per Timer

We estimate a total number of 551 active Timers using The Race Director. The listing below shows the current version of The Race Director being used. For example 2016 is being used by 33 timers who have already upgraded to the new version. 2015 are people who either purchased a new license or renewed their support agreement (annual renewal is $75-600 depending on level of service) in 2015. 2014 are people who last renewed or purchased in 2014. We assume drop off in usage for those timers who do not renew their support contracts.

  • 2016 – 33 (100%) = 33
  • 2015 – 419 (100%) = 419
  • 2014 – 147 (50%) = 73
  • 2013 – 106 (25%) = 26

If we take the average of 20,815 times the 551 timers, that yields 11,469,065 estimated finishers.

Of course The Race Director is used with many types of races – mostly road races, but also triathlons, high school and college cross country, swimming, skiing, trail, obstacle, etc. We will refine our future surveys to try to capture more interesting data.

Of course this means Roger gets to brag he impacts the largest number of people in the endurance community of any of the RunSignUp businesses since the registration business will only be around 3 Million this year and the RaceJoy GPS Tracking business is still far less than a Million this year (but gets bragging rights about being the fastest growing).

The Race Director Integration

Race Management Leader The Race Director and Roger Bradshaw Join Forces with RunSignup

RaceDirector LogoThe combined company will continue the open platform approach of The Race Director and RunSignUp, while working on a Next-Generation Cloud and Mobile native Scoring and Results Platform

Moorestown, NJ and Fremont, MI – January 5, 2015 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator for Races, Timers, Running Stores and Running Clubs, today announced the acquisition of Race Management Systems, one of the two leading timing, scoring and results tools in the market today.  Roger Bradshaw, creator of The Race Director, will join the company to continue to enhance and support The Race Director as well as lead a new effort to create a Next-Generation Scoring and Results Platform that we will simply called Race Director Go.

The Race Director

The Race Director is used by over 500 timers to produce scoring and results for over 5,000,000 race finishers each year.  Along with RunScore, it has been the hub of managing races for over 20 years.  Roger Bradshaw has developed a highly functional, stable and open software product that has strong customer satisfaction.  A key part of the success is the open approach that connects to all major chip timing equipment including Chronotrack, MyLaps, Ipico, RFID, Winning Times, DAG, J-Chip, AMB and RaceResult.  In addition, The Race Director supports easy integration with registration and results systems like Active, CTLive from ChronoTrack, Xact, RunSignUp, SignMeUp, and The Driven.

Customers and Partners can expect the same level of support and integration in the future from the combined company.

Roger Bradshaw, founder of Race Management Systems and the creator of The Race Director, said “I am very happy to merge our business with RunSignUp.  This combination provides a stable place to continue to support and enhance The Race Director in an open fashion.  RunSignUp shares a similar vision for open platforms that are inclusive.  I am particularly excited to begin work on a Next-Generation platform with the RunSignUp team.”

“We have been collaborating with Roger for about two years integrating RunSignUp and The Race Director to make a lot of customers happy,” said Bob Bickel, founder of RunSignUp.  “Both companies get excited about the solutions we can bring to timers and race directors and have worked very well together providing a wonderful integration between RunSignUp and The Race Director with hundreds of races benefiting from easier and more accurate Participant transfer and fast results posting and notifications.  We began talking about the future and realized we could provide a whole Next-Generation Platform for timers and races.  That discussion led to the idea we should combine our businesses.”

The Race Director customers will see no change in prices or service.  The Race Director Partners will continue to be supported and enhanced.  The one change on integrations with registration and results systems is that we will be focused on using the RunSignUp Open API as a standard open interface and will collaborate with partners to continue to extend this.

Next Generation Platform

The power of the Cloud and Mobile is having a profound impact on the running community with simpler ways to register as well as report and view results.  While the existing integrations that The Race Director offers provide a good experience, there is so much more that can be done.

Roger Bradshaw brings the depth of experience on race management, scoring and results, while RunSignUp brings the experience on registration, results and notifications.  More importantly, RunSignUp is built entirely on a Cloud-Native architecture that can be used as a model and basis for a next generation platform for scoring and results.

The key areas for improvement are ease of use, access from anywhere, transition from a PC present at the race site to Mobile Tablets and Phones, mobile-native communications and notifications, and easier third party integrations.

The new platform will extend the current RunSignUp Open API, be based on a new database architecture and include a set of mobile applications.  The experience of The Race Director will allow for this new design to best meet the needs of timers and races. We expect to have good levels of compatibility between current The Race Director implementations and the new system.

The new system will evolve over the next two years, with parts of the new architecture already being deployed in the form of RunScore Results and Race Director Go, also introduced today.  Users can expect major new functionality to be in place by the end of 2015 with incremental improvements along the way.  The new system will not replace The Race Director over the next few years in terms of functionality, but will offer a new set of capabilities.

Partner and Customer Reaction

Alan Jones, RunScore:  “I am happy for Roger that he will get a chance to work on a cloud-based solution to scoring.  I intend to help with this new platform from a RunScore perspective and expect RunScore Results, which is based on the RunSignUp Results platform, to continue to evolve and become more useful to RunScore users.”

Aaron Ford, Ford Timing:   “Our company has been using The Race Director software for the past 5 years. We rely heavily on it for it’s scoring capabilities at nearly all of our road races. We’re looking forward to the future partnership as it will help expand the integration between RunSignUp and Race Director and further modernize Race Director’s functionality.”

Justin Ratike, Ipico:  “We are close partners with both The Race Director and RunSignUp. This increased collaboration and future roadmap is what our timers are looking for in terms of industry leadership.”

Chuck Block: “The Michigan Running Foundation timed over 200 road races and Cross Country Meets in 2014. We use the Race Director Software and Run Sign Up online registration exclusively. Both companies are very user friendly and always trying to improve their service. Now that they are going to join forces I know they will take race timing and online registration to a whole new level.”

About RunSignUp

RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs. Services include RunSignUp for race registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management and now The Race Director. Over 4,000 race directors, timers, and running club officers use these services today to register, time and manage millions of runners each year. Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions like race registration or club membership renewals. RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community. For more information, visit

Giveaway Syncing with The Race Director Software

The Race Director is software many timers use for scoring and timing races. One of the challenges is syncing information from RunSignUp to The Race Director where there are incompatible fields and data. Timers will usually keep very short codes for Giveaways rather than the long descriptions that RunSignUp allows.

The Race Director sync utility can do this translation for you. The Race Director just came out with additional tools for syncing.  Here is a description from Roger Bradshaw, the creator of The Race Director:

For all online registration interfaces, you can use the descriptive t-shirt size coming from the registration system as a backwards look-up into this cross reference to come up with the correct RD code.  Before this change, you would have had to update this cross reference with every choice you had at RSU before you began doing imports.


Now, when you use this setting in the import.  The import process will actually build the cross reference data in RD by assigning a temporary code to each size.


At the end of any import where a new t-shirt size is encountered you’ll get –


Followed by the cross reference screen where you will see the temporary codes. 


After you change the temporary codes, the cross referencing is set. 


You’ll only get a prompt in future download if there are new RSU Giveaway choices used.


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